Kate Hudson and Fabletics Support Breast Cancer Initiative

There are many things that set athleisure wear brand Fabletics apart from its competitors in a crowded marketplace. One of those things is its fashion-forward design. Just a glance at Fabletics’ website or its Instagram account will yield an eyeful of tailored, stylish designs that range from a versatile motor jacket to sports bras with intricate designs that provide women with the support they need to make their workouts a success. But designing fashionable workout clothing isn’t the only thing that Fabletics is good at. The brand is also making efforts to make the world a better place by becoming part of the fight against breast cancer. This year one of the forces behind Fabletics, actress Kate Hudson partnered with the Council of Fashion Designers of America to throw her support behind a cause that promotes an important women’s health issue. Kate will be the 2016 ambassador of the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Kate Hudson joins a slew of fashion heavyweights who have served as a Fashion Targets Breast Cancer ambassador. Models like Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell have held the role in the past. Through the partnership with CFDA Kate participated in a store-opening in October where she debuted a Fabletics outfit designed to promote awareness about breast cancer. The three-piece outfit, appropriately called the “Hope” outfit will see some of its proceeds go towards the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer organization. Fabletics’ customers will be able to indulge their desire for fashionable workout clothing and help marginalized women get access to important services like treatment, support and screening to help them manage the aftermath of being diagnosed with cancer.

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The Hope outfit includes a tank top, a sports bra and a pair of capri leggings. The Hope outfit comes in a variety of colors that include a shade of pink that is a bit different from the breast cancer awareness apparel on Fabletics.com that most consumers are accustomed to seeing. Rather than opt for the standard shade of bright pink that is used to brand most breast cancer clothing, Kate Hudson and her design team opted for a shade of pink that is rather distinctive. The tank top is available in a shade of dark pink called Tulip while the capri leggings and sports bra comes in a complementary shade of pink called Passion Pink. The bra and pants are also available in a Jacquard print.

Co-founded by Golden Globe-winning actress Kate Hudson and her business partners Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, Fabletics is an athleisure brand that was created to fill a vacuum left by other brands in the workout clothing arena. Kate and her business partners wanted to create workout clothes that were high quality and that also accessible to female consumers no matter what their budget was. The brand was born online and has plans to build a presence in the world of brick-and-mortar retail over the next few years.

Learn more about Fabletics: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabletics

Meet Doe Deere- Founder of top cosmetic brand Lime Crime

Anyone that loves colors knows that you can’t just miss that purple hair or pink hair, but it is hard to keep it. Doe Deere, also known as the Queen of Unicorns shares her passion for colorful makeup and for the rainbow colors that have made her cosmetic brand successful. From her interview, you learn that Doe Deere is more compared to the successful stories you will often hear. The Queen of Unicorns will also inspire you that you too can make your dreams come true. Keep reading to find out how she made her dreams come to be.

Apart from simply coming up with a company that has had an excellent spin in cosmetics and beauty, Deere has had a company have an incredible following in the internet world. Whether on Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms, Lime Crime has grown to have a huge following of over 2.5 million people across the world. The following is from makeup newbies, beauty enthusiasts and young girls inspired by her beauty. From a recent interview, she states that you always have to be beautiful. No matter if it means wearing a colorful eye shadow or a bright blue hippie, Deere will totally cheer you about making a beauty statement with your fashion.

In a bid to find out what inspired her colorful and magical brand, Doe Deere was interviewed about her style. She states that from young, she has always been a fun of fairy tales and colors. When young she wanted to be something magical like a mermaid. Her love for colors came out boldly at a young age. As a young girl, she always wanted to put so much color on her clothes and her makeup style. When she started her cosmetic brand in 2008, it was time to create everything she had always wanted in textures, colors and the performance of makeup. She took on a bold step to have makeup which she created herself. She took on a bold step and has never regretted in any part of the journey.

