Fabletics Uses Example To Spread The Word Out

In order for a business to become successful, people have to be aware of it. It goes well beyond offering good products according to Wikipedia. People also have to know how to use the products as well. This is why Fabletics has done well to have Kate Hudson as one of the spokeswomen for the retailer. For one thing, she is one of the celebrities that people look to for style. She is one of the most well-dressed celebrities in the industry. One of the reasons is that she is able to tell the difference between style and trends. She does not try to keep up with Fabletics trends, and she is not likely to be seen with outfits that look to busy or complicated. She is into the simple style which is also elegant.

Kate Hudson has taken an interest in Fabletics because there is a gap in fashion when it comes to active wear. For one thing, this gap does not make sense for women seeing that many other categories of clothing have many varieties of pieces and outfits. Therefore, women have a lot of room when it comes to fashion. However, with active wear, there is very little when it comes to diversity. This is why Kate Hudson has worked in support of Fabletics in order to bring about something that is unique to the customers.

Kate Hudson has not only come to love the different pieces of athletic clothing that is offered by Fabletics, she has also come to be one of the most assertive people when it comes to the marketing campaign. She has also used her creativity to bring about greater attention to the retailer. For instance, she has done a commercial in the style of social media. To be specific, her commercial was done in the style of Instagram. This was especially something for Instagram users to see. This would give them encouragement to buy the products that Fabletics has to offer and see the difference between them and other fashion retailers that offer athletic clothing. People have more room to express their own sense of style with athletic clothing with Fabletics.

Securus Technologies Automated Forms Saves Correctional Facilities Time And Money

Securus Technologies has once again saved their customers time and money and helped things to run more smoothly in corrections facilities. This time customers and corrections staff are raving about the company’s ConnectUs Automated Inmate Forms and Grievance Applications. Research shows using the automated forms have saved corrections staff about 65% of the time they normally needed when they used paper forms. That freed up staff to be able to take care of their other duties in a more timely manner and improved efficiency at the facilities.

Handling the paperwork necessary to address the needs and grievances of prisoners is time consuming. It often takes the officers away from the many other duties they have to perform. Securus Technologies stepped in and designed and produced affordable technology that allows prisoners to communicate with corrections officers easier as well as making the processing of those forms simpler, faster and more accurate. It’s the type of service which has made Securus Technologies a leader in providing technology solutions for the corrections community.

Whether they need communication, monitoring or investigative tools, facilities throughout the corrections industry know they can depend on Securus Technology to provide it. The company is constantly modernizing the technologies available to the corrections community and adding more features to make it more effective and efficient. The creation of the automated forms saves precious time and money over distributing, collecting, processing and storing paper medical requests and grievance and other types of forms by digitizing and streamlining the process. View the company profile on Linkedin.com.

The automated forms also benefits inmates by giving them self-service access to the forms and the ability to see the status of the grievance or request. The system also has many other capabilities that improve communication between correctional staff and inmates including having the electronic forms available in several different languages.

Why Does Lip Balm Work For People With Dry Lips?

Lip balm works great for people with dry lips because they have to have something that is going to help them take care of their lips. They need to have good resources that they can use all the time, and they need to make sure that they are able to keep using it no matter how dry their lips are. The people with dry lips can try Evolution of Smooth, and they will be able to see a change in their lips that is helpful.
Most people with dry lips cannot use other lip balms because their lips are too damaged. It hurts to have their lips feel this way, and it causes problems because they feel like it is never going to get any better. Evolution of Smooth is great because it helps people change their lips quickly, and it helps them make sure that their lips feel good as they go along. The cracks will start to heal, and the cracks will start to go away when someone is using EOS.

Lip balm is helpful for people who want to be able to use it on the move, and it is going to be nice for people who need to make an immediate change because they already know that their lips are not in the best shape. Someone who wants to be sure that they can have the lip balm with them should just bring it along. Evolution of Smooth works anywhere, and it makes lips more moist than ever.

Everyone with lip issues will be able to get past all the cracking that happens. They will be able to use the lip balm no matter where they are, and they will feel better. Evolution of Smooth has the best odor, the best ingredients and the best packaging. EOS balms are sold on local Target supermarket and online, check out their Amazon page for products list.

Want EOS balms? Check these out!

