FreedomPop Is Now Offering Sim Cards For GSM Phones

Anyone who thought it was a great idea for FreedomPop to join with Sprint will be even more impressed with the fact that FreedomPop now uses AT&T and T-Mobile towers in order to allow GSM phone users to have FreedomPop services. FreedomPop has introduced a sim card that can be used in any unlocked GSM phone, and the service will be provided by AT&T and T-Mobile all over the United States. Those who go abroad will shuffle between the different cell phone service providers that FreedomPop has partnered with in order to get cell phone service in 25 different countries.

With the 3-in-1 sim card, those who use it will be able to have a lot of benefits that they may not the with other cell phone service providers. The simple fact that a cell phone user will be able to use their phone overseas with no roaming charges is an awesome feat in itself that many cell phone companies wouldn’t even entertain because it would lose them money. Those who get a cell phone service plan from FreedomPop can choose from several different plans available, whichever is more suitable for their needs.

Those who insist on paying as little as possible for their service may want to take advantage of the free service that FreedomPop offers. With the free service, the user will obtain 500 text messages, 200 minutes of talk time, and 200 MB of data. Additional data can be obtained once the user adds 10 FreedomPop friends, which will give them 500 MB of extra data each month for free. Those that want additional talk time and data should use Wi-Fi service to make phone calls as well as to get additional data on their phone.

Those who have the paid service will get additional talk time and text messages as well as data, but getting the unlimited service will allow for unlimited usage of talk time and text messages. The unlimited service also comes with 1 GB of data as well. Anyone using a CDMA phone from Sprint or a GSM phone can obtain any of the FreedomPop cell phone service plans, so no plan is better for one type of phone over another. Those doing a review of FreedomPop will learn about their low prices, international calling, and great customer service, so FreedomPop will be the first choice of many wireless customers. Make it a point to read a FreedomPop review today.

FreedomPop Offers Great Data Plans for Cellphone Users

Sprint has partnered with an up and coming cellphone provider named FreedomPop. This organization is a free data provider that uses the Sprint network to provide data to millions of clients within the United States and all over the world. FreedomPop offers great service that is affordable and practical to use.

FreedomPop began offering its free data service back in 2011. Over the past 5 years the company has been building up its customer base because of the free cellphone services to its clients. Instead of using a network of cellphone towers, FreedomPop utilizes Sprint’s well connected computerized and WiFi services. As long as a person has a WiFi connection they can make texts and calls and surf the web.

One of the reasons why so many people are flocking to FreedomPop has do with their business model. The free services give people a great way to stay connected and in touch. FreedomPop also believes that once their clients have sampled the free services that they offer; they would be willing to pay for upgrades. The company’s belief in their service and their clients has paid off. Currently, the organization has over 1 million customers and its client base is expanding rapidly.

FreedomPop offer consumers top quality mobile devices that can be purchased through plans. These plans range in price from $75 to $299. The devices that they offer are brand name. Names such as Samsung and LG are commonly sold with FreedomPop plans. The company even offers its own unique devices for sale. The FreedomPop Liberty is a tablet that is available to customers.

FreedomPop also offers home internet service and hot spot plans. Each of these services are cost effective and very useful for modern day home internet usage. People can surf the web, watch videos and play games with as much as 12/Mbps. This service is free if a person is willing to pay a one-time charge for the device as opposed to using the plan. Once they have the service installed they can upgrade it as well.

FreedomPop wants to ensure that their clients are getting the best service even though it is free. The organization works hard to make sure that clients are satisfied with their data connections and devices. More information about FreedomPop is available on the blog site Saving Freak.