Doe’s Beauty advice

One beauty advice she gave was on wearing a bright color with a bold lip. Many people know of the tip about doing a single thing bold and having the rest dull. However, if you are going to have a heavy or smoky eye, Doe advice is to pair it with nude lips. If you are going to have a red on lips, a simple eye is probably going to work well. If you still want to find out the fun in all these, a simple girl should play beautifully with all colors.

Deere’s fashion statement is about breaking rules daily. Having a makeup artist that tells you mix everything that makes your heart happy is both exciting and refreshing. To Doe looking natural and playing by the rules isn’t just the best. The best thing is to do what feels right at the moment. She did this and managed to launch her line of magical and colorful cosmetics.

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Learn more: http://wikifashion.com/wiki/Doe_Deere

FreedomPop Is Now Offering Sim Cards For GSM Phones

Anyone who thought it was a great idea for FreedomPop to join with Sprint will be even more impressed with the fact that FreedomPop now uses AT&T and T-Mobile towers in order to allow GSM phone users to have FreedomPop services. FreedomPop has introduced a sim card that can be used in any unlocked GSM phone, and the service will be provided by AT&T and T-Mobile all over the United States. Those who go abroad will shuffle between the different cell phone service providers that FreedomPop has partnered with in order to get cell phone service in 25 different countries.

With the 3-in-1 sim card, those who use it will be able to have a lot of benefits that they may not the with other cell phone service providers. The simple fact that a cell phone user will be able to use their phone overseas with no roaming charges is an awesome feat in itself that many cell phone companies wouldn’t even entertain because it would lose them money. Those who get a cell phone service plan from FreedomPop can choose from several different plans available, whichever is more suitable for their needs.

Those who insist on paying as little as possible for their service may want to take advantage of the free service that FreedomPop offers. With the free service, the user will obtain 500 text messages, 200 minutes of talk time, and 200 MB of data. Additional data can be obtained once the user adds 10 FreedomPop friends, which will give them 500 MB of extra data each month for free. Those that want additional talk time and data should use Wi-Fi service to make phone calls as well as to get additional data on their phone.

Those who have the paid service will get additional talk time and text messages as well as data, but getting the unlimited service will allow for unlimited usage of talk time and text messages. The unlimited service also comes with 1 GB of data as well. Anyone using a CDMA phone from Sprint or a GSM phone can obtain any of the FreedomPop cell phone service plans, so no plan is better for one type of phone over another. Those doing a review of FreedomPop will learn about their low prices, international calling, and great customer service, so FreedomPop will be the first choice of many wireless customers. Make it a point to read a FreedomPop review today.

Fashion Technology With Creativity And Productivity

Chris Burch is one man who is able to make connections. Among the connections that he has made is fashion and technology. For one thing, he has seen that fashion and technology have gone hand in hand for people. For instance, glasses is some form of fashion that is made possible through technology. Among the uses that glasses have are protecting the eyes and correcting the vision for people who are struggling with their vision. This is one example of how he has seen fashion and technology work together. However, he is aware of the long standing stigma of wearing glasses that has finally been done away with thanks to Google Glass.

Other two concepts that Burch has seen go together are productivity and creativity. A lot of people will see this as a rather strange combination since it is commonly believed that these two seem to work against each other. However, he has seen people work and create together. For instance, when it comes to meetings, there are a ton of ideas that are thrown around. It is a good idea to take notes so that these ideas could be remembered as opposed to just fade out into obscurity. Then when these ideas are put into practice, people could be happy that they have allowed creativity a little room at their place of work.

Chris Burch has seen these two and has also used productivity and creativity to move forward with plenty of his business plans. Given that Chris has had plenty of successful businesses, he has a lot of information and knowledge that he could share with others. He is also not afraid to share his business ideas with others. This is why he is also very successful as an entrepreneur and an investor. He has a willingness to help others.

Chris Burch writes content in order to share his insights on many different concepts with others. This is so that people could learn valuable lessons from him that they could take to their business or other activities that they have going. With Chris Burch’s publications, people will be able to avoid some of the common pitfalls of people who have similar pursuits.

