Jeunesse Global creates global Generation Young

When Florida retirees Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis told their friends that they were planning on starting another company, many of their friends couldn’t understand why. After all, Ray and Lewis had long ago acquired enough wealth that they would never need to work again for another day in their lives if they chose not to.

But as the couple got things off the ground with their new company, which would become known as Jeunesse Global, their snowbird friends began to see a side of the couple that they didn’t previously know was there. Not only were Ray and Lewis natural workaholics, but they were also among the most talented business people that many in the Gulf-coast neighborhood had ever seen.

With Ray handling the sales and Lewis handling the product development and back-office tasks, Jeunesse Global quickly began growing at breakneck speed. Ray was able to quickly draft an impressive business plan. This allowed new Jeunesse Global associates six ways to earn money. They could earn direct commissions on every sale that they personally made. But they could also earn commissions for recruiting new distributors as well as through managing large organizations of distributors under their tutelage, an entity that Jeunesse refers to as downline.

At the same time, Lewis began working feverishly on developing the company’s product portfolio. She quickly contacted some of her old industry friends, who included some of the best biologists and organic chemists in the health and beauty industry. Before long, the company was producing a lineup of some of the most revolutionary products that the health and beauty industry had seen in decades.

Together, the company’s new lineup of products constituted what would become known as the Youth Enhancement System, a total-health system that enables users to buy all of their health and beauty-critical products in one comprehensive package. This not only saves customers money by offering everything they need in a bundle, it also eliminated the need to constantly shop around in different places for all of their health and beauty needs. Today, the Youth Enhancement System is one of the tools that Jeunesse is using to create Generation Young.

Wen By Chaz Company- Making A Difference In The Beauty Industry

Nothing beats a woman’s beauty like her hair. It is no wonder ladies spend thousands of dollars every month just to ensure their hair look good. In recent times, there have been many publications about many hair products and companies across the U.S including the Wen By Chaz Beauty Company. However, ladies must be careful where they buy these products from as not all of them are good.

You want something that will not hurt your hair and ensure it remains, healthy, and shiny. Avoid products that use harsh chemicals and opt for those that make their products using sophisticated formulas to achieve efficient hair treatment alternatives.

About Wen By Chaz

WEN is a hair and beauty company based in the U.S. The firm provides beauty care products and is headed by Chaz Dean ( The Director has put most of his efforts in developing this business whose net worth is now about 11 million dollars. With the competition in the market, the company has overcome many challenges and is committed to offering quality hair products and solutions both on the local and international front.

What Makes the Shampoos Unique?

The shampoo can turn any hair into a shiny, healthy, and attractive hair. The product comes with a step by step illustration on how to use the shampoo to ensure perfect results. Clients who have been using these Amazon available products share a common experience where the results delivered as promised. What is important is to adhere to the guidelines since it is ideal for any hair type.

The company has been around for six years now and has since amassed a lot of experience and expertise in the world of beauty. They use solid ingredients in their products to nourish hair. The firm’s primary role is to offer smooth management of hair for all clients. The personnel here are qualified and certified; they understand the importance of producing high-quality products.

Visit Wen’s social media pages on both Facebook and Twitter to learn more.

Doe Deere: Fashion Pioneer

Doe Deere Ideamensch
When most people think of the fashion industry, images of catwalks and flashing cameras immediately come to mind. People think of large fashion corporations such as Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle, and Abercrombie. Doe Deere represents a remarkable break from the conventional fashion industry. People who work in the modeling business world undoubtedly know Doe Deere but for those unfamiliar, she is best known for her bright colors and unique style. She started a fashion company called Lime Crime that has taken off since its inception. In fact, her success has recently caught the attention of Self-Made Magazine. The respected publisher named her and her company one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs.

Doe can be found all over social media sporting bright hues on her clothing and face alike. She is unique in the fashion sector because she is a business executive and a model. This can drain many young entrepreneurs, but not Doe. She knows that she is best suited to carrying out the vision she has for her products. This drives her to take the time to stand in front of the camera marketing every article of clothing and tube of makeup that hits the shelves. Those who wear Doe’s products have named themselves the unicorns after the bright colors that unicorns and her fashion line both contain.

Furthermore, Doe is an ardent supporter of animal rights. When she found out that many makeup and hygiene products are tested on animals, she became incensed. She promised to herself that her products would never be tested on animals. Therefore, all of her makeup products come with a tag that specifies that they are “cruelty-free.” She has found other ways to make sure her products are safe for human use and even models the products herself as an extra check.

