Wikipedia, Spamming, and Monitoring Explained

Leonardo DiCaprio finally received his long-awaited Best Actor win. Taking the Oscar for the film The Revenant was big news. All of the entertainment news sites covered the big result. The actor’s Wikipedia page was quickly updated. Unfortunately, the Wikipedia page was also ridiculously spammed by someone who got a little bit carried away in adding the news. A rude sentence “heralding” the actor’s success was repeatedly written on the Wikipedia page.

Someone who is thinking about Wikipedia business page creation for personal branding or business promotional purposes might not think a movie star’s lament has much relevance. The situation is illustrative of what can happen on an open source website community. The situation also shows what can be done when a spammer adds unwanted material to a Wikipedia page. 

DiCaprio’s people did not allow the content on his Wikipedia page to remain marred. They went right into action, and scrubbed the website of all the offending content. The Wikipedia page was returned to normal, and the content serves the original purpose once again thanks to a Wikipedia editing service. The content provides valuable and accurate information about the actor.

Businesses and individuals in needs of online promotions should always look towards creating a Wikipedia page. The site may not be designed for direct marketing or promotional appeals, but the restrictions are a good thing. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to get solid informational content out there. A good biography can help develop a brand or fix a reputation. Wikipedia is a nice resource for publishing a short or lengthy biography. And that content can be added to at any time. If a great actor such as Leonardo DiCaprio believes a Wikipedia page should be taken seriously, other should follow his lead.

They should also follow his lead to make sure the content reads well. Selecting professional Wiki experts for hire capable of writing perfect content would definitely help ensure the page is great. Get Your Wiki is one such professional service, and their Wiki writers are capable of doing solid writing and editing work. Get Your Wiki is also available for doing all-important monitoring tasks to update a Wikipedia page.

Monitoring revolves around keeping tabs on a Wikipedia page for spamming and other unwanted content, and making edits to the page when necessary. To make sure a Wikipedia does what is necessary to be effective from a promotional perspective, the content has to be free of unwanted material.