  1. http://www.walmart.com/ip/eos-Evolution-of-Smooth-Strawberry-Sorbet-Wildberry-Lip-Balms-2-count/46532012
  2. http://www.racked.com/2014/10/31/7571165/eos-lip-balm

Angie Koch At US Money Reserve Contributes At HuffPost

Angie Koch from the US Money Reserve was reported on PR NewsWire as having been given a contributor post at HuffPost. She is the leader of one of the best gold coin distributors in the world, and she can help share the platform of the company with more people using her new position.

The position that Angie Koch occupies is one that gives her a lot of influence in the financial industry, and she wants to make sure that people who buy from her company can read positive news from her company.

She wants to explain to the public the way that gold coin investment works, and she also wants to be sure to help the public understand how easy it is to invest with gold.

She also wants to make sure that the profile of her company is a lot higher because of what she has done.

She wants to write about what it takes to invest well in gold, and she wants to be sure that someone who reads her articles will feel inspired to get the chance to invest in gold coins from US Money Reserve. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-encourages-visitors-to-explore-its-new-website-and-e-commerce-coin-catalogue-300225181.html

It is a lot easier for people to invest when they feel comfortable with the company they are shopping with. Someone who is reading about the US Money Reserve online will at least understand who the company is.

It is very simple for people to invest in gold coins when they buy them from the US Money Reserve, and they also have to feel like they have gotten the right kinds coins for their persona collections.

They will feel better shopping with the US Money Reserve because they have read from Angie Koch, and she is making her company into a place where every investor new or experienced can come for help.

Norka Luque: Flamingo on Fire

After performing at The Billboard Bash, with stars like Grupo Treo, Jossie Cordoba, and Santaye, the word begin to circulate, and the question on everyone’s mind is who is Norka Luque. This Spanish fly blow up the stage with her dark hair appeal and fiery red lips. Had every head turning and feet tapping. It was a marvelous night for the girl that dreamed of touching people with her music. She graced, and then floated, her voice lifting everyone out of their seats. Those that didn’t know, soon came to claim.
But the stage is nothing new to Norka. She has always dreamed of being a singer. At a very young age she began to tune her silky voice with a vocal coach, while attending school. She even took ballet and flamenco, which translates in her attractive and captivating appeal. It’s hard to believe her beauty translate just as big and inspiring as her music. Very rare do we come across beauty and a voice of gold. Norka is the whole package. A flamingo on fire.
Not to mention she is smart. Smart enough to run her own business while whipping up a good mouthwatering meal with her culinary Arts degree. Plus a degree in marketing and fashion. Though this didn’t deter her from her dream of singing. Because when the opportunity came, she jumped right on it. Her faith and conviction would lead her the rest of the way. And a little luck.
Born in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. Miami, where she now resides, is a long way from home, and Bad Moon Rising days, the alternative band she started in France while attending school. The good old learning days. Though determined to be a world class singer, she headed to the U.S. to fulfill her aspirations, until finally that luck set in, an encounter with Emilio Estefan Jr., who set her on the right path to Billboard acclaim and several Latin Music Nods.
This up and coming beauty, with miles of talent, is sure to be around for a long time. Impossible would seem far from her mind. Adversity doesn’t even stand a chance. She’s seen it and been through it, and nothing in the world is going to stop her. And it translates from the very air she breathes, into our hearts that embrace Norka Luque, and gives this songbird life.

Don Ressler’s JustFab Valued at $1 billion

Don Ressler is the man who established JustFab, the largest e-commerce fashion retailing business in the United States. He and the then 19-year old Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Intermix Media, Adam Goldenberg, created an online subscription platform that retailed a collection of jewelry, handbags, shoes, and denim.

JustFab offers products at reasonable prices from $9.9 for a typical shirt to $79 for a coat. The company’s collection also include swimwear, shorts, knits, jackets, jumpsuits, skirts, dresses, leggings, and pants. It began as a subscription-based footwear company. Don Ressler and Goldenberg added jewelry and handbags to the products mix in 2011, then denim in 2013. The company has a subscription membership of approximately 10 million people and have had roughly 50 million of their products shipped.

Before co-establishing JustFab, Ressler founded a series of start-ups including FitnessHeaven.com, Intelligent Beauty, Intermix Media, Alena Media and Brand Ideas, all of which cleared the path to creating the most successful direct-to-consumer brand building business in the world.

