The Better Business Bureau Recognizes the Securus Technologies for its Transparency.

Securus Technologies is a company that offers solutions for investigation, safety, monitoring, and correction for civil and criminal justice institutions. The firm recently announced that it had been awarded an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. According to the company’s Senior Vice President of Operations, Danny de Hoyos, the firm has worked hard to receive the honors for the issue that it says and release on print media.


  • Securus received the accreditation for meeting the following standards of the BBB.
  • Making honest adverts that follow the rule of advertising and selling.
  • Being trustworthy whereby they managed to have a clean record in the markets.
  • Saying the truth about the products and services that they offer as well as releasing detailed information.
  • Being transparent by apparently revealing the kind, locations, and proprietorship of the business as well as openly informing the public on all regulations, assurances, and processes that influence the client’s choices.
  • Keeping their promises to the customers of the firm by honoring verbal and written agreements.
  • Responding swiftly to disputes in the marketplace and giving answers in good faith.
  • Handling different data in a private and confidential manner as it is required by the BBB.
  • Expressing integrity in the way that they deal with business transactions and commitments in the marketplace.


Securus Technologies has a 222 seat internal call center that is committed offering the best customer service to over 25 million family and friends. The representative of the company are trained and have the BBB standards in mind. Approximately 2.5 million calls are received monthly for an average of 11 seconds, and the customer satisfaction rate is 4.3 out of 5. The accreditation of the company means that the BBB has impartially verified and accepted that the Securus is the biggest provider of a wide range of solutions in the industry and it has more than 1,300 partners across the country that meet the organization’s standards. The CEO of the company. Richard A. Smith said that he is glad Securus received the accreditation for following the BBB standards.