Success Story of Whitney Wolfe as Bumble CEO

Whitney Wolve is a name that attracts great clouds of applause when mentioned to tech lovers. She happens to have been a great tech giant when it comes to the creation of the best dating apps in the world. The lady has not been left behind when it comes to being innovative. Whitney is the active founder of the famous Bumble, a very famous and the leading dating app in the world. The application has more than 20 million users, and the list keeps on growing. Their online courting approach and process has been great and awesome. The company has of late expanded, and they now have launched Bumble BFF in 2016 march and also the latest Bumble Bizz.

She is a great entrepreneur who has been recognized by Elle s the leading world entrepreneur in the tech industry. She has also appeared in the Business Insider as Top 30 under 30 in the year 2014 and also have been listed by the famous Forbes as Top 30 Under 30 in 2017. Her star keeps on shining, and currently, she is worth a lot of wealth and influence and still going strong.

Whitney Wolve has partnered with the great Andreev Andrey towards the launch and the developments of the great Bumble BFF. Andrey happens to have been the founder of the famous Badoo and these greeting app gurus have united towards making dating better and simpler. The company according to a report released by Time is currently worth a 500 million dollars, and they have persistently achieved so much regarding development.

Whitney was born and raised up by a humble family where her father was a famous developer in Salt Lake City, Utah and later attended Southern Methodist University. She did international studies at the University, and her star keeps on shinning. She started developing the love for computers while she was still very young and have been working successfully towards making her dreams a reality.She has done the business of selling bamboo tote bags while still at the university and has also partnered with great people like Patrick Aufdenkamp in the launching of the famous nonprofit organization called Help Us Project. She loves sharing with the community, and that’s some she does with passion and dedication. She has also worked with orphanages at South East Asia after graduation which has been part and parcel of her great world experience.

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Fabletics Setting a High Standard for the E-Commerce Fashion Industry

Grabbing a healthy section of the online fashion market is quite a challenge in these modern times. The task is only made more daunting by the shadow of marketing giants like Amazon, who alone corners 20% of the industry and profits.


Nevertheless, this is no discouragement to the brave leadership of the Fabletics line of fashion. Kate Hudson and her team of brilliant marketers have taken the Fabletics Line of Sports Fashion from humble beginnings to becoming an industry leader with a worth of $250 Million and climbing.


Fabletics and a Special Brand of Success


Fabletics is completely renewing the conventional approach to online business. Rather than simply creating many happy clients, the traditional approach, Fabletics looks to create a community of friends and like-minded individuals. In addition to making friends out of business associates, Fabletics offers some of the finest qualities and fascinating design options at a great price.


What we are looking at is a monumental movement from the idea that top-quality goods and superior customer service is only available through high-prices. The marketing trend as we know it today, is moving away from such notions in favor of personal interactions and recognizable names.


The general manager and innovator behind the Fabletics company and their unparalleled marketing experience is a Mr. Gregg Throgmartin. According to Mr. Throgmartin, “The reason we have seen such success is through the unique way we operate and interact with clients. We have built a one-of-a-kind community and keep their attention through making them our personal friends and their goals our goals. This is why we offer the best materials and superior designs at great prices. But it is the personalized shopping experience that really seals the deal with a modern consumer.”


Fabletics and their “Reverse Showrooming” Methods


One of their greatest successes has come from the Fabletics “Reverse Showrooming” Techniques. This has been a problematic point for many operations, but Fabletics has made this one of their strongest selling points.


Customers are invited to the physical locations after being introduced to the products they will want from an online showroom. This way they know exactly what they will find from the helpful staff and selection of goods.


“As members of the Fabletics community they can also count on the best prices we offer”. The crowning achievement off the Fabletics Company is their interest in the individual client. Therefore, they have crafted the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz.


If you are interested in all that Fabletics can offer, consider taking a moment to fill out the questionnaire and begin a quality friendship with this reputable supplier.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Unlike Any Other Athletic Apparel Company

From its launch in 2013, it’s been clear that Fabletics, the athletic apparel company created by movie star Kate Hudson, is unlike any other workout gear brand out there. Hudson’s knack for developing innovative business strategies has set the brand apart from its competitors and has allowed it to become the $250 million company that it is today.





Fabletics sells cute and fashionable workout clothes made with high-quality materials. The brand is affordable and offers a wide variety of apparel items like leggings, sports bras and jersey knit dresses.


What makes the Fabletics business model unique is its subscription service option. Known as the VIP membership program, this option allows customers to pay $49.95 each month in exchange for a monthly workout outfit that is shipped to their home.


Fabletics selects a variety of outfits for each subscriber to choose from using data collected from a lifestyle quiz. When a customer signs up to join the program, they take this quiz, giving Fabletics insight into each subscriber’s product preferences.