Don Ressler began his career as a consultant with large companies taking advantage of his burgeoning online space. After generating over $100 million in capital for internet firms and earning himself a reputation as a brand-building expert, he co-founded Alena Media and the admired skin care brand, Hydroderm, breaking new ground in the online CPG space. However, Alena was acquired by a media corporation. This prompted Ressler to gather a team from his previous company and together, they established an online brand incubator that operated businesses in beauty, personal care, and fashion spaces.

See: http://brandettes.com/interviews/don-ressler-of-fabletics/

Nevertheless, the enterprise did not generate substantial profits. Ressler and Goldenberg, therefore, raised money for another fashion retailing start-up, and JustFab was born. Don Ressler initially raised capital for the company from Matrix Partners and Intelligent Beauty on Forbes. Recently, however, he has secured more than $85 million round of funding from a couple of investors including Shinning Capital, Technology Crossover Ventures, and Passport Special Opportunity Fund among others.

This new funding brings the company’s market capitalization to $250 million, and while the two co-founder refuses to disclose the total valuation of the company, sources close to them revealed that the funding carries a $1 billion valuation. The company has already acquired a series of competitive online subscription retailing services including ShoeDazzle, Fabkids, Fabletics and Fab Shoes. Fabletics has particularly attracted more than 3.5 million subscribers across Europe and Asia.

The company plans to roll out approximately 5,000 apparel pieces, with new pieces featuring on its website every day.

Creating a Lasting Blowout Using Wen by Chaz

The elusive blow out hair style is often a difficult one to achieve. Many women spend obscene amounts of money each month to attain this style. This is an enormous waste of money, however, due to the fact that the style can be attained at home with little effort. The secret to creating a lasting blowout style is the use of quality products. By combining a blow dryer diffuse styling tool with the Wen by Chaz conditioning creme and blow drying creme, women can achieve a look that usually takes hours and hours at a salon in a very small window of time.
The reason that the Wen by Chaz Dean hair care line [see: http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html] is so effective at creating a professional looking blow out is because the product line was created to give women a professional experience at home. The Wen by Chaz hair care line is made of ingredient that are organic and naturally sourced, which provides consumers with a product that is extremely nurturing and beneficial to the hair. By avoiding harsh detergents, dyes, and chemicals, the Wen by Chaz hair care system has developed a line of products that treat both the health and aesthetic quality of the hair.

When styling the hair in a blow out, it is important that consumers first wash and condition the hair using the Wen by Chaz shampoo and conditioning set. After properly conditioning the hair, it is important to apply the Wen by Chaz heat protectorate serum and blow drying creme to the hair. Protecting the hair follicles from the damaging affects of heat is important to any heated style, but it is extremely important to do before applying the high heat of a blow dryer directly to the hair. The Wen by Chaz hair care system is extremely beneficial for protecting hair from the elements and healing the hair from the root to the tip. The healing benefits of this Amazon sold product can be found in the recent review about the product which can be found on Bustle. For more info, visit the Wen YouTube channel.


The Rich Career of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is the new CEO of Coriant, which provides network solutions and operations in over one hundred countries. Kheradpir used to be the CEO of another company, but has recently replaced the CEO of Coriant, Pat DiPietro. DiPietro is once again working with the company who built Coriant as Vice-President. Though at a previous company, Kheradpir has been working closely with the upper management team of Coriant to prepare himself before taking the leadership role. Leaders of Coriant have expressed their pleasure with bringing Kheradpir into the fold. In multiple interviews, they have expressed Kheradpir as having strategic insight and invaluable guidance on operations executions due to his 28 years of management experience in multiple industries. In released statements, Coriant management has also said that Kheradpir is the perfect match for being the CEO of Coriant and that they cannot wait to work with him. https://www.coriant.com/company/bios/Shaygan_Kheradpir.pdf

It makes sense that Coriant upper management would be excited to work with Kheradpir, as he has worked hard to be where he is today. He holds a Ph.D., master’s, and bachelor’s from Cornell University. While at the University, he was in the advisory board of the U.S. Institute of Standards, and he was on the Cornell University Engineering Council (http://www.ece.cornell.edu/people/advisory.cfm?s_id=112&page=2). He holds patents in telecom, media, and payments. After graduating, he began his career at GTE. He rebuilt GTE based on modern computer science concepts, ehich improved both operations and cost efficiency for GTE.

