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Making smart choices with your investments can help you secure your future. It is why it is rightly said that when you are going to put your money into any investment options, do your research carefully. The financial markets tend to be volatile, and one should not just follow the market trend or rumors blindly, but instead follow their instincts and do their analysis. It would help in making wiser decisions with your finance, but what if you are not any financial guru or expert? In such case, you can trust the banking and investment based advice provided by the publications of Agora Financial.

Agora Financial is a well-known publishing house that provides its publications in the form of newsletters, e-mails, magazines, financial reports, and more. The company has over a million subscribers, and its count continues to increase with the passing time. One of the biggest reasons why Agora Financial has been around for so many years and continues to grow consistently even after the fierce competition is because it doesn’t compromise with the trust of its readers. Agora Financial doesn’t accept money or rewards from any companies to provide false or biased financial reports or analysis to its customers. It ensures that the readers have the investment advice that they can trust and act upon without second thoughts. To know more about the company click here.

Agora Financial has successfully been able to predict the trends of the financial market, which has helped its readers to not only protect and save their money from losses but also make considerable profits. The company has a pool of industry experts with years of experience backing their financial advice, which helps the readers to take necessary economic action for their long-term financial goals. If you are looking to invest your hard earned money, it is highly advised that you subscribe to the publication of Agora Financial today.


Jason Hope: A Solid Tech Education is Only a Page Away

When it comes to technology, many people wish that they could see the future. The industry is swiftly changing and there always seems to be a new product available with innovative features. Jason Hope says that one of the things that most new products have in common is that they are going to be IoT enabled. Hope has proven himself to be an exceedingly competent futurist, meaning that he has the insight into the market that consumers want. He believes that one of the first things that consumers need to do to get a handle on the latest technology is understanding the IoT and how it affects them daily.

Hope is so confident that the IoT will be a major part of the future that he wrote an e-book on the subject matter, “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era”. This e-book, available to anyone on, highlights the benefits that IoT enabled devices pose to modern life. The IoT, or Internet-of-Things, is a network of devices that can connect to the internet and transmit data back and forth. Consumers use IoT devices every single day. With more products being connected to the internet, the IoT is set to dramatically increase in value. Objects like tennis shoes, watches, refrigerators, and vehicles are all being equipped with the technology.

Consumers have never been more connected than they are now. Hope believes that is why understanding IoT devices is so crucial. The number of products will only continue to increase. Businesses, restaurants, and other types of activities are bound to include them. Hope wants his readers on the forefront of this technology. With an estimated 30 million products set to hit the shelves soon, it is imperative that consumers get informed now. Hope also warns that security can be important in a future with more IoT devices. They are beneficial, but they should be respected.

Since starting his own tech company, Hope has been a major contributor to the technology field. He has also proven himself in the biotechnology imdustry and invested in several successful start-ups. He has built his personal brand on his gut feelings about the market and his keen ability to implement strategy. While some are wondering what they should do next, Hope is out in the trenches with certainty. It is Hope’s goal to educate his readers and help them gain the confidence he feels when tackling this technology. A solid tech education is only a page away.

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Rocketship Education: Rallying Around Communities

In the spring of 2017 flood water rose in San Jose California when a river teeming with water spilled out onto its banks and beyond. The rising waters caused rescuers to order residents from their homes. Following orders and fearing for their lives many families abandoned their homes and with nowhere else to go, were forced to seek haven in shelters. Many of these families struggled long before the water washed away their homes and all that they owned. However, after the crisis abated these families found that their previous troubles were nothing compared to what they faced. Making rent was a ritualistic source of anxiety in the days past but now they were unable to even produce a security deposit.

Situations of this nature cause many families who were at risk for homelessness to fall into it head first. Without Clothing or stable housing parents find themselves unable to work only exacerbating the already critical situation. Despite the best efforts of the parent’s children feel the strain of this economic pressure. Unsuitable living conditions or instability take away from their ability to learn. While it may not seem like such a travesty in the story term, in the long term it can be devastating to a child’s ability to achieve their goals.

Being such a strong advocate for closing the achievement gap and aiding in the success of these unfortunate communities, Rocketship Education felt compelled to step in. The staff took it upon themselves in the earliest days, delivering hot meals and trying to supply families with anything they had available. Very little time passed before the school took a more formal and concerted action. Realizing the value of partnership in this endeavor they contacted local nonprofit organizations. After rallying together the school and Catholic charities in the area were able to raise $62,000 to fund the relief. These funds were received with gratitude as families realized they would be able to pay deposits of deductibles on insurance policies. Many parents had no idea their child’s school would be their savior. Rocketship Education, however, was happy to be able to support the community they believe in passionately.

