Clay Huutson Is A Welcome Addition to the Halsey Tour

Things are looking up for the Halsey tour as it has hired Clay Hutson, a man known for putting on a good live show, as a tour mnager.


Halsey is a pop singer who was born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane and who decided like Madonna or Cher that one name was better than two or three. His one name stage name certainly shows that she shows some of the conventions of a pop music star.


Her road to pop music stardom was not so conventional. Her road started when she released some of her music on social media platforms. Her first-star moment was when he got signed by Astralwerks in 2014. Three years later, she had a top ten hit with a song titled Bad at Love.


When she was a supporting act, she got to tour with Imagine Dragons and the Kooks. Her current tour as the main act is called Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World and other acts will have to support her.


This tour is in its final stages and these final stages will be in parts of Latin America and Asia. The supporting acts will be female pop performers.

These are the female performers that will be her supporting players:

-Kehlani, a former member of a teen group called PopLyfe

-Lauren Jaurequi, a member of Fifth Harmony

-Jesse Reyes

-Niki, an Indonesian singer

This tour could be seen as a great display of music. Others could be seen as female musicians supporting other female singers. However a person sees this tour, it is going to be an ambitious tour will need the best people to support and there is no doubt that Clay Hutson is one of the best-supporting people in the music industry.

Hutson does have a good reputation in music. This good reputation comes after tours that he has done with Guns N Roses, Pink, Prince, and Kelly Clarkson. He has probably been successful due to the success that he had in running his own business.

His company’s success did not come easily. When he founded his company, there was a big recession going on in the US and it slowed down the plans that he had for his company. It was hard for him at first, but after working hard and successful tours, his company became profitable.

He will be a successful supporting player for the Halsey tour as his past successes have shown. Learn more: