Texas And Jennifer Walden Offer Many Things To Improve The Lives of People Living There

Texas is fortunate to have so many wonderful things to offer the residents. Texas has fantastic shopping, wonderful water parks, horseback riding, and cowboys. The school systems are top notch and the doctors are impeccable. One of the reasons people come back to Texas is the are wonderful people that live in the state. Jennifer Walden grew up in Texas with her Dentist father and Mother that was a nurse. Jennifer spent most of her life in Austin Texas. She went to school in Texas and graduated medical school in Texas. After all of this, Jennifer made the trip up to New York. She wanted to study with one of the wonderful doctors in Manhattan. After working with the Ear Throat and Eye doctor/surgeon, she found herself wanting more. She wanted a family and to move home.


In a few years, one can earn a lot of trust and knowledge. A doctor will learn how to respond to patients. The doctor will gain the insight on how to search for the answers and the Doctor will figure out what is the most important place for them to be. Jennifer Walden made the decision to get pregnant, have her children and move back to Austin to raise them near her parents. She has twin boys that now live in Austin and attend school in Texas. These boys spend time in sports just like Jennifer did. They are very smart and hopefully will follow in the same direction as the others in the family.


Jennifer Walden is a speaker for talk shows and other television shows on ABC. She has articles in several of the medical journals and publications such as Vive. Most of her life she has been helping others to feel better about themselves through cosmetic surgery. She helps people with the shrinking of a nose that is too big. She does face lifts and tummy tucks for people that find themselves less than perfect. She also does plastic surgery if someone is injured. Plastic surgery usually involves that easy touch. Plastic surgery usually involves perfection. Jennifer desires nothing more than to make her clients beautiful and her family happy. She is working really hard to meet her goals and plans on continuing to strive for excellance.