Thor, The Tyrants’ Nuisance

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza, recognized as Thor Halvorssen, is a human rights advocate, from Venezuela. He is also a film producer in individual rights, public policy, public interest advocacy, and pro-democracy advocacy. Thor is also the initiator of Oslo Freedom Forum, a yearly gathering and human-rights festival that is comparable to the Davos economic forum. He is also the president of the Human Rights Foundation; a society dedicated to universal freedom and human rights.

Following an activist lineage, Halvorssen is a campaigner against human trafficking, slavery, democracy threats, and dictatorships. He has addressed human rights topics at the Harvard Law School, United Nations Association in New York, American Enterprise Institute, and the New York City Junto. He has also addressed the British parliament.

Halvorssen’s father was detained while probing into possible bank fraud and money laundering from the Medellín cartel. His father was accused of terrorism during his incarceration period in the Caracas jail. Thor Halvorssen directed his father’s release campaigns and gained the support of Amnesty International, which mobilized other International organizations to issue protests. Halvorssen’s dad was finally established guiltless of all the charges. After his release, Thor was selected as the Pan-American Committee director. The Pan-American Committee is the United Nations -Allied International Society for Human Rights. Halvorssen organized a Lucent Technologies campaign shareholders meeting that attracted for the creation of an anti-slave labor policy, requiring China to declare that Lucent products are not manufactured using manual slave labor.

He announced the establishment of the Human Rights Foundation. The Human Rights Foundation is a global society, campaigning for the characterization of human rights, with special regards to the concepts of tyranny freedom, and self-determination. Through the United Nation International Society for Human Rights, Halvorssen has also campaigned for the release of other political prisoners, and other human rights violations all over the world. Halvorssen is a recognized supporter of Rebiya Kadeer, the Chinese Uyghur leader, and has piercingly condemned the Taiwanese Kuomintang government ban on Kadeer visitation.

He is also a film executive producer, taking advantage of satire, ridicule, and humor to resist tyrant systems. Halvorssen’s achievements have been rewarded by the University of Pennsylvania and Emil Constantinescu. To many, he is considered a serial critic of Latin dictators and dictatorial regimes, a menace for tyrants.

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Dick DeVos’ Career as a Philanthropist

Of the many prominent individuals who have not only spurred economic growth, but have also given back to the community, Dick DeVos is seen as one of the most influential individuals. Dick DeVos has always had a passion for business even at an early age. Dick DeVos was born into the DeVos family which is a well known family mostly for creating the Amway Corporation company from the ground up. As an individual with business in his DNA, he has not disappointed in his many business ventures and well as his many philanthropy endeavors to not only improve his community, but to also give back to the nation itself. Dick DeVos is the best example that shows that business can be mixed with philanthropy as it can help millions of individuals in the country.

Dick DeVos has always had a position with Amway Corporation even at a young age. Mr. DeVos distinctly remembers playing in the basement of his family own which acted as the previous headquarters of the company before the company truly took off. Even before attending university, Dick DeVos was involved with the business by either stocking shelves, running errands for the employees, or even by giving product descriptions for the clients of the company. Before attending any business school or taking a class in business, Dick DeVos understood the business and understood his passion for the industry.

In 1974, Dick DeVos began to officially work for Amway Corporation and quickly climber the ladder in success. Throughout his decades of hard work and commitment, Dick DeVos held many executive positions within the company’s various sectors. One of Dick DeVos’ favorite positions was as Vice President of the company. As vice president, Dick DeVos was put in charge of all international sales of the company. During this time, sales in the international sector grew exponentially and became one of the main sources of revenue for the company.

Though Dick DeVos is a successful businessman, Dick DeVos has always put philanthropy first. Though he has grown his fortunate career into a billion dollar career, he has given much of his earnings back to the community As a philanthropist, he believes that it is wrong to not support the community and to not make the community grow as he grows in wealth. Dick DeVos is especially passionate about supporting education reforms to help everyone who can receive an education despite the lack of money.