Introducing Omar Boraie: A Selfless Real Estate Developer Making a Difference in New Brunswick

There’s tons of money to be realized selling properties like apartments, condos and entire building complexes. Over the years, developers have transformed into the fast-life living individuals who are always in a hurry in their expensive cars to get to their upscale condo and apartments. But not all of them have lost touch with their humanity. Accomplished realtors like Omar Boraie have in fact used their new-found wealth to empower the less fortunate members of their societies.

Living the American Dream

Mr. Boraie is the perfect epitome of how immigrants can get to live the American Dream if they only believe and work for a cause larger than themselves. Omar’s parents are of Egyptian heritage and he’s always been madly fascinated with the magic of the construction industry. Nothing excited the realtor-cum-philanthropist more than taking an empty, valueless space and then turning it into a spectacular piece of property now worth many hundreds of times over its original valuation.

Changing the New Brunswick’s Horizon

As per NJBiz, Omar’s positive contribution to the welfare of the folks living over at New Brunswick has culminated into the Egyptian being named as a local hero. Starting out, many of his colleagues tried to dissuade him from putting his money into the derelict parts of the town, but he nudged on choosing to listen to his inner investing instinct. And, my oh my, did his high-risk high-reward pay off brilliantly. The move culminated in a fantastic win-win scenario for both the low-income members of areas Albany Street, Aspire and the Rector Street and his real estate company. After he was done with the projects, New Brunswick would never be the same again; it now had new developments which in turn attracted investors from all corners of the world. Eventually, the economy of the areas around Brunswick improved tremendously. For more details visit Rutgers.

Philanthropic Deeds of Mr. Boraie

There’s a particular charitable organization operating from the New Jersey area called Elijah’s Promise. Ideally, this group helps organize free meals and soups for the thousands of homeless folks who call the streets their home. Mr. Boraie does not just sign a fat check over to this folks. No, he prefers to work hand in hand on the ground with the other volunteers to help distribute food, blankets and other vital commodities the homeless folks of Brunswick and its environs might need to keep warm and comfortable. More details:

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