Bob Reina And His Talk Fusion Brainchild

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a video marketing company he established in 2007. The company’s flagship product was video email. Bob has successfully translated the two decades of experience he has in the marketing and direct selling industries into the successful operation of Talk Fusion. He has also displayed the spirit of innovation, strong leadership, and a passion for helping others in this endeavor.


Inspiration For Talk Fusion


Bob states that he worked for ten years as a police officer. During this time like many others, he came to feel limited by time constraints and limited financial resources. Bob became convinced that there had to be a better way to build his life and he was determined to find an answer.


Bob credits his ah-ha moment to his introduction to the network marketing industry. It made sense to him to adopt a business model that allowed him to leverage the time and efforts of a well motivated team to multiply his opportunity for success. Bob’s introduction to the industry did not come without hardships. He soon found himself stuck in a cycle which would see him join a company and build a succesful team only to later see the company fail.


Bob Reina found his break in 2004 when while touring a house in North Carolina he tried to email a short clip of the home to a family member. He was notified by AOL that such an operation could not be performed. It was then that he decided to offer video email as Talk Fusion’s flagship product. Learn more:


When Money Is Made



One of Bob Reina’s favorite things about working with Talk Fusion is that his success is directly dependent on the success of others. He only sees profits when others are able to make their dreams come true.


Timing Right With Talk Fusion



Bob Reina considers himself to be an extremely fortunate man. He states that success for the company came quickly for the company because it was right product at the right time. Bob explains that every business adheres to the same logic: Identify a problem and then solve that problem better than everyone else. Talk Fusion was built with this logic as its firmest foundation.


Richard Mishaan Design Prominent New York Interior Designer

Richard Mishaan is a prominent figure in the interior design industry. He is a master in creating unique and impressive homes that are both comfortable and peaceful to live in. Richard Mishaan has applied his skills in designing luxury hotels and homes. Richard Mishaan ensures that both lighting and furniture are properly well arranged in an impressive way. He is known to many as a skilled architect and designer. Richard Mishaan combines both ancient and modern design to come up with unique designs that no other designer can measure up to. As a skilled designer, he is able to bring together powerhouse art, furniture, and patterns that make the area beautiful. He has been extensively involved in interior design works in New York, Florida and the Dominica Republic.

According to Richard Mishaan says that it is better to think of a design from the viewpoint of how good the work will look like instead of focusing on the money first. It is better to buy a thing once and last a lifetime than buying a thing that will have you buy a number of them in your lifetime. In design work longevity is crucial. You do not want a scenario where you will be designing your home or hotel every other year. It is better to invest in a designer who will have you with a design that will last a lifetime.

Richard Mishaan through his company, Richard Mishaan Design has the capability of designing a small section into a beautiful and magical space. To achieve this Richard Mishaan paints the ceiling and the walls with warm colors that will lighten up space. He also recommends the installation of low club chairs which will as well open up the room.

Some of his design works are evident in his home. He has lived in his residence for more than 18 years.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco’ Killer Career And His Role In Finding 6 Years’ Worth Of Growth In One Transaction

Banco Bradesco was founded in 1943 by Amador Aguiar. Mr. Aguiar, Lázaro Brandão, Márcio Cypriano, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco are the only four people to have served as Bradesco’s President, also interchangeable with Chief Executive Officer because this financial institution grants CEO-like functions to its active President. Aguiar had the longest stint, taking care of his self-made organization until his health declined in 1981, when Lázaro Brandão took over. Mr. Brandão stayed until 1999, handing the proverbial torch over to Cypriano. Luiz Carlos Trabuco levied the spot away from Cypriano in 2009 after proving his business acumen, interpersonal skills, and – most importantly – his loyalty to Bradesco.

While the history of Bradesco is long and well-established, not all Presidents have operated as truly outstanding specimen. Banco Bradesco was always the largest bank in Brazil, except when a merger between Banco Itaú and Unibanco eradicated Bradesco’s spot from the number one spot on lists of the biggest financial institutions in the South American country of Brazil. Taking place in 2008, this happening strongly encouraged the Board of Directors at Bradesco to kick Cypriano to the curb, unable to bring Bradesco back into contention for that number-one spot in the years following the popular merger. Thank goodness for Banco Bradesco, as longtime employee Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who had been working for the past 40 years without a single absences of leave, serving in various managerial and executorial roles throughout his time.

Arguably the largest, most expensive, important happening in Bradesco’s recent history – dating back all the way to Brandão’s first day as President = was Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s oversight of the push for purchasing fellow Brazilian rival banking chain HSBC Holdings’ South American division. Its headquarters located in London, England, executives at HSBC Holdings’ main corporate office weren’t familiar with the intricacies and nuances of Brazilian banking, nor were they involved with its Brazilian locations enough to succeed. These two factors, combined with a staunchly competitive Brazilian marketplace for financial institutions led to a largely underperforming system of HSBC Brazil banks.

