Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Assortment of Cosmetic Specialties

Dr. Jennifer Walden went to school at the University of Texas where she obtained a degree in Biology. She obtained her MD from the medical branch of the same university. After she completed her residency at that facility, she started her practice in New York City. Dr. Walden had great success in New York City but still desired to return to her home destination years later. She now has a practice in Austin, Texas and could not be happier providing services to her clients there. Her goal is to create every vision that clients have when they step into her practice.

Dr. Walden specializes in a vast assortment of cosmetic procedures. One of the most popular procedures is the breast augmentation for women who are not happy with their breast size or simply want to enhance their appeal. Rhinoplasty is the other major surgical procedure she does. She enjoys reconstructing noses for people who desire a new look. She also performs facelifts and liposuction in areas such as the abdomen. Many of her clients are dissatisfied with their abdomens, so they come in to have them tightened up a bit for a better in-bikini look. Dr. Walden is highly experienced in that area. She also performs some of the less invasive procedures that people have done to perfect their appearance. Some examples are Botox injections and fillers. Botox injections and fillers give certain parts of the face the extra little bit of fluff they need to present a youthful appearance.

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