Love And Tech

The wedding industry is constantly evolving capitalist phenomenon reflecting culture and tradition across the globe. Specifically observing the market for weddings sheds light on the specific nature of the industry as a whole, how it functions, and the interesting minutia involved in the ever-shifting process of providing people deeply in love with the ideal ceremony. Recently online, The Yahoo! has posted a series of articles detailing the aspects most definitive of the industry, all written from the point of view of someone with direct experience navigating the world of modern weddings by personally reflecting on his own and comparing the latest in today’s wedding market. In one post, he delves into market specifics, namely the trifecta of registries, online services, as well as the latest in wedding attire. He remembers that in the early aughts his fiancee and him registered at stores and dedicated an enormous amount of time picking out items through the use of a registry gun, and the complications that resulted via the now defunct technology. However, since then, things have changed. The advancement of technology has made things easier for all parties. Now, with websites like TheKnot and Honeyfund both guests and couples can sync up registries from a variety of stores. The writer feels that with growth image recognition services and other sprouting technologies, the wedding industry will face some serious, dramatic change. No longer will people be dependent on faulty registry guns, and other defunct software. Additionally, he examines some of the new technologies dedicated to wedding attire, and websites, predicating a brave new world, while showcasing current options for couples looking to tie the knot. For further information check out the insightful article at for a detailed analysis of the wedding market the world has come to know, and the possibilities of future commerce and how it will change the entire industry.

The future is companies like Slyce who use photo-recognition tech to ease the process and make it a more, positive experience. Slyce has recently collaborated with with Neiman Marcus. This technology will certainly affect the lucrative registry business, and make things easy as clicking a button on your smartphone.

Slyce, a visual search company is truly changing the game. Their software is top-notch, an all-encompassing engine functioning by allowing users to locate things buy on their smartphone by using a picture to find the exact sought after item.