Handy Treads Rough Road to Success.

The year was 2012 and former Harvard students-turned-partners Oisin Hanrahan and Umanga Dua were on the verge of launching their company: Handybook (soon to become just ‘Handy’). The purpose of Handy had been concocted by the Hanrahan and Dua when they were roommates while attending Harvard Business School. They wanted to create a ‘freelancer for hire’ program that was intuitive, effective, and accessible. Needless to say, the program took off and soon the duo was looking at a hot start in a very crowded tech world. So why would they try and change their formula? As it turns out, Handy was on the verge of an evolution — not a devaluation.

The biggest problem that many people had with the original iteration of Handy.com was that there seemed to be a low threshold for Freelancers. Since 2014 Hanrahan had been pitching the idea of a more advanced, thorough form of freelancer screening. Dua had been hesitant because he figured that advanced screening would be hard to implement. Still, Hanrahan won out and the process was implemented in early 2016. Things were rocky at the start but after a few months of stress it seemed like the roll out was complete and effective — in all 28 of Handy’s markets.

With Handy’s rapid success it became a sudden point of focus that customer service, https://www.handy.com/services) would need to increase. Hanrahan and Dua got creative with their staffing, funding call centers in tax friendly places like Florida, before they began to see some real positive changes. Dua and Hanrahan also worked hard in order to create a fluid website experience that helped customers handle their issues on their own. Hanrahan and Dua have been able to reduce and minimize their overhead while maximizing what they can offer customers in all of their 28 markets.


George Soros spends millions fighting to unseat extreme sheriff

Democratic financial titan George Soros has continued to fight to reform the criminal justice system. This time he has targeted controversial Conservative Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who serves Maricopa County in Arizona. Soros funded the PAC, Maricopa Strong which has poured hundreds of millions dollars into a campaign launched to unseat Arpaio. Maricopa Strong also received large donations from several business leaders including Texas energy leaders Laura and John Arnold, Laurene Powell Jobs (widow of Apple CEO Steve Jobs).

George Soros spent millions in 2015 and 2016, funding campaigns to unseat several prosecutors from around the country and electing candidates who support criminal justice reform measures. Soros are currently spending a lot of money in three major-city district attorney races: Houston, Denver, and Phoenix. George Soros’ spending against Sheriff Arpaio is his largest investment this year, in a local race. This is also his first time targeting a sheriff. George Soros fight against this sheriff combines immigration reform, another issue that Soros fights for, alongside criminal justice reform.

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio, gained national attention as a law enforcement officer against illegal immigration. Last year, federal prosecutors charged Joe Arpaio with contempt for violating an order to halt discriminatory police conduct.

George Soros’ funded PAC ‘Maricopa Strong‘ has funneled more than $2.9 million to the sheriff’s race, with donations from Soros and others. The money funded mailers and TV commercials spotlighting Democratic candidate Paul Penzone and criticizing Arpaio. Soros’ local races are usually funded by him, but have recently received financial support from Jobs and the Arnolds. Arpaio has funded $2.8 million of his own TV ads in response to the heavy attacks by the Democrats.

George Soros is targeting Sheriff Joe Arpaio, because he has violated civil rights and abused his office for more than 20 years. They are also targeting him because he has poisoned the national conversation about immigration, due in part to his overnight influence. Polling has shown Penzone leading Sheriff Arpaio, after attempting to unseat him a second time. Penzone took on Arpaio, thanks to the financial support of a PAC launched by Rep. Ruben Gallego.

George Soros’ increased financial battle to unseat candidates such as Arpaio has been in part to his passionate support for criminal justice and immigration reform. George Soros has increased his financial support this year for certain causes and candidates because he does not like what the future of America is shaping out to be.

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Marketing Improvements With Gooee Lighting

The Internet of Things has been able to subtly shift to connecting more and more devices in recent time. Smart phones, tablets, and smart watches have all begun to become interconnected making it easy to control all devices with the other. Another amazing innovation is the ushering in of smart lights by Gooee. Smart lights and smart sockets are an innovation that will be able to be seen in some of the newer buildings and remodels of existing buildings. Smart sockets for use in retail do more than just provide lights and give more automated control over their dimmer switch.


The light sockets in public retails spaces will have the same internet tech bluetooth qualities as smart phones and smart watches and will be able to communicate with one another. Smart light sockets will act as hubs of information that are able to communicate with consumer devices, sending them information on products they are looking at, as well as incentives to buy like coupons and rebates. First, the light sockets and lights can detect where the consumer is the store, and then can immediately market to them using apps for the store and independent apps for rebates and coupons.


This will enable consumers to get coupons ushered to them in real time instead of going in the store with clipper coupons, saving them time and energy and it will enable advertisers and merchants to sell more of their products and obtain rather quick market research after the product purchase.


SEC Whistleblower-Top investigators

Labaton Sucharow got to be and perceived themselves as the principal law office in the nation to react to this enactment, they built an exercise only devoting to securing and to advocate for SEC whistleblowers. SEC informant legal counselor hone impact a high class gathering of agents. Money related investigation and numerous forensic records identified with government and state law applications encounter, empowering them to give an unmatched representation to whistleblowers, this permitted firm to give a market-based driving securities prosecution stage.


