Securus Brings Investigator Pro to the Front Line

Securus is a cool company that has managed to provide a lot of customers with an easier way to visit with their families. This is how I discovered the company, but I now realize that this is not the only thing that Securus is known for. This has become the company that has managed to help investigators in different parts of the United States come much more skilled at doing their jobs.


What is helping investigators track down criminals and their activity is the Investigator Pro. This new 4.0 version comes with voice search technology. I had never heard of this type of software before, but I was fascinated to learn that Securus had presented this complex software that allows investigators to compare voice samples of inmate telephone systems.


I think that this is excellent technology that has started to give investigators lots of help with breaking down criminal networks. Over the years Securus has been able to help investigators get a hold on fraternization in prisons. This has also become the company that has allowed more investigators to do their jobs with greater efficiency.


Securus is the company that is essential to the department of corrections. This company has become a leader with communication products on the outside of the prison. It also helps investigators solve problems inside of the prison. This company has managed to provide a lot of products and there still are new patents that are pending for other technology platforms that are in the works.


I have become interested in learning more about the Securus Technologies products because it always manages to improve upon the products that have originally been produced. I know that the video visitation software has become better than it was, and Investigator Pro has also improved with this new 4.0 version.


Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Securus Technologies Automated Forms Saves Correctional Facilities Time And Money

Securus Technologies has once again saved their customers time and money and helped things to run more smoothly in corrections facilities. This time customers and corrections staff are raving about the company’s ConnectUs Automated Inmate Forms and Grievance Applications. Research shows using the automated forms have saved corrections staff about 65% of the time they normally needed when they used paper forms. That freed up staff to be able to take care of their other duties in a more timely manner and improved efficiency at the facilities.

Handling the paperwork necessary to address the needs and grievances of prisoners is time consuming. It often takes the officers away from the many other duties they have to perform. Securus Technologies stepped in and designed and produced affordable technology that allows prisoners to communicate with corrections officers easier as well as making the processing of those forms simpler, faster and more accurate. It’s the type of service which has made Securus Technologies a leader in providing technology solutions for the corrections community.

Whether they need communication, monitoring or investigative tools, facilities throughout the corrections industry know they can depend on Securus Technology to provide it. The company is constantly modernizing the technologies available to the corrections community and adding more features to make it more effective and efficient. The creation of the automated forms saves precious time and money over distributing, collecting, processing and storing paper medical requests and grievance and other types of forms by digitizing and streamlining the process. View the company profile on

The automated forms also benefits inmates by giving them self-service access to the forms and the ability to see the status of the grievance or request. The system also has many other capabilities that improve communication between correctional staff and inmates including having the electronic forms available in several different languages.