How Eric Lefkofsky Mixed Entrepreneurship And Philanthropy Togther

When we think of billionaires most of us imagine calculating profit minded stoics looking to fatten their bank accounts without any regard for others. Eric Lefkofsky defies this myth handily. With a fortune worth $1.7 billion dollars Lefkofsky understands how to make money, but he understands his responsibility to contribute to society. Through both his business ventures and his philanthropy he gives others the help they need. His latest endeavor is an effort to bring cancer therapy into the future with a personalized approach powered by Big Data. With the billions of dollars he has already generated it looks like he will succeed.

Building A Fortune

It is absolutely impossible to understand Lefkofsky without taking a look at the various startups he has participated in. He is the cofounder and chairman of Groupon. This company was so successful in its early stages it broke a record for reaching $1 billion in revenue faster than any other company in history. He has also involved himself in more traditional companies such as the Chicago based investment firm Lightbank. Through Lightbank Lefkofsky invests in “disruptive” technologies with the potential to change the way we live. That innovative spirit is essential to just about everything Lefkofsky does and guides his ambitions.

The Great Responsibility Of Great Power

It is impossible to deny that Eric Lefkofsky is a powerful man. Anyone able to amass a fortune similar to his or to enjoy his level of success as a venture capitalist is certainly influential. This is why Lefkofsky founded his trademark nonprofit the Lefkofsky Foundation. Through his family foundation he makes an impact on the lives of children across the world in receiving education, healthcare, and other important necessities.

Medicine Made Just For You

In a distinct combination of philanthropy and entrepreneurship Eric Lefkofsky founded the medical startup Tempus. Through Tempus doctors are able to bring the miracle of personalized medicine into cancer therapy. Using genetic testing, life histories, and other sources of medical data Tempus helps physicians give each patient care customized for their specific incident of cancer. Personalized medicine and big data aren’t typically ideas that are placed together. Big data is usually reserved for marketing agencies looking to improve product sales or survey new demographics. However, Lefkofsky is using this bring about a revolution in the way we treat cancer patients.

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