The Reverse Showroom


The brand’s latest innovation is the reverse showroom strategy. While most retailers first set up a physical store and then expand into online retail, Hudson has established the brand’s online presence before launching brick-and-mortar stores around the country. These Fabletics stores are mainly vehicles for getting more customers to join the VIP membership program. By letting customers try on Fabletics clothes in person, they trust the brand’s dedication to quality and are therefore more likely to sign up.


As of now, about 25 percent of customers who have made a purchase in a Fabletics physical store have become VIP members. Thanks to the success of the strategy, Hudson will be launching more stores in the next few years.



The Rules of Fabletics


Hudson has been very outspoken about her brand’s priorities since its launch. Her goal was to create a brand that was as inclusive as possible. For example, Fabletics carries a wider variety of sizes than its competitors. Hudson also strives to keep her products affordable so that a more diverse group of women can have access to the company.


Hudson’s fearless approach to taking business risks is undoubtedly the biggest key to the company’s success. Because of her bold approach to running a fashion business, Hudson has inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs.


To join the Fabletics VIP membership program, visit the brand’s website and take the lifestyle quiz today.


JustFab’s Social Shopping Feature

JustFab prides itself on offering customers what other companies don’t. This goes far beyond the products on There are also plenty of features that the company offers on its website in order to make things easier for the customers. While some customers do love to shop around, this doesn’t mean that the retailer has to make it very complicated for the customer. One of the best ways to make recurring sales is to make it a simple process at At the same time, it is a good idea to present customers with tons of features that will make them curious to learn more about the shop.

One of the features of JustFab is the social shop feature. This feature lists some of the most popular and best selling items on from the company. Therefore, the customer will know what is popular among the crowd. This will also give her ideas on the items she could wear to different events on Bloomberg. With social shop also comes some great promotions on items such as 2 for the price of 1 deal. There are a lot of discounts that customers would do well to take part in so that they will save a lot of money while bringing new items to their closet.

Among the items that customers get to look at are the different shoes and accessories that are available. They get to choose from the different types of jewelry such as necklaces bracelets, earrings and many more. Other accessories include purses and other types of bags to complete the outfit.

As with other companies, Adam Goldenberg offers JustFab customers gift cards they can use in order to save while shopping. All of these options from Adam Goldenberg are very helpful and encouraging for customers.

One thing that makes Adam Goldenberg’s company stand out from among other fashion companies is that it makes it easier for one to have a closet full of current and elegant styles without having to break the bank. The style quiz also makes it easier for customers to find the specific items they want without having to search through the items. JustFab is a combination of a retailer and a catering service when it comes to fashion.

Kate Hudson and Fabletics Support Breast Cancer Initiative

There are many things that set athleisure wear brand Fabletics apart from its competitors in a crowded marketplace. One of those things is its fashion-forward design. Just a glance at Fabletics’ website or its Instagram account will yield an eyeful of tailored, stylish designs that range from a versatile motor jacket to sports bras with intricate designs that provide women with the support they need to make their workouts a success. But designing fashionable workout clothing isn’t the only thing that Fabletics is good at. The brand is also making efforts to make the world a better place by becoming part of the fight against breast cancer. This year one of the forces behind Fabletics, actress Kate Hudson partnered with the Council of Fashion Designers of America to throw her support behind a cause that promotes an important women’s health issue. Kate will be the 2016 ambassador of the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Kate Hudson joins a slew of fashion heavyweights who have served as a Fashion Targets Breast Cancer ambassador. Models like Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell have held the role in the past. Through the partnership with CFDA Kate participated in a store-opening in October where she debuted a Fabletics outfit designed to promote awareness about breast cancer. The three-piece outfit, appropriately called the “Hope” outfit will see some of its proceeds go towards the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer organization. Fabletics’ customers will be able to indulge their desire for fashionable workout clothing and help marginalized women get access to important services like treatment, support and screening to help them manage the aftermath of being diagnosed with cancer.

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The Hope outfit includes a tank top, a sports bra and a pair of capri leggings. The Hope outfit comes in a variety of colors that include a shade of pink that is a bit different from the breast cancer awareness apparel on that most consumers are accustomed to seeing. Rather than opt for the standard shade of bright pink that is used to brand most breast cancer clothing, Kate Hudson and her design team opted for a shade of pink that is rather distinctive. The tank top is available in a shade of dark pink called Tulip while the capri leggings and sports bra comes in a complementary shade of pink called Passion Pink. The bra and pants are also available in a Jacquard print.

Co-founded by Golden Globe-winning actress Kate Hudson and her business partners Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, Fabletics is an athleisure brand that was created to fill a vacuum left by other brands in the workout clothing arena. Kate and her business partners wanted to create workout clothes that were high quality and that also accessible to female consumers no matter what their budget was. The brand was born online and has plans to build a presence in the world of brick-and-mortar retail over the next few years.

