Desiree Perez and Roc Nation Maneuver for New Deal

Start listing a number of hip hop moguls and you’ll probably start with Jay Z. Jay Z has been one of the most prolific producers and performers that the musical industry has ever seen and over the past ten years he has solidified himself as a truly empire-minded person. Ten years ago this year we saw Jay Z lock in a ‘360 Deal’ with the company Live Nation. The terms of the deal were enormous and both parties were taking a risk: 10 years at $125 million. Now Live Nation and Jay Z are hitting a crossroads with their relationship with a ‘buy-sell’ option appearing.  Click on for additional article.

The buy-sell option means that Jay Z and Live Nation are both free to walk away or renegotiate their deal with one another and you can be darn sure that one of those things is going to happen. Jay Z knows his value and Live Nation knows that the music industry has changed dramatically since 2007.  Check  One Live Nation insider, speaking anonymously, admitted that Live Nation is moving away from buying record deals anymore. Live Nation knows that the real money is on the road and so they are still on the table to re-negotiate a touring contract with Jay Z.  More of this on

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Jay might have better plans, however. Jay Z and his close business associate Desiree Perez went to Santa Monica, CA in order to have a sit down with the Chairman and CEO at Universal Music Group. While officially this was nothing but a dinner one can’t help but wonder as to what they discussed. Rumors are abound that Jay Z and Desiree Perez are seriously considering maneuvering Roc Nation into a new spot and UMG might be that perfect landing area. Still, there is a ton of dealmaking left to do and Perez and Jay Z are going to do their best to make it happen.

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