Sheldon Lavin Brings OSI To Groundbreaking Success

Sheldon Lavin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer as the esteemed OSI Group, has a long history of experience within the industry. He keeps busy by also working as the President of the International Foods division within OSI. This allows him to keep an eye on the production at their expansion facility and ensure they are delivering high quality services that satisfy their customers. Mr. Lavin started OSI when he funded the company Otto & Sons in the 1970s. This company later turned into OSI and laid the foundation for Mr. Lavin’s ties to the food industry world.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin always wanted to work for himself at his own business, so that is how he came to get involved in this business. He came involved with OSI after funding the original Otto & Sons and now he owns the company thanks to his continued dedication.

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Sheldon Lavin vision for OSI Group is for it to because a top quality food processing company that is available to people everywhere. They are located in 17 countries and continue to expand every year. There are more than 80 facilities in these countries. Mr. Lavin believes in using a smaller business style so they can tailor their system to fit their facilities all over the world.

Mr. Lavin has received many different awards for his success in the business as well as his ties to charity. He serves as the trustee for the Ronald McDonald House Charities and is also a Board member at the Good man Theater. Additionally, Mr. Lavin is the President of the The Sheba Foundation and works with the Rush University Medical Center as a Board member. Thanks to Mr. Lavin, OSI has known become so successful that they are able to employ almost 20,000 people in their company. They are all considered to be members of the family and Mr. Lavin is proud of each and every one them.

OSI Group started as a small domestic company and under the strong leadership of Mr. Lavin, it was able to grow into an international success. Mr. Lavin always has hopes for further improvements in the company in the future.

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