The largest bank in Brazil, Itaú Unibanco, never would have achieved dominance over the past nine years without its 2008 merger. Similarly, Luiz Carlos Trabuco realized that Bradesco’s potential purchase of HSBC Holdings’ Brazilian banking system was important for boosting its operational capabilities, with Mr. Trabuco later quoted as identifying the transaction adding six years’ worth of organic growth to the financial institution practically overnight. Luiz Carlos Trabuco had first thought of the potentials of this deal in November of 2014. With the approval of the pending purchase of HSBC Brazil coming from Chairman of the Board and former President Lázaro Brandão, just one day after Luiz Carlos Trabuco pushed paperwork forward to him, the deal was set for 5.2 billion US Dollars’ worth of cash compensation.

HSBC Holdings later finalized the deal in the initial months of calendar year 2016, firmly securing Bradesco’s second-place ranking, less than a skip away from the first-place leader, all thanks to Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s business acumen put into practice at its finest.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco first worked for Bradesco in 1969 at the ripe, young age of 18, despite already having two degrees in soft sciences – specifically Sociopsychology – from two schools in metropolitan Såo Paulo. Following his two-year tenure as a clerk, he was transferred to Bradesco’s headquarters in São Paulo’s Osasco neighborhood, showing enough dedication to move five hours’ distance away from his hometown and first place of employment in Marília. After becoming Director of Marketing in 1984, holding roles at two of Bradesco’s subsidiaries in the form of Executive Director, Executive Vice President, and two-time President, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was crowned as President of Bradesco‘ whole organization in 2009.

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Clay Siegall’s Golden Heart Dedicated to Save Lives

Our society never seems to recognize people who use their brain intelligence to help other people. We often see professional runners, singers, actors and anyone in the entertainment industry been appreciated and given all the credit for their skills and work. However, people like Clay Siegall go unnoticed for his marvelous work that helps the community as a whole. The man has a passion for helping other people especially patients who have cancer and other ailments. The reason to start the Seattle Genetics was to research more about cancer and how it can be stopped. Seattle Genetics is an organization that is meant to deal with biotechnological research which is new to the society. The group is certified with several licenses which make it more credible. Seattle Genetics also receives funding from different charity groups, and it has collaborated with various companies which deal with biotechnology.

Clay Siegall has the expertise and experience in the medical field and has several awards such as the Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year held in 2012. Clay has worked other known institutions such as the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health. He is consistent and dedicated to what he does, and he has become a reliable man to many of his patients. I can also add that he has an excellent educational background having attended the George Washington University where he did his Ph.D. level in Genetics. Clay has the knowledge, the skills, the experience and information in genetics related problems and diseases. In the medical field, he has also been able to solve some of the challenges, and this is evident from the successful drugs that the organization has been able to develop. Some of the drugs are designed to kill leukemia cells, for example, SGN-CD33A. The novel drug was intended to combat the complications which are often experienced after a patient has undergone organ transplantation.

Clay and his team are working on enhancing cancer therapy. The team wishes to use the modern tech solutions to help fight cancer. The organization’s primary aim is to assist patients, and this idea came from the fact that Clay had to watch his father’s health deteriorate as he had cancer. The only treatment at the time was not advanced to help anyone. Clay believes in making a change in someone’s life.

Omar Yunes and His Victory for Best Franchisee Award in Florence, Italy

Franchising is an arduous and challenging task, and that challenge is the reason it’s not for everyone. It’s not for everyone to manage numerous branches of a franchising platform across continents. It’s not for everyone that one can deal with the daily challenges of overseeing different problems, parameters, and affairs involved in franchising. This difficulty is why Omar Yunes deserves his title as the Best Franchisee of The World during the said competition.

Omar Yunes’ victory came from his franchise for Sushi Otto whose one-third of branches and franchises he owns. The awarding ceremony took place on December 5 in the fascinating and apt place: Florence, Italy. The award went to him for his remarkable contribution to the brand that he represents and the ideals he sets for his company.

With his victory, it’s not that hard to see why Omar felt so proud of his achievement because this is proof that the 400 employees and 13 units that he manages for the brand has paid off. This achievement doesn’t also come easy because Omar has been continuously working hard for the food chain business ever since at the age of 21. Since then, he has now owned more about 13 franchised units spread out across Mexico City, Veracruz and the world-class region of Puebla.

Omar Yunes: The Profile

Omar remains to be the leader in the franchising business, especially after winning the BFW awards that comprise around 40 countries in the competition. Omar is also the Mexican investor that represents a significant share of the holdings for the Sushi Itto brand. The great franchise awards that he got is the testament to how many jobs he has created for different countries.

