Helane Morrison Effort in Enforcing Legal Compliance and Better Employee Benefits

Hall Capital Partners LLC, one of the largest advisory firms in San Francisco. It involves in describing how people lost their trust in the financial industry after the 2008 economic crash. Helane Morrison acts as the company’s Chief Compliance Officer. The crash resulted in people finding personal means of keeping their finances. As a result. Hall Capital was formed with the aim of restoring people’s faith in financial institutions through enforcing accountability, integrity, and compliance.


Helane’s Credibility as Hall Capital’s Chief Compliance Officer


Before trusting any institution with client money, Hall Capital ensures that they thoroughly investigate brokerage firms, financial advisor or mutual fund advisors. As the chief compliance officer, Helane has been very proactive in her position. Her assertiveness, firmness, sharpness and hard work towards realizing integrity has resulted in significant impression on the compliance field.


Helane has adamant believe that before being trusted with a client’s money, any financial institution must make prove that every investment they make is reliable and ethical. She achieves her goals through the help of an enforcement staff. In case they suspect and anomaly, a disciplinary action is taken against the party after which a correction or criminal charges may be pressed.


Professional Experience


Helane Morrison has many years of experience all of which exposed her to a lot of knowledge and skills. From 1999 to 2007, she was the head of U.S Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, at their San Francisco Offices. In her capacity as the Regional Director, Helane was responsible for enforcing securities, litigation matter, and enforcing regulatory commission in Northern California and other five states. During this time, she was able to handle fraud cases involves executives from top companies including Google and HBO.


From 1986-1999, Helena was practicing law at Canady, Rice, Howard, Nemeroviski, and Falk & Rabkin and in 1991 she was made a partner. She has also at one time worked as a law clerk for Harry. A Blackmun and also for Hon. Richard Posner.


Other Responsibilities


Helane Morrison is also a seasonal speaker on matters arising from the investment advisories on compliance and legal issues. Also, she is also a Board Member of the American Bar Association, and also at the Parks Department in San Francisco. In the latter position, she also involves in keeping the parks clean and safe.




Helane holds a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University, Illinois and a Law from California University Berkeley School of Law.