From there he moved to Verizon as its EVP and Chief of Information Officer. Kheradpir was responsible for initiatives in all of Verizons business units, which arguably made him the head of one of the largest infrastructure programs in history. As he worked with the business for over a decade, he took Verizon, like most of the other companies he worked with, into the 21st century. He worked at Barclays Bank as a leader in its TRANSFORM program, which is described as transforming the bank for the 21st Century. From Barclays, Kheradpir became the CEO of Juniper Industries. Then, in his most recent job before becoming CEO of Coriant, he worked as Operating Partner at Martin Equity Partners where his focus was on strategic telecom and technology investments. His history more than boasts of his successful business leadership, and shows that Coriant is right to trust him with the company.

Follow his Twitter: @shaygank

Dick DeVos’ Career as a Philanthropist

Of the many prominent individuals who have not only spurred economic growth, but have also given back to the community, Dick DeVos is seen as one of the most influential individuals. Dick DeVos has always had a passion for business even at an early age. Dick DeVos was born into the DeVos family which is a well known family mostly for creating the Amway Corporation company from the ground up. As an individual with business in his DNA, he has not disappointed in his many business ventures and well as his many philanthropy endeavors to not only improve his community, but to also give back to the nation itself. Dick DeVos is the best example that shows that business can be mixed with philanthropy as it can help millions of individuals in the country.

Dick DeVos has always had a position with Amway Corporation even at a young age. Mr. DeVos distinctly remembers playing in the basement of his family own which acted as the previous headquarters of the company before the company truly took off. Even before attending university, Dick DeVos was involved with the business by either stocking shelves, running errands for the employees, or even by giving product descriptions for the clients of the company. Before attending any business school or taking a class in business, Dick DeVos understood the business and understood his passion for the industry.

In 1974, Dick DeVos began to officially work for Amway Corporation and quickly climber the ladder in success. Throughout his decades of hard work and commitment, Dick DeVos held many executive positions within the company’s various sectors. One of Dick DeVos’ favorite positions was as Vice President of the company. As vice president, Dick DeVos was put in charge of all international sales of the company. During this time, sales in the international sector grew exponentially and became one of the main sources of revenue for the company.

Though Dick DeVos is a successful businessman, Dick DeVos has always put philanthropy first. Though he has grown his fortunate career into a billion dollar career, he has given much of his earnings back to the community As a philanthropist, he believes that it is wrong to not support the community and to not make the community grow as he grows in wealth. Dick DeVos is especially passionate about supporting education reforms to help everyone who can receive an education despite the lack of money.

Emmy Nominee Crystal Hunt Moves from Small to Big Screen

Growing up with a passion for performing and acting, Crystal Hunt began participating in pageants at just two years old. After dabbling in commercials and appearing in the comedy Problem Child 2, Crystal was spotted by a talent agent at the Actor’s Workshop in New York at the age of 17, and was eventually cast as the troubled teenager Lizzie Spaulding on the popular daytime soap opera Guiding Light. She received both an Emmy and a Soap Opera Digest Award nomination for her performance.

During her time on Guiding Light, Crystal found her way from television to motion pictures, appearing in the Derby Stallion with Zac Ephron. After her role on Guiding Light was concluded, Crystal could be seen again in the modern retelling of Snow White, Sydney White, with Amanda Bynes. She has also been featured in a number of commercials, including one for the 25th anniversary for the Walt Disney Company and an anti-drug advertisement with *NSYNC.

In 2009, Crystal returned to television in the ABC show One Life to Live as the bad girl stripper Stacy Morasco, a role she played over the course of three years.

Since leaving One Life to Live, Crystal has been featured in a number of movies and worked with numerous well known actors. In 2014 she appeared in N.Y.C Underground, a thriller about a drug deal gone wrong, and 23 Blast, a family drama about a football star who becomes blind.

In 2015, Crystal starred beside a number of her daytime and primetime contemporaries in the reality show Queens of Drama, in which the women were challenged to produce, develop and pitch a spicy new primetime drama. Most recently, she can also be seen on the big screen in the hit sequel Magic Mike XXL with such talents as Channing Tatum, Jada Pinkett Smith and Matt Bomer. Be sure to follow Crystal on Facebook for more information.