Boraie Development: Creating Residential Buildings in New Jersey

Boraie Development is a real estate development company based in New Jersey. The company is headed by Sam Boraie, who is the founder of the company serving as its president. He is being assisted by his son, Wasseem Boraie, who serves as the company’s vice president. The father and son tandem is working together to build residential and commercial properties in New Jersey. They are responsible for changing the skyline of the state, and they are credited for transforming several cities within New Jersey such as New Brunswick. Their decision to stay in their home state and develop structures within the territories of New Jersey brought in jobs for the locals and other opportunities which benefited the state. Check out Bloomberg to see more.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms one of their latest projects is the creation of more than 250 apartment buildings in the city of Atlantic City, a settlement located on the eastern part of the state which is home to almost 40,000 people. The project is expected to be finished by next year, and it is slated to open to the public by summer of 2018. The project is considered as the first market rate real estate development in Atlantic City in a span of 25 years. The name of the project is The Beach at South Inlet, and the total cost to build the structure is around $81 million. The project is located between major avenues, and getting there is not a problem. Once completed, the project can house more than 50,000 individuals who are working in Atlantic City. The resort town is home to several amusement parks and entertainment centers, and it is logical to build an affordable housing unit that can be rented by the employees who came from faraway places. Visit their website to see more

The new real estate development is being welcomed by the citizens of Atlantic City, and they are hoping that it is the beginning of the city’s economic boom. Atlantic City’s economy became stagnant for more than a decade, after its casino industry was crippled by rising entertainment cities nearby. The people are hoping that the project would generate jobs that can benefit families living in the city. The vice president of Boraie Development, Wasseem Boraie, stated that after they finished the project, they are looking forward to build more housing projects in the city. The Beach at South Inlet would have several facilities which the residents can enjoy, including a swimming pool, fitness center, and a lounge.


Sheldon Lavin Steering OSI Group to Greatness

OSI Group which is under the leadership of businessman Sheldon Lavin is one of the leading companies in the meat processing industry not only in the US but across the world. Sheldon Lavin has been at the helm of OSI Group for decades now through which he has exponentially led to the growth of the company into a multinational conglomerate. OSI Group was initially a small start-up family business known as Otto and Sons. Today the company has more than 70 manufacturing and distribution units which are spread in more than 17 countries. In addition, the company has offered employment opportunities to about 20, 000 people and has benefited directly or indirectly millions of people who are part of the supply chain process.

Sheldon Lavin was able to transform the company through making some internal strategic changes that helped maximize output while t the same time minimizes operating costs. As a result of these changes, the company started raking in profits which in turn helped it increase its efficiency in customer delivery thereby attracting many new clients. Some of the leading companies that subcontracted OSI Group are the like of the McDonalds which made OSI their main supplier of processed meat. Besides increased efficiency in customer delivery, Sheldon emphasized on good hygiene and improved quality standards on products before they reach the market. Sheldon Lavin attributes OSI Group success to the firm’s human resources. According to Lavin the most important assets of an organization is its workforce. Once the employees have been provided with a conducive working environment, then they will be able to perform to their best.

OSI Group has continued to grow, and as part of the firm’s expansion plan Sheldon Lavin has partnered with other top industry players and has also led in the acquisition of other large firms in the Group. Some of the organizations that OSI Group has partnered with or acquired include Orange Bay Foods, Indian Vista Processed Foods, Dutch firm Baho Foods and the German Hynek Schlach thof GmbH among others.

Sheldon Lavin as OSI Group CEO and Chairman has been recognized by numerous organization and authorities and as a result, has been honored with awards. Among the awards OSI Group was recently awarded the Globe of Honor Award from the British Safety Council and in 2016 was honored with the Global Visionary Award by India Vision World Academy. The Global Visionary award awards visionaries such as Sheldon who have been able to turn dreams into realities.

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The Outstanding Performance of Adam Milstein in the Real Estate Industry as well as in Philanthropy

Adam Milstein was born in Israel in 1952. His father was a real estate developer. The famous businessman lived in Kiryat Motzkin. Adam enrolled in the Israeli Defence Forces and worked in the brigade for the Yom Kippur War. Mr. Milstein married his wife Gila Elgraby in 1974. He studied Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics at the Technion and graduated in 1978. He moved to the United States in 1981. Adam pursued Masters of Business Administration at the University of Southern California.

Adam is the National Chairman of Israeli American Council. He has played a significant role in the real estate market while working as the managing partner to Hager Pacific Properties. He was the sales agent for commercial real estate properties, and after some years, he became a managing partner for the same company. The firm has a net worth of more than $2 billion.

Mr. Milstein is also recognized for his philanthropic actions towards the Jewish community. He was first introduced to philanthropy at the time when he worked at Hager Pacific Properties. Adam is remembered for his contribution to the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The organization mentors students in different parts of the world keeping them in touch with their Jewish roots. Thanks to the organization, and the contribution of Adam, many students have an opportunity to learn about their heritage and gain an invaluable experience learning about their culture.

Adam was recently named among the top two hundred Philanthropist & Social Entrepreneurs. Mr. Milstein has given back to his society by founding the Israeli-American Council that is dedicated to fostering good relations between Israel and the U.S. HE is not shy of standing up for the Jewish community and he frequently writes about his culture and encourages his people to learn Hebrew to connect with their roots.

He is dedicated to increasing the opportunities for the Jews to learn Hebrew and generously shares resources towards the same. Adam is different from other philanthropists since he goes the extra mile of looking for new ways to bring positive change to the people.