Steve Murray Leaves CCMP With A Superb Acquisition Team In Place

CCMP Capital Advisors is a New York-based firm that continues to grow. Stephen Murray employed for sixteen years with Chase Capital Partners, through its tremendous growth period and various mergers with Chemical Bank, Manufacturers Hanover, Chase Manhattan Bank, and Chemical Ventures reaching the successful company it is today known as CCMP Capital Advisors. Through this growth period, Stephen Murray hired, trained and created the staff today known as the focused, driven and goal oriented team of CCMP.

The firm reported by Wall street Journal suffered a tremendous loss when Stephen Murray became ill and took a leave of absence and passed away from an unknown illness shortly after his leave. He left behind a loving family and staff at CCMP, who had worked under him for many years. Murray served as CEO, Chairman and President of this remarkable investment organization.

Today, CCMP, Chase Capital Management Portfolio, remains driven as a goal oriented acquisition team designed to acquire growth equity investments throughout North America and Europe. Murray sat on several boards, including Crestcom International, Jetro JMDH Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, Infogroup Inc., Ollie Bargain Outlet and Strongwood Insurance Holdings. The contributions Murray made to these organizations and his participation in the equity growth of these firms will be long remembered.

The most recent acquisition announced last August 2015, Shoes For Crews. CCMP entered into an agreement and acquired the controlling interest in the business. Shoes For Crews is the leader of slip-and-fall rubber on shoes which prevents millions of accidents from happening in the workplace. This exceptional rubberized compound is the most slip-and-fall resistant material used on the soles of shoes in hospitals, restaurants, docks, ships, warehouses, and many other jobs that need protective shoewear worn by workers. The technology engineered by Shoes For Crews has already reduced accidents worldwide and is being used by many shoemakers to protect workers and the general public from injury on slippery areas.

The portfolios of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital cover a broad range of businesses from energy, health care, food manufacturers, and power supply in North America and Europe. The portfolio companies are strong and retain their growth equity investments. The acquisition team is exploring new ventures, but diligently following their process for future growth equity investments.