Rocketship Education: Rallying Around Communities

In the spring of 2017 flood water rose in San Jose California when a river teeming with water spilled out onto its banks and beyond. The rising waters caused rescuers to order residents from their homes. Following orders and fearing for their lives many families abandoned their homes and with nowhere else to go, were forced to seek haven in shelters. Many of these families struggled long before the water washed away their homes and all that they owned. However, after the crisis abated these families found that their previous troubles were nothing compared to what they faced. Making rent was a ritualistic source of anxiety in the days past but now they were unable to even produce a security deposit.

Situations of this nature cause many families who were at risk for homelessness to fall into it head first. Without Clothing or stable housing parents find themselves unable to work only exacerbating the already critical situation. Despite the best efforts of the parent’s children feel the strain of this economic pressure. Unsuitable living conditions or instability take away from their ability to learn. While it may not seem like such a travesty in the story term, in the long term it can be devastating to a child’s ability to achieve their goals.

Being such a strong advocate for closing the achievement gap and aiding in the success of these unfortunate communities, Rocketship Education felt compelled to step in. The staff took it upon themselves in the earliest days, delivering hot meals and trying to supply families with anything they had available. Very little time passed before the school took a more formal and concerted action. Realizing the value of partnership in this endeavor they contacted local nonprofit organizations. After rallying together the school and Catholic charities in the area were able to raise $62,000 to fund the relief. These funds were received with gratitude as families realized they would be able to pay deposits of deductibles on insurance policies. Many parents had no idea their child’s school would be their savior. Rocketship Education, however, was happy to be able to support the community they believe in passionately.