Omar is motivating all his employees by giving the most competent compensations in the market. With his leadership, he was able to impart relevant knowledge and significant savings for the company and the people managing it as well. To know more about him click here.

Indeed, with Omar Yunes’ leadership, the franchising world gets all the needed talent it requires for innovation, progress, and efficiency to thrive not only in the companies but also in the system of how franchises operate.

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Customers Have High Praise For Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the biggest providers of technology services, including monitoring and data analytics services, to prisons and correctional facilities. They are known to provide the best customer service and come up with the best innovative technology to help out law enforcement. They have purchased other companies as well, such as JPay. They have been featured in many news stories. Their CEO is Rick Smith.


They were founded in 1986, and they are based in Texas, where they have various regional offices. Securus has around one thousand employees, and they service between two and three thousand correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. They have invested more than six hundred million dollars in creating new and innovative technologies. For example, they created a system that could control contraband cell phones. They partnered with Harris Corporation to create Cell Defender. It also developed a Wireless Containment Solution. This technology prevents contraband cell phones from connecting to a mobile network.


Their customers seem to be extremely satisfied with the service that they provide. Let us take a look at some of the comments that were made by customers about their services. These come from formal mail and email communications. One correctional facility said that they were able to obtain information from the phone call monitoring system that let them catch and serve a warrant to a staff member that was corrupt. This staff member was arrested for dealing with contraband. Another agency said that they were able to monitor calls about drug use and alcohol use, as well as suspicious money transfers and illegal deals. Other facilities use them to monitor harassment of staff members. Another facility said that they overheard a call between an inmate and their siblings, with centered around what to say about the murder charge against them.


Traveling Vineyard Proving to Be a Unique Business Model

Recently, a new way of conducting business within the wine industry is taking shape.

An American-based company called Traveling Vineyard has used a direct-selling platform involving in-home wine tastings at residences as a way to build up its business brand.

Based out of Ipswich, Mass., Traveling Vineyard has been around since its inception in 2001, but have gradually grown in its number of representatives. Richard Libby purchased the company in 2010 and has added new dimensions to the company’s marketing strategy. Often referred to as “Wine Guides”, there are now an estimated 5,000 independent reps associated with Traveling Vineyard.

Direct selling is a selling concept popularized by door-to-door cosmetic representatives, but Traveling Vineyard is using this technique to create wine tasting events at people’s homes instead of at the vineyards themselves. In the past, only people interested in wine would go to wine-tasting events. By selling directly to potential buyers at their residences, Traveling Vineyard is hoping to expand the pool of wine-tasters by finding them at homes. In this manner, some people who normally wouldn’t go out of their way to taste wine and have the wine-tasting experience brought to their own homes.

As a wine guide, a representative would make a connection to social hosts in order to set up free, in-house wine tastings. Often, the wine guides suggests that the host invite friends and relatives for a free opportunity to taste certain wines.

Representatives who join would get a kit that includes brochures, order forms, and marketing material on various of available wine options from Traveling Vineyard. Other material including wine-carrying bags, wine glasses, and decanters. The kit and the tasting sets must be purchased as a sort of initial investment. However, should orders come in, the investment money can easily be recouped.

There is potential for earning some side money as you can receive up to 15-35 percent of all purchases as a form of a commission. If there are more orders at a particular event, you can also gain credit for future tasting sets. There is also a form of multi-level marketing in which you can recruit others to become wine guides and then get a share of their of their future sales as another commission.

For representatives, being a direct seller offers a flexible work schedule instead of usual regular business hours. For those who work at home or have a more open schedule, Traveling Vineyard offers a chance to both enjoy a person’s love of wine as a chance to make extra cash through its direct marketing style.

Vincent Parascandola: An Icon of Knowledge-Based Financial Practice

Accomplishment inside the money related administration industry calls for more than capabilities. Having a very long time of experience working in the business gives money related guide a profound knowledge into the business operations and market exchanges. These are critical fundamentals of a powerful monetary counsel. This is the reason numerous customers favor experienced money related counsels, for example, Vincent Parascandola: am industry veteran with more than three many years of experience working for a portion of the biggest monetary admonitory organizations in the nation.

Vincent Parascandola‘s notoriety for being a solid and stable money related consultant is not exclusively based on his involvement in the business and wide industry learning base. He is additionally a knowledgeable person. He gained his systematic abilities, which have been imperative mainstays of his prosperity, from Pace University’s Lubin School of Business where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. At the college, Parascandola had some expertise in PC examination, an essential apparatus for budgetary investigation.

