Luiz Carlos Trabuco’ Killer Career And His Role In Finding 6 Years’ Worth Of Growth In One Transaction

Banco Bradesco was founded in 1943 by Amador Aguiar. Mr. Aguiar, Lázaro Brandão, Márcio Cypriano, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco are the only four people to have served as Bradesco’s President, also interchangeable with Chief Executive Officer because this financial institution grants CEO-like functions to its active President. Aguiar had the longest stint, taking care of his self-made organization until his health declined in 1981, when Lázaro Brandão took over. Mr. Brandão stayed until 1999, handing the proverbial torch over to Cypriano. Luiz Carlos Trabuco levied the spot away from Cypriano in 2009 after proving his business acumen, interpersonal skills, and – most importantly – his loyalty to Bradesco.

While the history of Bradesco is long and well-established, not all Presidents have operated as truly outstanding specimen. Banco Bradesco was always the largest bank in Brazil, except when a merger between Banco Itaú and Unibanco eradicated Bradesco’s spot from the number one spot on lists of the biggest financial institutions in the South American country of Brazil. Taking place in 2008, this happening strongly encouraged the Board of Directors at Bradesco to kick Cypriano to the curb, unable to bring Bradesco back into contention for that number-one spot in the years following the popular merger. Thank goodness for Banco Bradesco, as longtime employee Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who had been working for the past 40 years without a single absences of leave, serving in various managerial and executorial roles throughout his time.

Arguably the largest, most expensive, important happening in Bradesco’s recent history – dating back all the way to Brandão’s first day as President = was Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s oversight of the push for purchasing fellow Brazilian rival banking chain HSBC Holdings’ South American division. Its headquarters located in London, England, executives at HSBC Holdings’ main corporate office weren’t familiar with the intricacies and nuances of Brazilian banking, nor were they involved with its Brazilian locations enough to succeed. These two factors, combined with a staunchly competitive Brazilian marketplace for financial institutions led to a largely underperforming system of HSBC Brazil banks.

The largest bank in Brazil, Itaú Unibanco, never would have achieved dominance over the past nine years without its 2008 merger. Similarly, Luiz Carlos Trabuco realized that Bradesco’s potential purchase of HSBC Holdings’ Brazilian banking system was important for boosting its operational capabilities, with Mr. Trabuco later quoted as identifying the transaction adding six years’ worth of organic growth to the financial institution practically overnight. Luiz Carlos Trabuco had first thought of the potentials of this deal in November of 2014. With the approval of the pending purchase of HSBC Brazil coming from Chairman of the Board and former President Lázaro Brandão, just one day after Luiz Carlos Trabuco pushed paperwork forward to him, the deal was set for 5.2 billion US Dollars’ worth of cash compensation.

HSBC Holdings later finalized the deal in the initial months of calendar year 2016, firmly securing Bradesco’s second-place ranking, less than a skip away from the first-place leader, all thanks to Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s business acumen put into practice at its finest.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco first worked for Bradesco in 1969 at the ripe, young age of 18, despite already having two degrees in soft sciences – specifically Sociopsychology – from two schools in metropolitan Såo Paulo. Following his two-year tenure as a clerk, he was transferred to Bradesco’s headquarters in São Paulo’s Osasco neighborhood, showing enough dedication to move five hours’ distance away from his hometown and first place of employment in Marília. After becoming Director of Marketing in 1984, holding roles at two of Bradesco’s subsidiaries in the form of Executive Director, Executive Vice President, and two-time President, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was crowned as President of Bradesco‘ whole organization in 2009.

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