Securus Technologies and GovNetPay Joining Forces

Securus Technologies, Inc has been recognized as a leader in its line of work of providing tech solutions to the industry of civil and criminal justice in the United States of America. The business is also a part of the industry of inmate communication and it among the top competitors for the leading place in that line of work.


Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies, Inc has an operational reach across the United States of America as well as in some part of Canada. The corporation was started up a handful of years ago, and it has already made a number of notable acquisitions. The most recent acquisition as completed at the start of 2018 when Securus Technologies, Inc acquired GovNetPay so that the two can work together a provide their clients with the best of services.


GovNetPay is a popular processor that gets through payments made through a debit or credit card. Such payments include court fees, taxes for speeding or parking violations, cash bail, and much more. The corporation covers a lot of ground and is being utilized in 35 states by more than 2 300 agencies in the United States of America. GovNetPay was established by a former sheriff about twenty years ago. The company was created with the goal to assist law enforcement institutions in handling cash bail but has expanded greatly since then.


The current leader of GovNtPay is Mr. Mark MacKenie, serving as its Chief Executive Officer. He will be leading several projects together with the Chief Executive Offer of the Securus Technologies, Inc over the next couple of years. With the help of GovNetPay, the CEO Securus Technologies, Inc said that the corporation would easily be able to handle at least 40 million transactions a year. This feat is going to make Securus Technologies, Inc even more attractive to new clients.


Customers Have High Praise For Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the biggest providers of technology services, including monitoring and data analytics services, to prisons and correctional facilities. They are known to provide the best customer service and come up with the best innovative technology to help out law enforcement. They have purchased other companies as well, such as JPay. They have been featured in many news stories. Their CEO is Rick Smith.


They were founded in 1986, and they are based in Texas, where they have various regional offices. Securus has around one thousand employees, and they service between two and three thousand correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. They have invested more than six hundred million dollars in creating new and innovative technologies. For example, they created a system that could control contraband cell phones. They partnered with Harris Corporation to create Cell Defender. It also developed a Wireless Containment Solution. This technology prevents contraband cell phones from connecting to a mobile network.


Their customers seem to be extremely satisfied with the service that they provide. Let us take a look at some of the comments that were made by customers about their services. These come from formal mail and email communications. One correctional facility said that they were able to obtain information from the phone call monitoring system that let them catch and serve a warrant to a staff member that was corrupt. This staff member was arrested for dealing with contraband. Another agency said that they were able to monitor calls about drug use and alcohol use, as well as suspicious money transfers and illegal deals. Other facilities use them to monitor harassment of staff members. Another facility said that they overheard a call between an inmate and their siblings, with centered around what to say about the murder charge against them.


Securus Technologies Helping Prisoners

GTL has disputed Securus Technologies‘ leading role in the prison communications business. This is to be understood. Securus Technologies has taken a stand for prisoner freedom and opportunities that its competitors have not. The video chat technology offered by Securus Technologies is an industry game changer that allows prisoners to see their loved ones during a crisis. This saves time and money for all parties involved.


As Securus Technologies develops its approach, one of the major concerns has been patent warring. Many of the top industry leaders do not want to give up their market position to those who are innovating. GTL is one of those companies.


Securus Technologies relies on its record of innovation and quality to stave off criticism. Though some may charge this is not helpful, Securus wants to place its customers as its first priority. As Securus develops a model for products, it looks at the actual needs that are occurring.


Many people who have been using Securus Technologies’ products have found them helpful in checking up on their loved one. When there is little freedom, a call from home can improve prisoner behavior and staff workload. Securus Technologies is at the top of its game, helping customers become the people they are supposed to be.


Industry leadership requires that we care for the community. When there is a tragic emergency accident such as flooding, Securus Technologies has made a goal in the past to offer free calls for a limited time. This builds trust in our brand, and helps customers know that we are there for them.


If you are curious about the news, or just want to learn more about Securus Technologies, be sure to check out our website. We can easily answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our professional staff is devoted to giving you the experience that you deserve.


The Better Business Bureau Recognizes the Securus Technologies for its Transparency.

Securus Technologies is a company that offers solutions for investigation, safety, monitoring, and correction for civil and criminal justice institutions. The firm recently announced that it had been awarded an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. According to the company’s Senior Vice President of Operations, Danny de Hoyos, the firm has worked hard to receive the honors for the issue that it says and release on print media.


  • Securus received the accreditation for meeting the following standards of the BBB.
  • Making honest adverts that follow the rule of advertising and selling.
  • Being trustworthy whereby they managed to have a clean record in the markets.
  • Saying the truth about the products and services that they offer as well as releasing detailed information.
  • Being transparent by apparently revealing the kind, locations, and proprietorship of the business as well as openly informing the public on all regulations, assurances, and processes that influence the client’s choices.
  • Keeping their promises to the customers of the firm by honoring verbal and written agreements.
  • Responding swiftly to disputes in the marketplace and giving answers in good faith.
  • Handling different data in a private and confidential manner as it is required by the BBB.
  • Expressing integrity in the way that they deal with business transactions and commitments in the marketplace.


Securus Technologies has a 222 seat internal call center that is committed offering the best customer service to over 25 million family and friends. The representative of the company are trained and have the BBB standards in mind. Approximately 2.5 million calls are received monthly for an average of 11 seconds, and the customer satisfaction rate is 4.3 out of 5. The accreditation of the company means that the BBB has impartially verified and accepted that the Securus is the biggest provider of a wide range of solutions in the industry and it has more than 1,300 partners across the country that meet the organization’s standards. The CEO of the company. Richard A. Smith said that he is glad Securus received the accreditation for following the BBB standards.