Clay Siegall: A Name Of Trust In Medical Advancement

In 1998, Seattle Genetics founded by Clay Siegall and afterward, he became the Chief Executive Officer, President and also a member of company’s Board of Directors. Seattle Genetics is working hard to develop a different portfolio of preclinical and clinical product candidates that is targeting diversity of autoimmune indications and other fatal diseases.

The company is a leader in the different type of antibody technologies, especially its antibody drug known as conjugate (ADC) platform. Dr. Clay has guided done many capital-raising activities for his company and secured above US$330 million with the help of private/public financings, including the initial public offering of Seattle Genetics in 2001. The company has entered into much strategic collaboration as well such as an agreement for exclusive global collaboration with a famous name, Genentech for its SGN-40 that has a current worth of more than $860 million.

Clay is also a writer and writes many articles on a daily basis to improve general knowledge of its client base. He chooses very specifically detailed to provide to the point information with client and give them detailed information in the shortest time possible. Recently he wrote about a correlation between human brain and dreams. He said that most of us have about the combination of dreams each night. Let’s say five in each night though we aren’t likely to remember any one of them. His team found a pattern in it which can help us to find if a person is a dream and if yes and the content of that dream. They also discovered that there is a period of sleep that is called deep space and dream doesn’t occur in that time. The technique that is used to record brain pattern is famous as high-density electroencephalography.

In another article by Clay Siegall, he talked about Great Barrier Reef that second time hit by bleaching in the same year. While bleaching events have happened few other times in past two decades, between 1998 and 2016, 2017 marks the very first time to have happened a couple of years in the same row. It normally takes a decade for complete recovery of the fastest growing corals, thus mass bleaching events a year apart provides zero prospect in term of recovery for reefs which damaged in 2016.