Crunchbase: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/j-christopher-burch

Website: creativeburch.com

The Successful Journey of Norka Luque in the Music Industry

Norka Martinez Luque is a Venezuelan citizen born on February 7, 1986. She had a strong passion for music since she was a child and she would fall asleep listening to music. Norka recorded her first track when she was eight years old. She enrolled for musical training that included voice practice classes, piano, ballet and flamenco lessons. At an early age, she won many singing and choreography competitions, for example, the “The Golden Voice” and the “school festivals bagpipe.” Norka believed that her destiny was music.


On completing her high school education, she moved to France where she studied Business Administration and pursued diplomas in culinary arts, fashion, and marketing. It is at this time that she joined a music band called Bad Moon Rising, which played a significant role in her music career development as a solo artist. He later went back to the United States with interests of growing her career in music.


During her stay at the U.S Norka Luque met the renowned music producer Emilio Estefan Jr. in 2008 who listened to her music after and later invited her to his studio. Estefan guided her through the music and after a short while, they had already started on picking songs. She also continued attending her singing lessons. Norka says that her meeting with Estefan was one of the transformative times in her journey in music. Estefan acknowledges Norka’s talent and her willingness to follow guidance as to the key contribution towards her success in music.


In 2011, Norka released her first single “as you do” which earned her a nomination in the Premios Lo Nuestro as the female pop artist of the year. She released her second single called “miracle” in 2012, which is a combination of pop, reggae, rock, and roll. Estefan, Hermanos Gaitan, and Luigi Giraldo helped in the creation of the song. Venezuelan Archie Pena composed and wrote the two songs. She released her latest single entitled “Tomorrowland” in 2016. English versions of her songs are available all over U.S.


In 2007, Norka experienced a severe personal crisis that led to excessive weight gain. She participated in different tournaments, playing tennis, and regular exercise in a quest to lose weight. She has since lost around 32kgs. She dedicated her song “Miracle” to everyone going through a personal crisis and hopes for a miracle one day. Norka draws her inspirations from her family that is full of experiences and life of lessons.

For more about Norka Please visit http://www.norkamusic.com/

Doe Deere: Fashion Pioneer

Doe Deere Ideamensch
When most people think of the fashion industry, images of catwalks and flashing cameras immediately come to mind. People think of large fashion corporations such as Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle, and Abercrombie. Doe Deere represents a remarkable break from the conventional fashion industry. People who work in the modeling business world undoubtedly know Doe Deere but for those unfamiliar, she is best known for her bright colors and unique style. She started a fashion company called Lime Crime that has taken off since its inception. In fact, her success has recently caught the attention of Self-Made Magazine. The respected publisher named her and her company one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs.

Doe can be found all over social media sporting bright hues on her clothing and face alike. She is unique in the fashion sector because she is a business executive and a model. This can drain many young entrepreneurs, but not Doe. She knows that she is best suited to carrying out the vision she has for her products. This drives her to take the time to stand in front of the camera marketing every article of clothing and tube of makeup that hits the shelves. Those who wear Doe’s products have named themselves the unicorns after the bright colors that unicorns and her fashion line both contain.

Furthermore, Doe is an ardent supporter of animal rights. When she found out that many makeup and hygiene products are tested on animals, she became incensed. She promised to herself that her products would never be tested on animals. Therefore, all of her makeup products come with a tag that specifies that they are “cruelty-free.” She has found other ways to make sure her products are safe for human use and even models the products herself as an extra check.

She also discussed how she first became interested in the fashion industry. As a child, she was constantly rummaging through her mother’s makeup kit. Consequently, she consistently went to school covered in bright colors from head to toe. She loved the attention she received from classmates and teachers alike. This was when she realized she enjoyed having other people admire and question her about her style. This childhood interest has since blossomed into a successful company. She named the company after her favorite color, lime green. Today, Doe Deere works hard to promote Lime Crime while also inspiring young entrepreneurs everywhere to follow their dreams.