Vincent Parascandola, one of the main money related counselors in the Greater New York Area started his profession as a framework investigator in 1986 at Irving Trust Company, claims Following two years at the organization, he was enlisted in 1988 by Prudential Insurance Company to fill in as a protection specialist. In any case, it was at The MONY Group that Vincent Parascandola made himself as a money related guide to figure with in the business. Furthermore, it was amid his residency at the organization, which started in 1990 that he built up his administration abilities. Joining as a budgetary expert, Mr. Vincent Parascandola progressively climbed the professional bureaucracy to end up noticeably its field VP. He served in the position from 1998 and 2005 having additionally served a business chief at that point overseeing executive of the organization.

According to, he finished his 16-year relationship with The MONY Group and joined AXA Equitable. At the organization, he initially filled in as the official VP before being selected to head Advantage Group as its leader. Favorable position is a partner of AXA Equitable, which he participated in 2008. He was moved to the AXA’s northern and mainland divisions as president on various events. Up to 2014, Parascandola filled in as boss deals officer for AXA’s Continental Division. He is right now filling in as AXA US senior official VP following his arrangement in 2014.

Norman Pattiz Conceives the Rebirth of Celebrated Media Personality, Norman Lear

Norman Lear, a legendary producer, and writer of some of the best sitcoms is back on the radio. The man who is thought to have revolutionized American television will be hosting a new show, All of the Above in Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne network. The show is expected to engage listeners in an exciting conversation ranging from comedy, family, music, current affairs, social issues, and politics. The topics will cover all that you could want to know about the popular celebrities, politicians and any other person.


Norman Lear will be joined by his longtime friend, composer, sidekick and actor, Paul Hipp ( Among the celebrities who will be the first to feature in the show include Jerrod Carmichael, Amy Poehler, America Ferrera, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The conversation will include race in the media with Carmichael, religion with Amy, triathlon training with Ferrera and basketball talent with Julia.


The show would be launched on May 1, with new episodes being available on Mondays on iTunes, PodcsatOne app, and Speaking during the announcement, Norman Pattiz stated that he had known Lear for a long time and he is confident that he will mean a great addition to the PodcastOne team.


About Norman Lear


Norman Lear is a celebrated American media personality. The World War II experienced writer, creator, director and producer of renowned sitcoms such as One Day at a Time, All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Good times and Maude among many other that restructured the American television industry. The 95-year-old stated that he would be able to deliver a great show that will fit people of all ages.


Norman Pattiz in Brief


Norman Pattiz is the founding CEO of PodcastOne, a leading producer, and distributor of on-demand programming. He launched the organization in 2012 after recognizing the untapped potential in the audio on-demand sector. Today, PodcastOne boasts of some of the best presenters including Chris Jericho, Larry King, and Dan Patrick among others. Pattiz also founded Westwood One. During his tenure, Westwood One grew to become one of the largest providers of news, entertainment, sports, traffic programming, and entertainment. Learn more:


With over 40 years in the radio industry, Norman Pattiz is undoubtedly one of the most sought after radio experts. In 2000 and 2002, Norman Pattiz was appointed by President Clinton and Bush respectively to sit in the United States’ Broadcasting Board of Governors. The board is in charge of all United State’s nonmilitary broadcasting services such as Radio Free Europe, The Voice of America, and Middle East Broadcasting and others.


Contributions of Jose Auriemo to JHSF

JHSF is a real estate holding company that was founded in 1972 by two Brazilian brothers in San Paulo. JHSF became the first company to prioritize the recurrent income assets that include shopping malls, real estate projects, airports, and hotels. The company has profoundly revolutionized the industrialization of many parts of the world, and it operates in various countries including Uruguay, the Brazillian market as well as the United States. JHSF has conducted some amendable projects both internationally and locally. Some of its most amendable projects are in Newyork city and are over eight hundred.

The tremendous growth of the real estate company has also been fueled by its team of employees who are highly qualified and determined towards venturing into high investment opportunities. Besides, the employees always strive to identify the most suitable projects that are more likely to earn the company massive amounts of profits, which is part of its goals. In addition to that, the companies’ team of employees always strive to provide its clients with excellent services so as to ensure their satisfaction. The commitment helps to ensure that the firm maintains its customers besides attracting more.

Jose Auriemo Mote is one of the major contributors to the success of the JHSF Company and currently acts as the chief executive officer and chairman of the company. Jose schooled at Furdacao Armando Alvares Fernando state university and played a significant role in managing the companies investment projects and also oversees its ventures into the various retail undergoing projects.

On the other hand, Jose has played a significant role in increasing the production of the company and encouraging his employees to work towards achieving the goals of the firm. Through his impeccable management skills, the investment has signed a vast number of partnerships with many other investment companies including the Hermes, Pucci, among others. Jose has a lot of experience in the field of entrepreneurship and joined the investment company at a young age in 1993 and still works towards making it better in the coming years. Jose has also brought great success in the company which currently has indulged into super complex real estate projects in some countries.