Securus Technologies and GovNetPay Joining Forces

Securus Technologies, Inc has been recognized as a leader in its line of work of providing tech solutions to the industry of civil and criminal justice in the United States of America. The business is also a part of the industry of inmate communication and it among the top competitors for the leading place in that line of work.


Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies, Inc has an operational reach across the United States of America as well as in some part of Canada. The corporation was started up a handful of years ago, and it has already made a number of notable acquisitions. The most recent acquisition as completed at the start of 2018 when Securus Technologies, Inc acquired GovNetPay so that the two can work together a provide their clients with the best of services.


GovNetPay is a popular processor that gets through payments made through a debit or credit card. Such payments include court fees, taxes for speeding or parking violations, cash bail, and much more. The corporation covers a lot of ground and is being utilized in 35 states by more than 2 300 agencies in the United States of America. GovNetPay was established by a former sheriff about twenty years ago. The company was created with the goal to assist law enforcement institutions in handling cash bail but has expanded greatly since then.


The current leader of GovNtPay is Mr. Mark MacKenie, serving as its Chief Executive Officer. He will be leading several projects together with the Chief Executive Offer of the Securus Technologies, Inc over the next couple of years. With the help of GovNetPay, the CEO Securus Technologies, Inc said that the corporation would easily be able to handle at least 40 million transactions a year. This feat is going to make Securus Technologies, Inc even more attractive to new clients.