Alex Pall, Orgins of Artistry

Alex Pall is a musician and songwriter for The Chainsmokers. He was a DJ growing up in New York, and it was at best a source of side income at the time. This was before he even met Andrew whom he formed Chainsmokers with. It was one day at an art gallery when Alex realized his life revolved around the concept of creating music as a serious profession when his music manager brought him Andrew Taggart from Maine.

That is when Alex quit his day job and took on Chainsmokers as a full time occupation. Andrew Taggart was actually in the formal education system at a college before pursuing music as a life choice. He was deeply engrossed by electronic music far before the genre hit the surface of societies awareness of it. When he graduated college that is when more people started to pick up on the trend, but by then he was already ahead of the game.

Andrew heard there was opportunity at New York where DJs were hired for pay, and he wrote a few official songs and posted them on Sound Cloud. He also performed at a few shows, which encouraged him to keep pushing towards his goals. While pursuing his path, that’s when someone who was affiliated with Alex’s manager invited him to audition for a fill in spot on The Chainsmokers. He agreed to the offer, and attained a bus to New York where he met Alex Pall.

The two were immediately collaborating on new music, working hard on their craft for four years to get to where they are now. The two clicked mainly because at the initial start of their relationship, they mainly talked about their love for music and how certain ideas worked better than others in regards to what was currently happening to music at the time.

The Chainsmokers – A Dynamic Duo

The dynamic duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the EDM-pop duo known as the Chainsmokers. The pair formed their musical partnership in 2012, and the producers turned singers have been unstoppable chart stoppers since that time. Pall is from New York, and he attended New York University where he majored in art history and music business. Taggart hails from Maine, and he attended Syracuse University before meeting Pall. Taggert’s passion for EDM grew after he traveled abroad to Argentina and he has been an EDM aficionado since the age of 15.

The Chainsmokers have a series of hits including “Paris,” “Something Just Like This” with Coldplay and “Closer” that stayed Number 1 on the charts for 12 weeks. Their chart-topping song “Don’t Let Me Down” launched the success of lead singer and newcomer, Daya, who became an overnight sensation. Their new single, “Sick Boy,” is a marked departure from their other songs; it is the first song they have released in nine months. “Sick Boy” reflects the beginning of a new music chapter for the duo. The Chainsmokers continue on their path to success by churning out music in the sweet spot between EDM and pop.

According to the duo, their music reflects and is relatable to their generation. People relate to their music based on their own experiences and the music The Chainsmokers produce, they believe, is based on their life experiences, what they have observed, and of course, the current political climate. Not resting on their laurels, The Chainsmokers continuously reinvent themselves. As they grow and mature as individuals and as artists, their music also grows and goes in different and unique directions.

As artists, The Chainsmokers make music they feel resonates with people, but they do not focus on producing hits. They are in control of their art, and they alone decide where they want their music to go in the future. According to the duo, they concentrate on doing better and make sure their music and their shows are dynamic and exciting. Fortunately, they work with a label that allows them to exercise their creativity and flex their musical muscle. Taggart and Pall in an interview shared that they continue to take risks and move outside of their comfort zone; they continue to “push the envelope.” In the final analysis, The Chainsmokers make music that feels good to them.

Want to Pursue Litigation? Make an Informed Decision

Karl Heideck's Career in Litigation
Karl Heideck’s Career in Litigation

Karl Heideck has established a great reputation for himself, practicing as a litigation attorney. His journey began when he joined James E. Beasley School of Law in Temple University’s for his Juris Doctor. This was shortly after graduating from t Swarthmore College with a bachelor’s in English and Literature. This was all to pave path for Heideck’s litigation career. In the year 2009, fresh from Temple University, he sat for the bar examination, passed and got his practicing license.

Karl Heideck began practicing law at Conrad O’Brien, where he was only an associate. Heideck would be assigned investigation roles as well as other litigation jobs. Few years on and he had acquired substantial experience to land him a job as a project attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP. Karl Heideck (@karl_heideck) oversaw various litigation cases including shite collar defenses and commercial litigation. Four years on and Grant & Eisenhofer, PA tapped him to be their contract attorney.

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If you feel inspired by the career life of Karl Heideck and would like to pursue litigation, then you need to educate yourself on the basics of this career. Am not talking about the hard law terminologies, but you at least need to understand what is expected of you before you can be approved as a litigator and after you have been approved. This will help you in making an informed decision so that you will not end up frustrated.

Litigation is one of the many branches of law which translates to a litigator being one of the many types of attorneys. Litigators are some of the highest paid lawyers, earning a salary of up to $96,834 per year. But do not be too fast to get excited about this career. Only people who have established a reputation for themselves can earn that high. This means that you must have worked for some time and won various cases.

If you have chosen litigation as your career, you need to have plans to attend university and then go to law school. Then you must have a plan to work really hard and graduate before seating for the BAR examination and also passing.

After passing the BAR exam, you need to find a practice where you will get your hands on real cases. Do not worry about starting low and spending most of your time in the library. With time your career will pick and you will be representing real clients in court.




How Eric Lefkofsky Mixed Entrepreneurship And Philanthropy Togther

When we think of billionaires most of us imagine calculating profit minded stoics looking to fatten their bank accounts without any regard for others. Eric Lefkofsky defies this myth handily. With a fortune worth $1.7 billion dollars Lefkofsky understands how to make money, but he understands his responsibility to contribute to society. Through both his business ventures and his philanthropy he gives others the help they need. His latest endeavor is an effort to bring cancer therapy into the future with a personalized approach powered by Big Data. With the billions of dollars he has already generated it looks like he will succeed.

Building A Fortune

It is absolutely impossible to understand Lefkofsky without taking a look at the various startups he has participated in. He is the cofounder and chairman of Groupon. This company was so successful in its early stages it broke a record for reaching $1 billion in revenue faster than any other company in history. He has also involved himself in more traditional companies such as the Chicago based investment firm Lightbank. Through Lightbank Lefkofsky invests in “disruptive” technologies with the potential to change the way we live. That innovative spirit is essential to just about everything Lefkofsky does and guides his ambitions.

The Great Responsibility Of Great Power

It is impossible to deny that Eric Lefkofsky is a powerful man. Anyone able to amass a fortune similar to his or to enjoy his level of success as a venture capitalist is certainly influential. This is why Lefkofsky founded his trademark nonprofit the Lefkofsky Foundation. Through his family foundation he makes an impact on the lives of children across the world in receiving education, healthcare, and other important necessities.

Medicine Made Just For You

In a distinct combination of philanthropy and entrepreneurship Eric Lefkofsky founded the medical startup Tempus. Through Tempus doctors are able to bring the miracle of personalized medicine into cancer therapy. Using genetic testing, life histories, and other sources of medical data Tempus helps physicians give each patient care customized for their specific incident of cancer. Personalized medicine and big data aren’t typically ideas that are placed together. Big data is usually reserved for marketing agencies looking to improve product sales or survey new demographics. However, Lefkofsky is using this bring about a revolution in the way we treat cancer patients.

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