Fabletics Setting a High Standard for the E-Commerce Fashion Industry

Grabbing a healthy section of the online fashion market is quite a challenge in these modern times. The task is only made more daunting by the shadow of marketing giants like Amazon, who alone corners 20% of the industry and profits.


Nevertheless, this is no discouragement to the brave leadership of the Fabletics line of fashion. Kate Hudson and her team of brilliant marketers have taken the Fabletics Line of Sports Fashion from humble beginnings to becoming an industry leader with a worth of $250 Million and climbing.


Fabletics and a Special Brand of Success


Fabletics is completely renewing the conventional approach to online business. Rather than simply creating many happy clients, the traditional approach, Fabletics looks to create a community of friends and like-minded individuals. In addition to making friends out of business associates, Fabletics offers some of the finest qualities and fascinating design options at a great price.


What we are looking at is a monumental movement from the idea that top-quality goods and superior customer service is only available through high-prices. The marketing trend as we know it today, is moving away from such notions in favor of personal interactions and recognizable names.


The general manager and innovator behind the Fabletics company and their unparalleled marketing experience is a Mr. Gregg Throgmartin. According to Mr. Throgmartin, “The reason we have seen such success is through the unique way we operate and interact with clients. We have built a one-of-a-kind community and keep their attention through making them our personal friends and their goals our goals. This is why we offer the best materials and superior designs at great prices. But it is the personalized shopping experience that really seals the deal with a modern consumer.”


Fabletics and their “Reverse Showrooming” Methods


One of their greatest successes has come from the Fabletics “Reverse Showrooming” Techniques. This has been a problematic point for many operations, but Fabletics has made this one of their strongest selling points.


Customers are invited to the physical locations after being introduced to the products they will want from an online showroom. This way they know exactly what they will find from the helpful staff and selection of goods.


“As members of the Fabletics community they can also count on the best prices we offer”. The crowning achievement off the Fabletics Company is their interest in the individual client. Therefore, they have crafted the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz.


If you are interested in all that Fabletics can offer, consider taking a moment to fill out the questionnaire and begin a quality friendship with this reputable supplier.