How Talk Fusion Makes Life Easier

In recent months I discovered a company called Talk Fusion that combines words and video together for better communication. I think that this is one of the coolest companies around because it allows people to provide a much more personalized form of communication. This is the type application software that works well for anyone that may have a business. The founder of Talk Fusion is Bob Reina, and he’s done phenomenal work with this business.

Talk Fusion also provides people with the ability to conduct video chat sessions. This is another thing that I have found extremely valuable as a business owner. It saves me a lot of time and travel because I now have the ability to connect with customers without going to their physical locations.

I definitely like the concept of the video email because it proves to be a lot more effective. Email was the staple business decades ago, but it became replaced by a lot of the video conferencing applications. Email is making a comeback with customized application software like the programs that were created by Talk Fusion. This is a company that allows business owners like myself to actually get pre-recorded messages that can be inserted into emails. This is much better because it presents the opportunity to personalize messages while displaying valuable content in text form.

The great thing about the video email is that there are many different templates to utilize. Once I purchased the software I discovered that there were as many as 1000 different templates to consider. I think this is great for business leaders because it gives them a chance to customize their emails for their clients.

Video chat concept is also a lot better because people have the ability to chat with others that have a computer without the annoying things like plug-ins and other software downloads.

I know that there are a lot of business leaders that are holding online seminars through this software. I certainly think that it is one of the most efficient ways to communicate. It is definitely something that is affordable and easy to use. I believe the combination of these two things will inevitably drive people to Talk Fusion.

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Steve Murray Leaves CCMP With A Superb Acquisition Team In Place

CCMP Capital Advisors is a New York-based firm that continues to grow. Stephen Murray employed for sixteen years with Chase Capital Partners, through its tremendous growth period and various mergers with Chemical Bank, Manufacturers Hanover, Chase Manhattan Bank, and Chemical Ventures reaching the successful company it is today known as CCMP Capital Advisors. Through this growth period, Stephen Murray hired, trained and created the staff today known as the focused, driven and goal oriented team of CCMP.

The firm reported by Wall street Journal suffered a tremendous loss when Stephen Murray became ill and took a leave of absence and passed away from an unknown illness shortly after his leave. He left behind a loving family and staff at CCMP, who had worked under him for many years. Murray served as CEO, Chairman and President of this remarkable investment organization.

Today, CCMP, Chase Capital Management Portfolio, remains driven as a goal oriented acquisition team designed to acquire growth equity investments throughout North America and Europe. Murray sat on several boards, including Crestcom International, Jetro JMDH Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, Infogroup Inc., Ollie Bargain Outlet and Strongwood Insurance Holdings. The contributions Murray made to these organizations and his participation in the equity growth of these firms will be long remembered.

The most recent acquisition announced last August 2015, Shoes For Crews. CCMP entered into an agreement and acquired the controlling interest in the business. Shoes For Crews is the leader of slip-and-fall rubber on shoes which prevents millions of accidents from happening in the workplace. This exceptional rubberized compound is the most slip-and-fall resistant material used on the soles of shoes in hospitals, restaurants, docks, ships, warehouses, and many other jobs that need protective shoewear worn by workers. The technology engineered by Shoes For Crews has already reduced accidents worldwide and is being used by many shoemakers to protect workers and the general public from injury on slippery areas.

The portfolios of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital cover a broad range of businesses from energy, health care, food manufacturers, and power supply in North America and Europe. The portfolio companies are strong and retain their growth equity investments. The acquisition team is exploring new ventures, but diligently following their process for future growth equity investments.

A Bio Of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson has had a wildly successful career as both the owner of a sports team and also in the communications industry. He began his business career in the late 1970s by being one of the founders of United Communications Group. As time went on, this venture became highly successful. Ultimately, he took some of the money that he made and invested it in the purchase of the Atlanta Hawks. This sports team also is very successful. His ownership of the sports team has also been a highly profitable venture for him. However, he is now going through a major transition in his career. The sale of the sports team that he owned, The Atlanta Hawks, represents a big transition in his career. In addition to being a highly successful businessman, Bruce Levenson has been a giver. He has done a great deal to give back to society at large.

United Communications Group has been around for quite some time. In fact, the company is almost 40 years old. Bruce Levenson was one of the people who got the company started. Nowadays, the company runs a number of different media outlets. Furthermore, the media outlets that they are responsible for providing news on finance, energy, and healthcare. The company appears to be quite stable, and the company is continuing to bring in some very good profits.

Bruce Levenson used a lot of the money that he made to invest in the ownership of the Atlanta Hawks. However, Forbes’ Bruce Levenson has also made a lot of positive contributions to society. He has given significant amounts of money to organizations that better the lives of those in need. He also has given to a historical museum, The US Holocaust Museum.

When Bruce Levenson was one of the people that acquired the Atlanta Hawks, the team was purchased for less than 200 million dollars. Of course, that was a very large amount of money. However, the sale price of the team is well over 800 million dollars. That means that there has been a profit margin in excess of 600 million dollars! So, Bruce Levenson will be able to walk away from that part of his career very successfully indeed. He has profited handsomely from the ownership of the Atlanta Hawks.

Now, the team will be owned by a different group of people. Some of the new owners have been basketball players themselves. This group is being led by a man by the name of Anthony Ressler.

Bruce Levenson has had a very distinguished career as a businessman. His career as the owner of the Atlanta Hawks has been highly successful, and it has been extremely profitable for him. However, this part of his career is now coming to an end. In addition to these successful careers, he has done a great deal to give back.



