Kenneth Goodgame, senior vice presidents at True Value Corporation

Kenneth Goodgame is an expert in marketing fields. He has achieved vast and incredible experience in sales and marketing his he started his career following his education from the University of Tennessee where he graduated with Bachelors of Science in sales and marketing.

Ken who is currently serving as the senior vice president and the chief merchandising officer of True Value Corporation LLC based in Chicago, had held various positions in different organizations.

Some of the company he served includes Newell Rubbermaid, Huntersville, NC where he sat as the senior vice president marketing, sales, and channels. He later served at Techtronic Industries North America, Anderson, SC between 2008 and 2010.

Before joining True Value, Kenneth Goodgame also served as the general merchandising officer at Ace Hardware Corporation. He then entered True Value at 2013 where he focuses his efforts in managing and creating a balanced and excellent, innovative marketing, merchandising and profitable business strategies.

Some of his successful programs at True Value include creating a New True Value 4SKU program which is supported by over 2800 stores. This program was also the most successful program measured as far as store participation is concerned. He also developed a zealous and high energy team with an extensive and broad range of product expertise which helped turn down low-performance buying team. The program hence improved the savings from 2% to over 10% yearly.

His experience in marketing sphere over a couple of years has helped him develop adept and a superior team to assist him in the operations. Ken has also created a set a track of good reputation in the industry hence gaining prominence in the profit and loss management industry.

Kenneth has therefore elevated True Value Corporation to raise to a global level; the company depends exclusively on his business strategies, consumer based principles, expertise as well as customer awareness. He correctly navigates the markets timely avoiding costly mistakes and also implements methods that allow True Value to acquire opportunities in the pandemic marketplace.

According to Bloomberg, Kenneth Goodgame is clearly resourceful and highly inventive. With support from various associates including the leadership of True Value Corporation, he has the capability, unique techniques, and methodologies to turn any suggested proposals into an extraordinary collective effort to benefit the company.

With his vast and extensive experience, he focuses on every challenge the company faces; he puts efforts to surpass the goals and objectives of the enterprise. Ken has continued to excel by capitalizing his abilities in promoting growth and productivity of the company which goes hand in hand with increased sales and profitability. He observed the said through improved quality productivity enhancements, composed negotiations and also through cost analysis.