Doe Deere: Life in Color

Doe Deere, founder of wildly successful makeup line Lime Crime simultaneously rejects the notion of traditional business woman while embracing the eccentric colors and, of course, glitter that made her brand so popular. Dubbed “the Queen of Unicorns”, Deere certainly looks the part with her usual vibrant makeup and pop of pastel curls. However, Deere has proved that she’s much more than a face for her brand; she is an intelligent, strategic CEO who’s main source of inspiration is making people feel good about themselves.

According to Ideamensch, Deere wanted to create makeup that “feels right in the moment”. She made that happen by creating a line of beauty products that are cruelty-free (meaning not tested on animals), vibrant, and fun. A Russia native, Deere moved to New York City at age seventeen, so much of her inspiration was drawn from both her native country and her new home in America. She’s had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, though, starting her first business at age thirteen back in Russia. Once in America, she began with dreams of becoming a musician, but soon realized that her true passion was cosmetics.

The name “Lime Crime” isn’t just a simple, fun rhyme, either: Deere created the brand name based on her favorite color and the fact that her cosmetics were so bright and loud that it should be a crime. Clearly, Deere has a creative spirit that has positively impacted her brand. Back in 2008 when she first started Lime Crime, Deere noticed that there weren’t enough bright colored makeup products to her liking, so she took it upon herself to create them. Unsurprisingly, there were many people who also wanted bright color in their cosmetics, so Lime Crime boomed from a small ebay company to a global business.

Deere has stated that as the CEO of Lime Crime, she wears tons of hats ranging from modelling her products to brainstorming new and innovative ideas to managing her companies social media. She looks forward to working with younger generations to create eye catching looks and products that make people happy. Overall, she says to “embrace your weirdness” because people are happiest when they are themselves. Maybe more people should take her advice, because it’s certainly worked for her; with hot pink hair, a successful company, and a smile on her face, Deere has taken the beauty industry by storm. Learn more:

Some of the Best Female Anime Characters


There is a rather irksome tendency within anime for the primary females characters to be annoying stereotypes, the smoldering tsundere, the ear raking, dandere, ect. Generally they are more a mere expository vessel or comic relief set-piece rather than a well fleshed out character, so here are (in no particular order) some well thought out and engaging anime women that should definitely be on your watch-list.


Amanda Werner (from, Blassreiter):


This serious eyed, pink haired woman is a great foil to many of the psychotic and angst ridden characters in the series and is generally the voice of reason for the show. One thing which was interesting about her character is that the writers never dance with the anime cliche of “I must become stronger/find my true self” which gets pretty old pretty fast when every character says it. However, Werner knows just who she is and what she is capable (and not capable) of from the very beginning.


Eva Heinemann (from, Monster):


Arrogant, haughty, demanding and thoroughly bereaved and lovesick, Eva will likely be one of the characters you hate the most at the beginning of Monster, but will likely also be one of the most sympathetic and humanistically drawn by the end. The real allure of this character is how her troubles and flaws reflect the faults of everyday people – though most everyday people don’t burn down their own home in a fit of drunken rage.


Akane Tsunemori (From, Psycho-Pass):


Charming, intelligent, overly idealistic and far too kind for her own good, Akane is a detective straight out of college whose idealism clashes instantly with the harsh reality of the world in this sci fi anime. That is what is so compelling about her, despite thinking she is going to be one of those bubbly, cutesy, comic relief characters – or some kind of mary-sue – Akane ends up being neither and hardens her ideals for the sake of pragmatism – what after all is more pragmatic than saving life?

Deere Shows Us We Can Dare To Be Different

When thinking of fearless leaders, there’s one lady in particular that comes to mind. That individual is Doe Deere. She is the founder and CEO of an online cosmetic company but she’s also so much more than that. Deere was born in Russia, came here, and has made a name for herself. Deere is known for being flawless, fearless, and quite magical. If you ever see her out, the first thing you’ll most likely notice is her stunning appearance. That’s because Deere always looks so put together and it’s in a look of her own. Deere has pale gorgeous skin and gorgeous unique makeup. You can usually find her matching her lipstick to her hair and wearing fun eye shadow. After all, she runs a makeup company so it only makes sense that her makeup is the first thing that people notice.


Deere is the founder of Lime Crime. Lime Crime sells a large variety of makeup from lip products to eye shadows to liners and everything in between. There’s bright and fun colors, glitter, hair chalk, and a whole slew of other fun products. Deere created Lime Crime because she saw that there was a particular need for a certain kind of cosmetics. Whenever Deere would go to a drug store for makeup, she’d notice that something was seriously lacking. That something was a variety of color. Deere loves bright and colorful products, especially lipsticks. Those can’t be found in the stores. That’s why she created a whole line of velvetines. These are lip products that feature colors such as orange, blue, pink, purple, and more!


Deere realized that everyone’s different and therefore everyone has a different taste in makeup. Not everyone wants to wear the same colors and not everyone has the same styles. Deere always has believed that makeup is a way we express ourselves and therefore the pallet of colors we should use needs some variety! Deere has created a makeup line for men and women of any age. She also makes her products vegan-friendly and cruelty-free so that they can be used by anyone who wants them!


