Jason Hope: A Solid Tech Education is Only a Page Away

When it comes to technology, many people wish that they could see the future. The industry is swiftly changing and there always seems to be a new product available with innovative features. Jason Hope says that one of the things that most new products have in common is that they are going to be IoT enabled. Hope has proven himself to be an exceedingly competent futurist, meaning that he has the insight into the market that consumers want. He believes that one of the first things that consumers need to do to get a handle on the latest technology is understanding the IoT and how it affects them daily.

Hope is so confident that the IoT will be a major part of the future that he wrote an e-book on the subject matter, “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era”. This e-book, available to anyone on Amazon.com, highlights the benefits that IoT enabled devices pose to modern life. The IoT, or Internet-of-Things, is a network of devices that can connect to the internet and transmit data back and forth. Consumers use IoT devices every single day. With more products being connected to the internet, the IoT is set to dramatically increase in value. Objects like tennis shoes, watches, refrigerators, and vehicles are all being equipped with the technology.

Consumers have never been more connected than they are now. Hope believes that is why understanding IoT devices is so crucial. The number of products will only continue to increase. Businesses, restaurants, and other types of activities are bound to include them. Hope wants his readers on the forefront of this technology. With an estimated 30 million products set to hit the shelves soon, it is imperative that consumers get informed now. Hope also warns that security can be important in a future with more IoT devices. They are beneficial, but they should be respected.

Since starting his own tech company, Hope has been a major contributor to the technology field. He has also proven himself in the biotechnology imdustry and invested in several successful start-ups. He has built his personal brand on his gut feelings about the market and his keen ability to implement strategy. While some are wondering what they should do next, Hope is out in the trenches with certainty. It is Hope’s goal to educate his readers and help them gain the confidence he feels when tackling this technology. A solid tech education is only a page away.

About Jason Hope: angel.co/jason-hope

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