Jon Urbana Has Passion: Profiling a Well-Rounded Individual

The subject of today’s Passionata Project update is Jon Urbana, a successful businessman who has also spent time exploring his creative side with projects in music and photography. He is an athlete and a role model, leading children to reach their athleticism goals.

Jon Urbana co-founded a lacrosse camp called Next Level Lacrosse in 2011. He did this to allow himself as a professional lacrosse player to help build the skills of young men who are interested in lacrosse. This camp, located in Colorado, provides guidance for lacrosse techniques and skills, with more info on the camp’s activities found on the Facebook profile for Jon.

Urbana also is the head of business development at Ellipse. This company provides its customers with safe and effective skin treatments for a variety of issues inclduing acne, sun damage, hair removal, wrinkles, fungus, and lesion removal.

Jon Urbana focused on lacrosse for much of his life, and then entered the music world later in life, due to his commitment to lacrosse. With minimal software at home, Jon went into the genre of electric music. He did this by remixing songs as well as making original tracks. His following is growing on Soundcloud and his music is continuing to gain popularity. Here are a few of his most popular tracks:

In addition to his creative side with music, Jon Urbana is an accomplished photographer. Taking beautiful pictures of plants and animals, Urbana shares his talent with the world through venues like Instagram and Imgur. His particular interest in kittens, flowers, and sand sculpture shows a softer side to this sporty professional.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Urbana is active on several venues of social media, due to his active lifestyle and prowess for supporting good causes. Urbana is able to bring his interests of lacrosse and art together on his Tumblr blog to share with his friends and followers. Urbana is also active on popular sites such as Vimeo, Slideshare, and the Aviation Business Gazette.