George Soros’s Influence In The Political World

George Soros is a self made billionaire that has had success with hedge funds. He is the founder of Soros Management Fund, LLC. Soros has a real time net worth of $ 25.2 billion. He is a keen supporter of refugees. In September 2016, Soros pointed out that his foundation would channel $500 million in firms that support migrants, particularly refugees arriving in Europe. For many years, Soros has been supporting initiatives meant to enhance the lives of immigrants. In March, George Soros gave $3 million to a super PAC, which intended to mobilize Hispanic voters. George Soros was born in Hungary. He fled the country. He pursued his studies at the London School of Economics. While studying, Soros worked as a waiter. He started his career at merchant bank. Subsequently, Soros moved to New York where he got a job in the Wall Street. Later, he launched his hedge fund, Quantum Fund, in 1969 with $12 million. Presently, his firm manages assets worth $30 billion. This information was originally published on Forbes.

George Soros is one of the most influential individuals in the world. Since the 1980s, Soros has restructured the politics of many countries. In America, Soros influences the country’s politics and culture. He has gained much from his personal fortune, which is leveraged by the large amount of investor assets managed by his family office. Soros views himself as a missionary with a divine directive to change the world. Following his achievements in business, Soros has developed an interest to indulge his social concerns that center on his goal to better the world. He seeks to transform the world to be consistent with his social justice vision on Snopes. By attending the London School of Economics, Soros had the opportunity of being exposed to the works of Karl Popper. Soros regards him has his spiritual mentor. He was introduced to the idea of the open society through Karl’s book, “The Open Societies and Its Enemies.” This theme has been Soros’ driving force in business and philanthropic activities.

George Soros started his charity work in 1979. In 1984, he started his first open society foundation in Hungary. The goal of this institution was to build vibrant and tolerant democracies. The foundation aimed to build democracies where governments would be answerable to their citizens. He started to give large sums of money to several groups in 1987 following the inauguration of his foundation’s office in Moscow. In 1987, Soros donated $3 million. By 1992, his donations had risen to $300 million per year. From 1987 to 1992, he created a series of foundation in Eastern Europe. He also moved to Central Asia. Today, his foundation has foothold in over 70 countries. The Open Society Foundations is the flagship of the Soros foundation network. It has headquarters in New York City. This information was originally reported on Discover The Networks.

George Soros spends millions fighting to unseat extreme sheriff

Democratic financial titan George Soros has continued to fight to reform the criminal justice system. This time he has targeted controversial Conservative Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who serves Maricopa County in Arizona. Soros funded the PAC, Maricopa Strong which has poured hundreds of millions dollars into a campaign launched to unseat Arpaio. Maricopa Strong also received large donations from several business leaders including Texas energy leaders Laura and John Arnold, Laurene Powell Jobs (widow of Apple CEO Steve Jobs).

George Soros spent millions in 2015 and 2016, funding campaigns to unseat several prosecutors from around the country and electing candidates who support criminal justice reform measures. Soros are currently spending a lot of money in three major-city district attorney races: Houston, Denver, and Phoenix. George Soros’ spending against Sheriff Arpaio is his largest investment this year, in a local race. This is also his first time targeting a sheriff. George Soros fight against this sheriff combines immigration reform, another issue that Soros fights for, alongside criminal justice reform.

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio, gained national attention as a law enforcement officer against illegal immigration. Last year, federal prosecutors charged Joe Arpaio with contempt for violating an order to halt discriminatory police conduct.

George Soros’ funded PAC ‘Maricopa Strong‘ has funneled more than $2.9 million to the sheriff’s race, with donations from Soros and others. The money funded mailers and TV commercials spotlighting Democratic candidate Paul Penzone and criticizing Arpaio. Soros’ local races are usually funded by him, but have recently received financial support from Jobs and the Arnolds. Arpaio has funded $2.8 million of his own TV ads in response to the heavy attacks by the Democrats.

George Soros is targeting Sheriff Joe Arpaio, because he has violated civil rights and abused his office for more than 20 years. They are also targeting him because he has poisoned the national conversation about immigration, due in part to his overnight influence. Polling has shown Penzone leading Sheriff Arpaio, after attempting to unseat him a second time. Penzone took on Arpaio, thanks to the financial support of a PAC launched by Rep. Ruben Gallego.

George Soros’ increased financial battle to unseat candidates such as Arpaio has been in part to his passionate support for criminal justice and immigration reform. George Soros has increased his financial support this year for certain causes and candidates because he does not like what the future of America is shaping out to be.

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