Doe Deere: Life in Color

Doe Deere, founder of wildly successful makeup line Lime Crime simultaneously rejects the notion of traditional business woman while embracing the eccentric colors and, of course, glitter that made her brand so popular. Dubbed “the Queen of Unicorns”, Deere certainly looks the part with her usual vibrant makeup and pop of pastel curls. However, Deere has proved that she’s much more than a face for her brand; she is an intelligent, strategic CEO who’s main source of inspiration is making people feel good about themselves.

According to Ideamensch, Deere wanted to create makeup that “feels right in the moment”. She made that happen by creating a line of beauty products that are cruelty-free (meaning not tested on animals), vibrant, and fun. A Russia native, Deere moved to New York City at age seventeen, so much of her inspiration was drawn from both her native country and her new home in America. She’s had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, though, starting her first business at age thirteen back in Russia. Once in America, she began with dreams of becoming a musician, but soon realized that her true passion was cosmetics.

The name “Lime Crime” isn’t just a simple, fun rhyme, either: Deere created the brand name based on her favorite color and the fact that her cosmetics were so bright and loud that it should be a crime. Clearly, Deere has a creative spirit that has positively impacted her brand. Back in 2008 when she first started Lime Crime, Deere noticed that there weren’t enough bright colored makeup products to her liking, so she took it upon herself to create them. Unsurprisingly, there were many people who also wanted bright color in their cosmetics, so Lime Crime boomed from a small ebay company to a global business.

Deere has stated that as the CEO of Lime Crime, she wears tons of hats ranging from modelling her products to brainstorming new and innovative ideas to managing her companies social media. She looks forward to working with younger generations to create eye catching looks and products that make people happy. Overall, she says to “embrace your weirdness” because people are happiest when they are themselves. Maybe more people should take her advice, because it’s certainly worked for her; with hot pink hair, a successful company, and a smile on her face, Deere has taken the beauty industry by storm. Learn more:

Helane Morrison Effort in Enforcing Legal Compliance and Better Employee Benefits

Hall Capital Partners LLC, one of the largest advisory firms in San Francisco. It involves in describing how people lost their trust in the financial industry after the 2008 economic crash. Helane Morrison acts as the company’s Chief Compliance Officer. The crash resulted in people finding personal means of keeping their finances. As a result. Hall Capital was formed with the aim of restoring people’s faith in financial institutions through enforcing accountability, integrity, and compliance.


Helane’s Credibility as Hall Capital’s Chief Compliance Officer


Before trusting any institution with client money, Hall Capital ensures that they thoroughly investigate brokerage firms, financial advisor or mutual fund advisors. As the chief compliance officer, Helane has been very proactive in her position. Her assertiveness, firmness, sharpness and hard work towards realizing integrity has resulted in significant impression on the compliance field.


Helane has adamant believe that before being trusted with a client’s money, any financial institution must make prove that every investment they make is reliable and ethical. She achieves her goals through the help of an enforcement staff. In case they suspect and anomaly, a disciplinary action is taken against the party after which a correction or criminal charges may be pressed.


Professional Experience


Helane Morrison has many years of experience all of which exposed her to a lot of knowledge and skills. From 1999 to 2007, she was the head of U.S Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, at their San Francisco Offices. In her capacity as the Regional Director, Helane was responsible for enforcing securities, litigation matter, and enforcing regulatory commission in Northern California and other five states. During this time, she was able to handle fraud cases involves executives from top companies including Google and HBO.


From 1986-1999, Helena was practicing law at Canady, Rice, Howard, Nemeroviski, and Falk & Rabkin and in 1991 she was made a partner. She has also at one time worked as a law clerk for Harry. A Blackmun and also for Hon. Richard Posner.


Other Responsibilities


Helane Morrison is also a seasonal speaker on matters arising from the investment advisories on compliance and legal issues. Also, she is also a Board Member of the American Bar Association, and also at the Parks Department in San Francisco. In the latter position, she also involves in keeping the parks clean and safe.




Helane holds a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University, Illinois and a Law from California University Berkeley School of Law.


Doe Deere Helps Create Industry Standards

Part of being an effective business person in today’s business climate is knowing how best to reach out to customers. Companies that are able to reach out to customers are those help set industry standards and make any industry different as a result of their vision. This is the case for Doe Deere. A pioneer in online makeup sales, she has helped set industry standards that have been endlessly copied by others. It was her insights that first helped demonstrate to others how they could they reach out to customers and work with them to show them what the makeup they wanted to buy actually looked like online. She knew that customers might be reluctant to buy makeup online. As a makeup user herself, she also knew that people liked to see makeup in person and then make choices about which product to buy once they were in the store.