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Fabletics Uses Example To Spread The Word Out

In order for a business to become successful, people have to be aware of it. It goes well beyond offering good products according to Wikipedia. People also have to know how to use the products as well. This is why Fabletics has done well to have Kate Hudson as one of the spokeswomen for the retailer. For one thing, she is one of the celebrities that people look to for style. She is one of the most well-dressed celebrities in the industry. One of the reasons is that she is able to tell the difference between style and trends. She does not try to keep up with Fabletics trends, and she is not likely to be seen with outfits that look to busy or complicated. She is into the simple style which is also elegant.

Kate Hudson has taken an interest in Fabletics because there is a gap in fashion when it comes to active wear. For one thing, this gap does not make sense for women seeing that many other categories of clothing have many varieties of pieces and outfits. Therefore, women have a lot of room when it comes to fashion. However, with active wear, there is very little when it comes to diversity. This is why Kate Hudson has worked in support of Fabletics in order to bring about something that is unique to the customers.

Kate Hudson has not only come to love the different pieces of athletic clothing that is offered by Fabletics, she has also come to be one of the most assertive people when it comes to the marketing campaign. She has also used her creativity to bring about greater attention to the retailer. For instance, she has done a commercial in the style of social media. To be specific, her commercial was done in the style of Instagram. This was especially something for Instagram users to see. This would give them encouragement to buy the products that Fabletics has to offer and see the difference between them and other fashion retailers that offer athletic clothing. People have more room to express their own sense of style with athletic clothing with Fabletics.

Kate Hudson and Fabletics

In an interview with Marie Claire Magazine, Kate Hudson, co-founder of Fabletics, introduced her newest line of women’s clothing – athleisure dresses – to make going out for a night on the town as comfortable as wearing a pair of your softest leggings. As Hudson says, “we’re taking the active girl, taking her out on the town, and keeping her casual!”

Read full interview at Kate Hudson to the Lazy-Girl Rescue: Steal Her Secrets for Wearing Athleisure at Night.

Some dresses in the newest Fabletics line, such as the Tropez dress, have bras built right into them for convenience and comfort. However, even for the ones that do not, the dresses are still “easy to go on and don’t require that much effort.” These dresses are made out of the same comfortable material as leggings – made to “tuck everything in so it feels nice and snug,” explained Hudson.

Along with a new line of comfortable dresses, Fabletics is also introducing a new line of swimsuits for women. The goal for designing them, Hudson explains, is so “people can be as active as they can…without compromising a little bit of sexiness and femininity.”

The overall model for her business, Hudson says, enables Fabletics to offer “quality performance” at a cost that is much more affordable than many other high fashion companies. With this model, Fabletics can “reach a broader spectrum of people,” Hudson adds.

Founded in 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics is an online retailer of women’s sportswear and accessories and operates as a subscription service. The company helps the consumer make suggestions for personalized outfits based on the shoppers’ personal clothing preferences and lifestyle. A subscription costs $49.95 a month, but members can choose to skip a month if they wish without additional charges.


Initially just an activewear line for men and women, the company expanded its offerings to include dresses and swimsuits as of March 2016.

JustFab Introduces Collection for Curvy Girls

Curvy, beautiful women now have a new online retailer to help stock their wardrobe, thanks to JustFab’s new plus size collection. According to the post entitled “Did You Know that Just Fab Introduced a Plus Size Collection?” on The Curvy Fashionista, JustFab is answering the plus size community’s call for a collection catered to their specific fashion needs. JustFab features jewelry, clothing, shoes and other accessories in their online store and the addition of a 35-piece plus size collection has lovely women across the country cheering.

Just the beginning
According to JustFab’s announcement regarding the collection, this is just the beginning as they’re planning to add additional pieces and style to the collection throughout 2016. The collection on includes everything a curvy girl needs from shoes, bags, dresses, skirts, casual clothing, jewelry and accessories. Women can mix and match the items for their own unique look and the collection is ideal for work, play and vacations. One of the collections designers is Traci Watamura and she said she’s “excited to see our customer’s reaction to the product.”
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The Curvy Fashionista’s perspective
Curvy Fashionista owner, Marie Denee believes that JustFab can get ahead of the competition with their plans to outfit their models from top to bottom with the plus size collection and other accessories available. Styling the model in the stunning clothes shows customers a complete look and encourages future purchases. Marie Denee hopes that JustFab eventually offers the same pieces found in their straight sizes that feature leg slits, sheer materials and cutouts.

Budget friendly
One of the best features of JustFab is their budget-friendly prices for VIP members. The new JustFab Plus collection offers items at great prices for VIP members and non VIP members, but only VIP members receive the personal stylist items at the start of every month. All that’s needed to become a member is completing a survey about fashion preferences so there’s no reason not to join! The Curvy Fashionista plans to continue updating her loyal, lovely followers about additional developments in JustFab curvy girl fashions.

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