Marketing Improvements With Gooee Lighting

The Internet of Things has been able to subtly shift to connecting more and more devices in recent time. Smart phones, tablets, and smart watches have all begun to become interconnected making it easy to control all devices with the other. Another amazing innovation is the ushering in of smart lights by Gooee. Smart lights and smart sockets are an innovation that will be able to be seen in some of the newer buildings and remodels of existing buildings. Smart sockets for use in retail do more than just provide lights and give more automated control over their dimmer switch.


The light sockets in public retails spaces will have the same internet tech bluetooth qualities as smart phones and smart watches and will be able to communicate with one another. Smart light sockets will act as hubs of information that are able to communicate with consumer devices, sending them information on products they are looking at, as well as incentives to buy like coupons and rebates. First, the light sockets and lights can detect where the consumer is the store, and then can immediately market to them using apps for the store and independent apps for rebates and coupons.


This will enable consumers to get coupons ushered to them in real time instead of going in the store with clipper coupons, saving them time and energy and it will enable advertisers and merchants to sell more of their products and obtain rather quick market research after the product purchase.