Securus Technologies Helping Prisoners

GTL has disputed Securus Technologies‘ leading role in the prison communications business. This is to be understood. Securus Technologies has taken a stand for prisoner freedom and opportunities that its competitors have not. The video chat technology offered by Securus Technologies is an industry game changer that allows prisoners to see their loved ones during a crisis. This saves time and money for all parties involved.


As Securus Technologies develops its approach, one of the major concerns has been patent warring. Many of the top industry leaders do not want to give up their market position to those who are innovating. GTL is one of those companies.


Securus Technologies relies on its record of innovation and quality to stave off criticism. Though some may charge this is not helpful, Securus wants to place its customers as its first priority. As Securus develops a model for products, it looks at the actual needs that are occurring.


Many people who have been using Securus Technologies’ products have found them helpful in checking up on their loved one. When there is little freedom, a call from home can improve prisoner behavior and staff workload. Securus Technologies is at the top of its game, helping customers become the people they are supposed to be.


Industry leadership requires that we care for the community. When there is a tragic emergency accident such as flooding, Securus Technologies has made a goal in the past to offer free calls for a limited time. This builds trust in our brand, and helps customers know that we are there for them.


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