Setting Industry Standards


In recognition of this issue, Doe Deere set about seeking solutions. After a great deal of research, she realized that the best way to show off the lipsticks she was selling online was to create what she called “on lip” lipstick swatches. Here, she was able to realize that it was not enough to show color on a piece of paper. Women were not content to see how the item looked on a piece of paper because that is not how they apply makeup to their faces. They use makeup on their lips. Deere realized that this was how women everywhere wanted to see makeup. An abstract swatch of color was simply not enough to give them an idea about how the color might look on their faces. Instead, the goal was to see the color on actual lips and let them see what it would look like on a face when applied there.


Using This Idea


Deere’s idea about showing how makeup looked online quickly took off. Many people love the idea of buying makeup online. No need to trudge to the store to look for products that might not be right. Instead, she knows that her clients can come online to see the items she sells and determine what products they might like to buy. She shows them that they can see what the product will look like before they send off any funds. Her lipsticks and other types of makeup are laid off for the buyer to examine before they are sent out. A buyer can get a good idea why they might prefer one shade of lipstick rather than another. She figured out how to demonstrate this fact and thus helped create entire new industry standard for others to follow via Lime Crime.

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LIme Crime’s Doe Deere Shows Off Her Individual Sense Of Style

The cosmetics industry entrepreneur, Doe Deere means much to her followers on social media platforms, with many of those who follow her Instagram account looking to Deere’s individuality for inspiration in their own lives. Doe Deere has brought her own sense of style and individuality to the cosmetics industry in her unique marketing images, bold makeup choices, and a sense of fun that can be found in the images she uploads to social media platforms.

Doe Deere is known to her followers of social media as “The Queen of Unicorns”, a title that reflects the fairy tale mythology that can be found in her marketing and promotional materials. The fashion sense of Doe Deere has been formed from the many different cultures and locations she has lived in, such as the period from 1998 to 2012 she spent living and studying in New York City to complete her fashion education; Deere was born in Russia and brings a sense of mythical that runs through Russian culture to the clothing she wears and the cosmetics she produces for the Lime Crime brand that has been popular because of the cruelty free products created and sold largely through Online marketplaces.

The success Doe Deere has achieved in such a short period of time has pushed her to the top of the cosmetics industry and made her a role model for other women of all ages who are hoping to follow in her footsteps; Deere has explained in interviews that following your own heart is the best advice she can provide any future entrepreneur who will look to develop their own unique skills for the future. Despite the success she has achieved Doe Deere still finds herself shocked at the success she has achieved in being named to top female entrepreneur lists alongside some of her entrepreneurial heroes.

In achieving such high levels of success Doe Deere is often asked about how she found success and whether it came easily. Deere explains her career has taken many different turns, including spending time as a member of a band alongside her now husband, and feeling as if she was the only person in the world who wished to dress and look a certain way; as she has grown older Doe Deere has found she is not alone and is a member of a popular and growing community sharing a similar love of fashion.

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Meet Doe Deere- Founder of top cosmetic brand Lime Crime

Anyone that loves colors knows that you can’t just miss that purple hair or pink hair, but it is hard to keep it. Doe Deere, also known as the Queen of Unicorns shares her passion for colorful makeup and for the rainbow colors that have made her cosmetic brand successful. From her interview, you learn that Doe Deere is more compared to the successful stories you will often hear. The Queen of Unicorns will also inspire you that you too can make your dreams come true. Keep reading to find out how she made her dreams come to be.

Apart from simply coming up with a company that has had an excellent spin in cosmetics and beauty, Deere has had a company have an incredible following in the internet world. Whether on Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms, Lime Crime has grown to have a huge following of over 2.5 million people across the world. The following is from makeup newbies, beauty enthusiasts and young girls inspired by her beauty. From a recent interview, she states that you always have to be beautiful. No matter if it means wearing a colorful eye shadow or a bright blue hippie, Deere will totally cheer you about making a beauty statement with your fashion.

In a bid to find out what inspired her colorful and magical brand, Doe Deere was interviewed about her style. She states that from young, she has always been a fun of fairy tales and colors. When young she wanted to be something magical like a mermaid. Her love for colors came out boldly at a young age. As a young girl, she always wanted to put so much color on her clothes and her makeup style. When she started her cosmetic brand in 2008, it was time to create everything she had always wanted in textures, colors and the performance of makeup. She took on a bold step to have makeup which she created herself. She took on a bold step and has never regretted in any part of the journey.

Doe’s Beauty advice

One beauty advice she gave was on wearing a bright color with a bold lip. Many people know of the tip about doing a single thing bold and having the rest dull. However, if you are going to have a heavy or smoky eye, Doe advice is to pair it with nude lips. If you are going to have a red on lips, a simple eye is probably going to work well. If you still want to find out the fun in all these, a simple girl should play beautifully with all colors.

Deere’s fashion statement is about breaking rules daily. Having a makeup artist that tells you mix everything that makes your heart happy is both exciting and refreshing. To Doe looking natural and playing by the rules isn’t just the best. The best thing is to do what feels right at the moment. She did this and managed to launch her line of magical and colorful cosmetics.

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