Since the seasons of the Great Depression, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was not executed until 2010 when the Congress chose it was the ideal opportunity for this demonstration to be actualized. It is viewed as the most extensive redesign of the United States monetary control framework. Among numerous high perspective changes, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act perceived another program that gives a considerable business security and new monetary motivators for each person, permitting them to report likely infringement of the government laws to (SEC) Securities and Exchange Commission.


The individual who played a gigantic active leadership part in the advancement of the program of the Whistleblower including geting files ready and executing the draft for the proposed legislation and actualizing guidelines is Jordan A.Thomas. Jordan A.Thomas is a previous Assistant Chief Litigation and a previous Assistant Director at the division of requirement of SEC


At the point when the endorse surpasses $1 million, SEC is obliged to pay whistleblowers in the middle of 10-30 of the money related endorsements assembled as an immediate consequence of SEC authorization activities; this is accomplished under the standards of the program. Whistleblowers can likewise be further qualified for extra rewards if the specified edge is effectively met. These honors are totally based upon the given money related assents that are effectively gathered as an aftereffect of other administrative and law implementation associations.


SEC informant lawyer representation will permit the whistleblowers to report any unknown and conceivable securities infringement. The striking back by businesses against whistleblowers is likewise disallowed under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act who answer to SEC compatible as indicated by the program rules.


The Whistleblower representation group can be reached at whatever time in various diverse ways that can be by phone, email furthermore straightforwardly through their electronic accommodation alternative accessible on their sites in the event that you are


occupied with adapting more about the SEC Whistleblower Program keeping in mind the end goal to ask for a case assessment


Wen By Chaz Company- Making A Difference In The Beauty Industry

Nothing beats a woman’s beauty like her hair. It is no wonder ladies spend thousands of dollars every month just to ensure their hair look good. In recent times, there have been many publications about many hair products and companies across the U.S including the Wen By Chaz Beauty Company. However, ladies must be careful where they buy these products from as not all of them are good.

You want something that will not hurt your hair and ensure it remains, healthy, and shiny. Avoid products that use harsh chemicals and opt for those that make their products using sophisticated formulas to achieve efficient hair treatment alternatives.

About Wen By Chaz

WEN is a hair and beauty company based in the U.S. The firm provides beauty care products and is headed by Chaz Dean (http://chazdean.com/). The Director has put most of his efforts in developing this business whose net worth is now about 11 million dollars. With the competition in the market, the company has overcome many challenges and is committed to offering quality hair products and solutions both on the local and international front.

What Makes the Shampoos Unique?

The shampoo can turn any hair into a shiny, healthy, and attractive hair. The product comes with a step by step illustration on how to use the shampoo to ensure perfect results. Clients who have been using these Amazon available products share a common experience where the results delivered as promised. What is important is to adhere to the guidelines since it is ideal for any hair type.

The company has been around for six years now and has since amassed a lot of experience and expertise in the world of beauty. They use solid ingredients in their products to nourish hair. The firm’s primary role is to offer smooth management of hair for all clients. The personnel here are qualified and certified; they understand the importance of producing high-quality products.

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How Eric Lefkofsky Mixed Entrepreneurship And Philanthropy Togther

When we think of billionaires most of us imagine calculating profit minded stoics looking to fatten their bank accounts without any regard for others. Eric Lefkofsky defies this myth handily. With a fortune worth $1.7 billion dollars Lefkofsky understands how to make money, but he understands his responsibility to contribute to society. Through both his business ventures and his philanthropy he gives others the help they need. His latest endeavor is an effort to bring cancer therapy into the future with a personalized approach powered by Big Data. With the billions of dollars he has already generated it looks like he will succeed.

Building A Fortune

It is absolutely impossible to understand Lefkofsky without taking a look at the various startups he has participated in. He is the cofounder and chairman of Groupon. This company was so successful in its early stages it broke a record for reaching $1 billion in revenue faster than any other company in history. He has also involved himself in more traditional companies such as the Chicago based investment firm Lightbank. Through Lightbank Lefkofsky invests in “disruptive” technologies with the potential to change the way we live. That innovative spirit is essential to just about everything Lefkofsky does and guides his ambitions.

The Great Responsibility Of Great Power

It is impossible to deny that Eric Lefkofsky is a powerful man. Anyone able to amass a fortune similar to his or to enjoy his level of success as a venture capitalist is certainly influential. This is why Lefkofsky founded his trademark nonprofit the Lefkofsky Foundation. Through his family foundation he makes an impact on the lives of children across the world in receiving education, healthcare, and other important necessities.

Medicine Made Just For You

In a distinct combination of philanthropy and entrepreneurship Eric Lefkofsky founded the medical startup Tempus. Through Tempus doctors are able to bring the miracle of personalized medicine into cancer therapy. Using genetic testing, life histories, and other sources of medical data Tempus helps physicians give each patient care customized for their specific incident of cancer. Personalized medicine and big data aren’t typically ideas that are placed together. Big data is usually reserved for marketing agencies looking to improve product sales or survey new demographics. However, Lefkofsky is using this bring about a revolution in the way we treat cancer patients.

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