Food As Its Own Medicine


In a day and age when the human population in developed countries are relying so much on medication, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to stop and think about how food could be its own medicine. Especially raw foods not heated over about 118 Degrees Fahrenheit can retain many of their beneficial nutrients, enzymes, and minerals. Sergio Cortes says enzymes are agents that trigger specific biochemical reactions and in digestion, they boost antioxidants protection and metabolism control. Without this, the aging process tends to accelerate and diseases tend to be at more of a high risk for manifesting. This is where ingesting green smoothies and raw greens overall, for example, comes in very handy. Eating a diet of up to 20 pounds of raw fruits and vegetables is also said to boost metabolism. As a result, this little step can help to prevent degenerative disease.

When it comes to cooked foods some of the nutrients in vegetables, such as the carotene in carrots and sweet potatoes significantly strengthen. This helps to promote the antioxidant protection in the digestive system. It is recommended to cook them by steaming, sauteing or blanching. What you don’t want to do is grill, boil and especially fry for lengthy periods of time as this is known to actually help build toxins in the body.

Why Corporate Structures Should Hire Competent CCOs like Helane Morrison

The number of compliance officers is on the rise although incidents of scandal and corporate fraud have not been stopped. This is according to a report by Sterling Management based in Los Angeles. Sterling CEO, Kevin Wilson, explains that the ethics and compliance officers have not been provided with the power, knowledge and authority to control the ills. According to him, most of the positions have critical training gaps and do not have adequate authority. Therefore, without the necessary skills, chances of failure are high. The other issue that Wilson points out is salary. I imagine that it will be difficult for someone earning 50 times lesser to assert his or her authority on me. The same applies for compliance officers.

The vice president of Navex Global, Randy Stephen, is of a different opinion. According to him, general counsels as well as chief financial officers have always had clout yet claims of financial mismanagement have continued to be reported. Stephens notes that the solution to the issue is for companies to begin viewing the position as worthy of independence and single focus. In addition, giving a full time professional occupant for the CCO position expresses a strong signal to an organization, its employees, suppliers as well as contractors and outside suppliers. In my view, it serves as an indication that the organization is committed to excellence.

According to Navex Global CCO, Carrie Penn, HR heads should ensure that the right individual is offered the job. She says that the title can bring clout but not respect. Therefore, there are certain qualities and skills that make a CCO more effective. This includes the ability to establish and maintain credibility, sound judgment, understanding business processes, ability to handle confidential information and ability to comprehend legal materials. In addition to having these competencies, CCOs must be proactive in identifying situations that could develop to problems. In my opinion, this is the most important element.

I know few people that have excellent competencies. Helane Morrison is one of them. From her record of accomplishment, it is easy to see that she has all the qualities of a top CCO. Presently, Morrison serves as the chief compliance officer, general counsel and managing director of Hall Capital Partners. She is also a member of the company’s executive committee. Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners in 2007. This information was originally reported on Bloomberg as highlighted in the following link

Previously, Morrison was the head of the San Francisco Office of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission from 1999 to 2007. She was responsible for regulatory matters, securities enforcement and litigation covering Northern California as well as five Northwest States. She served in two different capacities starting as a district administrator and was the first female regional director of the SEC.

Beneful Greatness: Healthful Pet Food, Fantastically Nourishing!

With pet food heavyweights presenting their best recipes, which are terrific, by the way! Nobody’s doubting these companies ability to feed pets. The singular interest is that pets get quality grub. Some pet food producers have performed above expectations preparing the superior quality premium kibbles. Among the innovators are Nestle Purina representing Beneful, Colgate-Palmolive, and other long-established brands. Interestingly, pet food startups Buffalo Blues, FreshPet among other fast-growing manufacturing companies have directed focus on preparing nutritious bites. Most interestingly, a recent press release by the media giant, Daily Herald has reminded pet owners why it’s essential to feed animals only the best foods. In fact, gourmet pet-food franchise, Freshpet chief executive Richard Thompson, showed the nation first-hand how they’re preparing fantastic food for animals. The Pennsylvania-based factory he commands is fast becoming a champion brand throughout the nation as pet owners flock to sample the winning recipes. With tasty, terrific chow for pets that are comparable to the integrity of human varieties, animals are not lacking nutrition. Mars Petcare, the industry’s leading brand recently went into farm-to-table production. With this, it’s introduced an irresistible pet food line, namely Nutro-Farm’s Harvest. Now, these selections center attention on a rich garden harvest for pets. With acquisitions, including the recent absorption of the billionaire-dollar manufacturing company, Big Heart, Mars Petcare reigns supreme. A recent acquisition of Merrick Pet Care by Purina holds great promise for the industry as well. Nestle Purina launched Beneful in 2001. Initially, it focused on pet nutrition and presentation. As it expanded and originate new pet food lines, Beneful formulated tastier, healthier blends of kibble. The recipes included wholesome, authentic ingredients. Beneful hasn’t placed singular focus on taste as many manufacturers do. It’s incorporated wholesome grains, mouth-watering meat, and enriched vitamins. In addition, Beneful meals are 100% balanced and complete. This pet-food heavyweight caps $1.5 billion yearly in revenue for dog treats and its dry/wet food varieties. In 2012, industry auditors ranked Beneful fourth after it’s been measured up to the top-performing brands worldwide. Marketline, a mainstream research boutique also interjected to put the spotlight on Nestle Purina’s Beneful as the company’s top-grossing segment on Amazon. It’s employed numerous marketing strategies, including a most notable intervention to humanize dog grub. Surely, it’s delivered a swell performance and pet parents couldn’t have been more supportive. Above all, Beneful continues to produce profusely nutritious pet foods to encourage prolonged animal life.