She also discussed how she first became interested in the fashion industry. As a child, she was constantly rummaging through her mother’s makeup kit. Consequently, she consistently went to school covered in bright colors from head to toe. She loved the attention she received from classmates and teachers alike. This was when she realized she enjoyed having other people admire and question her about her style. This childhood interest has since blossomed into a successful company. She named the company after her favorite color, lime green. Today, Doe Deere works hard to promote Lime Crime while also inspiring young entrepreneurs everywhere to follow their dreams.

Creating a Lasting Blowout Using Wen by Chaz

The elusive blow out hair style is often a difficult one to achieve. Many women spend obscene amounts of money each month to attain this style. This is an enormous waste of money, however, due to the fact that the style can be attained at home with little effort. The secret to creating a lasting blowout style is the use of quality products. By combining a blow dryer diffuse styling tool with the Wen by Chaz conditioning creme and blow drying creme, women can achieve a look that usually takes hours and hours at a salon in a very small window of time.
The reason that the Wen by Chaz Dean hair care line [see:] is so effective at creating a professional looking blow out is because the product line was created to give women a professional experience at home. The Wen by Chaz hair care line is made of ingredient that are organic and naturally sourced, which provides consumers with a product that is extremely nurturing and beneficial to the hair. By avoiding harsh detergents, dyes, and chemicals, the Wen by Chaz hair care system has developed a line of products that treat both the health and aesthetic quality of the hair.

When styling the hair in a blow out, it is important that consumers first wash and condition the hair using the Wen by Chaz shampoo and conditioning set. After properly conditioning the hair, it is important to apply the Wen by Chaz heat protectorate serum and blow drying creme to the hair. Protecting the hair follicles from the damaging affects of heat is important to any heated style, but it is extremely important to do before applying the high heat of a blow dryer directly to the hair. The Wen by Chaz hair care system is extremely beneficial for protecting hair from the elements and healing the hair from the root to the tip. The healing benefits of this Amazon sold product can be found in the recent review about the product which can be found on Bustle. For more info, visit the Wen YouTube channel.


The Art Of Breaking The Fashion Rules

Fashion magazines love to publish the do’s and don’ts of the fashion industry. They enjoy giving individuals the rules and regulations of what to wear and what not to wear and for some reason, many stick by those rules. However, there is one person in the beauty and fashion industries that is saying that its okay to break not just one rule but all of the rules. That person is Doe Deere. Doe Deere is a beauty and fashion professional. She started her own makeup line Lime Crime Cosmetics in the early 2000s, which featured extremely unique items. Doe Deere likes to break the rules. Some may say that those fashion rules can be considered as suggestions and can be used to help individuals out when they are in a fashion bind, Doe Deere thinks that breaking the rules entirely can’t hurt anyone. Those coveted fashion and beauty rules are not binding at all. Just because a person breaks the fashion rules, doesn’t mean that they are a fashion recluse. The unicorn queen, Doe Deere thinks that exact same thing. She believes that one must never be turned away just because they break the fashion bible’s rules. It would also be ridiculous for someone to be turned away.

Doe Deere is as unique as her makeup line, Lime Crime Cosmetics. She can always be found with colorful hair and a love for bright shades in her own daily makeup. Doe Deere has a few fashion rules that she personally loves to break. Lime Crime Cosmetics is known as ‘makeup for unicorns’ and whimsical, colorful, bright products can be found. Her products are also cruelty-fee and filled with glitter. Doe Deere and her makeup line proves that breaking the rules and staying on track can go hand in hand. She has a few pieces of advice for women who are tired of being like everyone else and staying within the lanes of traditional makeup. In this article from Bustle, Doe Deer shared some of her favorite rules to break. She recommends everyone to break a few rules once in a while. They will feel better doing it. Doe Deere thinks that women should break the rule of not wearing bold lips with bold eyeshadow. Doe Deere’s favorite thing is wearing bold eyeshadow and bold lips together. She thinks that anyone can pair a smoky eye with a red or darker lipstick. Where is the fun in following that rule?

Another rule she likes to break is mixing multiple colors. Lime Crime Cosmetics is all about color and Doe Deere is no stranger to mixing multiple colors together. Doe Deere believes colors are beautiful and mixing them is a beautiful thing. Doe Deere tells women to trust their instincts when mixing colors.

Doe Deere came to the United States at an early age. She enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology when she majored in Fashion Design. She left the Fashion Institute of Technology to pursue other endeavors. Doe Deere was looking for makeup that spoke to her personality. She wanted something different and she could not find it. When she was fed up by not finding the makeup she wanted she created it herself.

Doe Deere started Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2007. She first started it on ebay and when it became popular, she move the company to its own e-commerce website. In addition to selling makeup, Doe Deere also produce makeup tutorials, helping women with different makeup techniques.