Timothy Armour The Capital Group CEO Who Took After James Rothenberg

Timothy Armour is the current CEO of Capital Group a position that he got after the former company’s CEO passed on. Before being named the company CEO, Tim had worked for the company for over thirty years. He joined the firm in 1893 as a fresh graduate from Middlebury College where he studied Economics.

For most of his time in his career, Tim has been analyzing equities for Capital Group at the Los Angeles office. He has been in the telecommunications industries and some service industries this has given him a lot of experience.

Tim Armour is excellent managing portfolios. The company CEO position has suited him very well because he understands all the firm’s operation having worked for over thirty years. Tim is very great in managing investments, and this trait will help him in driving the company’s operations towards realizing their goals. Capital Group is among the most top firms offering investments management services to clients all over the world.

Tim learned leadership skills from his James Rothenberg, and he will be able to foster the growth of the firm and retain his predecessor’s legacy. Tim Armour has worked with high net worth individuals managing their wealth and large institutions this makes him the perfect fit for Capital Group CEO role.