George Soros And Others Team Up To Get More Votes For Democrats

There is starting to be a tug of war over immigrant voters. The New York Times covered the story. The article discussed how the remarks by many of the republican candidates, especially Donald Trump, have led to a move of immigrant voters. The democrats have won over millions of new votes.

One of the leaders in the effort to bring more voters to the liberal side is George Soros. Soros has been known to spend big in political campaigns. He is arguably the most generous liberal donor and has already committed 5 million dollars to a super PAC that will help convince immigrants to vote democrat. Soros has also committed another 5 million dollars to pay for a legal team to fight restrictive voting laws in several different states.

The main reason that Soros got behind this effort to increase the number of democrats voters was for two reasons. First he was shocked by the comments that were coming from various republican candidates about not allowing muslims to enter the country, and so on. The second reason was because democrat voters did not turn out in high numbers to the primaries and republican voters did. This is cause for major concern.

The article then continued by giving a little bit of background on George Soros. It described his upbringing in Budapest. He had lived under both communist and nazi regimes and, at the age of 17, he finally fled and pursued a career in finance. He studied and worked in London for a few years and then moved on to the United States. He worked in several New York City firms over the course of 2 decades and was very highly regarded by his colleagues. It was in the 1970s that Soros went out on his own with Soros Fund Management. He brought in returns for clients that had never been see before. One year he was even able to create a 100 percent return for himself and his clients. Because of all of the success he had in the financial world, he was able to leave it and pursue creating his own charity, the Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations aligns closely with why Soros wants to support democratic candidates. The charity concentrates on making societies more open and more accepting to outsiders and outside ideas. It also wants to increase the human rights that are offered around the world. He believes everyone should have all of the basic human rights and that all governments should be forced into transparency so that the people who elect officials know what the officials are working on.