Overall, Deere is well-known and respected because she’s a great business woman. She has truly changed and revolutionized the world of cosmetics. She has shown that everyone can find something that they want to wear at Lime Crime. She has catered to the unique. Basically, Deere has shown all of us that we can dare to be different.

Why Corporate Structures Should Hire Competent CCOs like Helane Morrison

The number of compliance officers is on the rise although incidents of scandal and corporate fraud have not been stopped. This is according to a report by Sterling Management based in Los Angeles. Sterling CEO, Kevin Wilson, explains that the ethics and compliance officers have not been provided with the power, knowledge and authority to control the ills. According to him, most of the positions have critical training gaps and do not have adequate authority. Therefore, without the necessary skills, chances of failure are high. The other issue that Wilson points out is salary. I imagine that it will be difficult for someone earning 50 times lesser to assert his or her authority on me. The same applies for compliance officers.

The vice president of Navex Global, Randy Stephen, is of a different opinion. According to him, general counsels as well as chief financial officers have always had clout yet claims of financial mismanagement have continued to be reported. Stephens notes that the solution to the issue is for companies to begin viewing the position as worthy of independence and single focus. In addition, giving a full time professional occupant for the CCO position expresses a strong signal to an organization, its employees, suppliers as well as contractors and outside suppliers. In my view, it serves as an indication that the organization is committed to excellence.

According to Navex Global CCO, Carrie Penn, HR heads should ensure that the right individual is offered the job. She says that the title can bring clout but not respect. Therefore, there are certain qualities and skills that make a CCO more effective. This includes the ability to establish and maintain credibility, sound judgment, understanding business processes, ability to handle confidential information and ability to comprehend legal materials. In addition to having these competencies, CCOs must be proactive in identifying situations that could develop to problems. In my opinion, this is the most important element.

I know few people that have excellent competencies. Helane Morrison is one of them. From her record of accomplishment, it is easy to see that she has all the qualities of a top CCO. Presently, Morrison serves as the chief compliance officer, general counsel and managing director of Hall Capital Partners. She is also a member of the company’s executive committee. Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners in 2007. This information was originally reported on Bloomberg as highlighted in the following link

Previously, Morrison was the head of the San Francisco Office of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission from 1999 to 2007. She was responsible for regulatory matters, securities enforcement and litigation covering Northern California as well as five Northwest States. She served in two different capacities starting as a district administrator and was the first female regional director of the SEC.

The Art Of Breaking The Fashion Rules

Fashion magazines love to publish the do’s and don’ts of the fashion industry. They enjoy giving individuals the rules and regulations of what to wear and what not to wear and for some reason, many stick by those rules. However, there is one person in the beauty and fashion industries that is saying that its okay to break not just one rule but all of the rules. That person is Doe Deere. Doe Deere is a beauty and fashion professional. She started her own makeup line Lime Crime Cosmetics in the early 2000s, which featured extremely unique items. Doe Deere likes to break the rules. Some may say that those fashion rules can be considered as suggestions and can be used to help individuals out when they are in a fashion bind, Doe Deere thinks that breaking the rules entirely can’t hurt anyone. Those coveted fashion and beauty rules are not binding at all. Just because a person breaks the fashion rules, doesn’t mean that they are a fashion recluse. The unicorn queen, Doe Deere thinks that exact same thing. She believes that one must never be turned away just because they break the fashion bible’s rules. It would also be ridiculous for someone to be turned away.

Doe Deere is as unique as her makeup line, Lime Crime Cosmetics. She can always be found with colorful hair and a love for bright shades in her own daily makeup. Doe Deere has a few fashion rules that she personally loves to break. Lime Crime Cosmetics is known as ‘makeup for unicorns’ and whimsical, colorful, bright products can be found. Her products are also cruelty-fee and filled with glitter. Doe Deere and her makeup line proves that breaking the rules and staying on track can go hand in hand. She has a few pieces of advice for women who are tired of being like everyone else and staying within the lanes of traditional makeup. In this article from Bustle, Doe Deer shared some of her favorite rules to break. She recommends everyone to break a few rules once in a while. They will feel better doing it. Doe Deere thinks that women should break the rule of not wearing bold lips with bold eyeshadow. Doe Deere’s favorite thing is wearing bold eyeshadow and bold lips together. She thinks that anyone can pair a smoky eye with a red or darker lipstick. Where is the fun in following that rule?

Another rule she likes to break is mixing multiple colors. Lime Crime Cosmetics is all about color and Doe Deere is no stranger to mixing multiple colors together. Doe Deere believes colors are beautiful and mixing them is a beautiful thing. Doe Deere tells women to trust their instincts when mixing colors.

Doe Deere came to the United States at an early age. She enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology when she majored in Fashion Design. She left the Fashion Institute of Technology to pursue other endeavors. Doe Deere was looking for makeup that spoke to her personality. She wanted something different and she could not find it. When she was fed up by not finding the makeup she wanted she created it herself.

Doe Deere started Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2007. She first started it on ebay and when it became popular, she move the company to its own e-commerce website. In addition to selling makeup, Doe Deere also produce makeup tutorials, helping women with different makeup techniques.