Every time Swiss Startup Factory gets mentioned, what follows is the name, Mike Baur. These two names can never part ways. Mike Baur is the Co-founder and Managing Partner at the famous Swiss Startup Factory. Mike, as often called by many, has been in the game for almost three decades. Just like other successful individuals, Mike had a dream to make his career worthy, and surely he is living his dream if not heading to it.

From records, Mike has served in the Swiss Banking sector for more than two decades. In this particular period, Mike garnered enough knowledge which he believes to be behind his current achievements. To those who happen to interact with him, Mike is a team-player and a smart individual. Also, the successful individual remains focused in his set goals. His great contribution to the Swiss Private Banking fraternity could never go unnoticed. As a result, Mike saw himself being promoted to executive board positions in a large Swiss Private Bank which he says was a great milestone in his career.

Over and over again, Mike has undertaken risky projects which have given him profits beyond most people’s expectations. In 2014, 39-year-old Mike, set to venture on his own. Together with other two partners, Mike founded the Swiss Startup Factory. By digging shallowly into Switzerland startup’s record, you will realize that Mike’s company takes the lead among the independent and privately sponsored startups.

Most successful individuals in the world tend to spend their precious time and knowledge within themselves. However, Mike feels that sharing an idea or resources with a person without minding the boundaries is the trick to a successful society. Driven by the urge, Mike Baur spends most of his time in the Swiss youth entrepreneurship. In the process, Mike gets to support various Swiss startups concerning finances as well as mentorship which are the basics to success.

Mike’s love for a prosperous society exceeds anyone’s expectations. Not long ago, the successful entrepreneur, Mike, established the Swiss Startup Association. Also, Mike is a speaker on the Investor Panel at the renowned WORLDWEBFORUM. These particular organizations have assisted uncountable youths in Switzerland to achieve goals beyond imagination. Besides, Mike is a committed advocate for healthy living. This has seen him get involved in challenges designed to achieve community wellness. He participates in road races as well as Corporate Shield running.

When it comes to education, Mike is qualified beyond any doubt. He is a graduate of the University of Rochester, New York with an MBA. Also, he holds an Executive MBA from the prestigious University of Berne.