Forbes And Online Reputation Management

Forbes began their piece about reputation management with the controversial declaration that New Years resolutions are a little overrated. They fail every year and yet they are consistently glamorized during December. They conclude that New Years resolutions must have an excellent PR guy. After all, the New Year is not a true clean slate. The conditions of failure are still there. It is not as though one enters into the New Year as a different person. Yet people get excited about it because it has a good reputation. The question that this will raise is how an entrepreneur could convoke that sort of hype for her business. Forbes offered a few tips for developing one’s online reputation.

Write Articles And Make Videos

One of the mistakes that entrepreneurs tend to make will be to focus too much on their product or service. That might sound like an odd mistake to make. After all, crafting one’s product is an essential element to marketing. Yet as suggests, developing a reputation will also involve selling oneself. If the people are going to respect her as an intellectual and expert in the industry, she will need to create a relationship that transcends the business/customer paradigm.

People will need to visit her website to see real content. The wise entrepreneur will write helpful how-to or list articles and make charismatic videos about topics that [1] relate to her industry and [2] educate and entertain.

Assess Your Current Reputation

It might be something that people do not think about, especially if the entrepreneur is in the public spotlight for the first time. But the fact is that anybody who is in the spotlight, even those who are seemingly universally loved, will have to undergo criticism. It could be a competitor who wants to steal her customers or just somebody who is envious of her success. Knowledge is the first step to overcoming this. Forbes advice that she does a Google search of herself to see what comes up.

Reputation management can help to navigate through a difficult time or even hoist a company into success. Most entrepreneurs will testify that it is well worth the effort.