Beneful Greatness: Healthful Pet Food, Fantastically Nourishing!

With pet food heavyweights presenting their best recipes, which are terrific, by the way! Nobody’s doubting these companies ability to feed pets. The singular interest is that pets get quality grub. Some pet food producers have performed above expectations preparing the superior quality premium kibbles. Among the innovators are Nestle Purina representing Beneful, Colgate-Palmolive, and other long-established brands. Interestingly, pet food startups Buffalo Blues, FreshPet among other fast-growing manufacturing companies have directed focus on preparing nutritious bites. Most interestingly, a recent press release by the media giant, Daily Herald has reminded pet owners why it’s essential to feed animals only the best foods. In fact, gourmet pet-food franchise, Freshpet chief executive Richard Thompson, showed the nation first-hand how they’re preparing fantastic food for animals. The Pennsylvania-based factory he commands is fast becoming a champion brand throughout the nation as pet owners flock to sample the winning recipes. With tasty, terrific chow for pets that are comparable to the integrity of human varieties, animals are not lacking nutrition. Mars Petcare, the industry’s leading brand recently went into farm-to-table production. With this, it’s introduced an irresistible pet food line, namely Nutro-Farm’s Harvest. Now, these selections center attention on a rich garden harvest for pets. With acquisitions, including the recent absorption of the billionaire-dollar manufacturing company, Big Heart, Mars Petcare reigns supreme. A recent acquisition of Merrick Pet Care by Purina holds great promise for the industry as well. Nestle Purina launched Beneful in 2001. Initially, it focused on pet nutrition and presentation. As it expanded and originate new pet food lines, Beneful formulated tastier, healthier blends of kibble. The recipes included wholesome, authentic ingredients. Beneful hasn’t placed singular focus on taste as many manufacturers do. It’s incorporated wholesome grains, mouth-watering meat, and enriched vitamins. In addition, Beneful meals are 100% balanced and complete. This pet-food heavyweight caps $1.5 billion yearly in revenue for dog treats and its dry/wet food varieties. In 2012, industry auditors ranked Beneful fourth after it’s been measured up to the top-performing brands worldwide. Marketline, a mainstream research boutique also interjected to put the spotlight on Nestle Purina’s Beneful as the company’s top-grossing segment on Amazon. It’s employed numerous marketing strategies, including a most notable intervention to humanize dog grub. Surely, it’s delivered a swell performance and pet parents couldn’t have been more supportive. Above all, Beneful continues to produce profusely nutritious pet foods to encourage prolonged animal life.