Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

At Freedom Debt Relief, we strive to resolve your debt as quickly as possible and for as little as possible. First, we evaluate your debt and walk you through the various debt strategies so as to identify the right solution for you. Next, we help you come up with a program which best suits you and provides good savings while clearing your debt in the shortest time possible. You are able to track your dedicated account every step of the way. Here are a few Freedom Debt Relief reviews.

One of our clients, Julie M. faced financial strain when her husband lost his job. They didn’t have enough reserve to take care of them while he was looking for employment, and so they had to use her credit card, which was for her business, to take care of some personal expenses. This affected her business and was a frustrating moment for her and her husband.

When she first contacted Freedom Debt Relief, she felt some sort of relief and felt that someone cared. She got the chance to start over financially and save her marriage. She was very pleased with her experience.

Matt W. was also in the same predicament. He was broke and stressed. He ended up spending so much on credit cards and lying about it and, at some point, it was overwhelming for him. He finally realized that it would be quite difficult for him to get out of debt on his own and started looking into debt relief.

When he first started off, he had multiple phone calls from Freedom Debt Relief staff, who made sure that he understood what it was all about. Once he joined the program, his credit cards were being paid off at a much faster rate than he expected. His biggest regret was that he didn’t join the program sooner.

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