Sheldon Lavin And The OSI Group Enjoys Growing International Success:

The internationally known food processing company the OSI Group owes its amazing growth over the past four decades to its visionary CEO Sheldon Lavin. After a successful career as a banker and the owner of an accounting firm, Lavin used his degrees in accounting and finance and his years of experience to make the former meat market into a global brand. One with a presence in almost 90 countries and the winner of countless awards for food quality, worker safety and excellent management of the environmental impact that his company’s food production facilities have.

But Sheldon Lavin is much more than just a talented, successful businessman, he is also a caring human being who has created a warm, family atmosphere at his company and supports a wide range of charitable causes and organizations around the globe. Two organizations to which he generously gives his time are the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, where he is director, and Rush University Medical Center, where Lavin is general trustee. Plus, he is a loving husband and father and spends a great deal of time making his grandchildren happy. The octogenarian does all of this while remaining involved in the day-to-day operations of the OSI Group.

At the OSI Group Lavin is a beloved chief executive who maintains an open door policy to encourage his staff to share their ideas and concerns with him. He also regularly has meals with his employees and is on a first name basis with most of them. Many consider Sheldon Lavin to be the ideal role model for modern business executives. He and his company have also won numerous awards. One of the most recent is the 2016 Global Visionary award bestowed on him by the World Vision Academy. The organization, which is based in India, cited his decades of work transforming his company into a major force in the food production industry as their reason for choosing him.

Lavin extended the OSI Group’s presence worldwide by building state-of-the-art food processing facilities and acquiring companies like Flagship Europe, Baho Food and Amick Farms. Under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership the OSI Group has become internationally known for their commitment to producing nutritious, delicious dough, fish, meat and vegetable products that satisfy the culturally diverse tastes of a global customer base. With the success the OSI Group has enjoyed Sheldon Lavin is a business leader who is truly worthy of praise.

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OSI Industries: The Acquisition Kings

Acquisition is an important tool for large companies. It allows companies to close out the competition, acquire business assets to add to their portfolio, and it can be a great introduction into new territory. Of course, some companies do acquisition better than others. For some, acquisition is simply a way to rid the competition. Others use it as a way to expand rapidly and aggressively. Yet, others like OSI Industries, use acquisition in a smarter, more mature way.

OSI Industries functions in the meat packaging and processing industry. They are a Top 100 Food Company and among the top list of companies that supply food items to the foodservice industry. The Ohio-based company got its start when McDonald’s used them as their first beef supplier back in 1955. Since then, the company has been steadily growing. Part of the success, scratch that, the key to the success of OSI has been its smart, clinical acquisition behavior. Let’s take a look at some recent examples to clarify this.

In 2016, OSI acquired Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a Dutch company that makes deli meats and snacks for businesses in the convenience sector. Of course, adding convenience items to OSIs portfolio is smart. It allows them to grab more business from the convenience sector as well as offer more variety to the foodservice sector. However, the new items aren’t the only thing that OSI Industries gained from the transaction. OSI Industries now has factories in Germany and the Netherlands. Not only that but by retaining Baho Foods staff and leadership, they have successfully avoided cultural and linguistic barriers that could have made establishing in the Netherlands difficult.

Another prime example is that of Hynek. Hynek was acquired by OSI Industries in 2016 —the same year as Baho Foods — and serves as a fantastic example of how to acquire companies beyond their simple assets. Hynek is a meat processor too, sure, and acquiring them did defeat the competition. Why OSI chose Hynek is a little deeper than simply assets and competition. Hynek has bonds and relationships with local farmers and slaughterhouses. These personal relationships are invaluable to a meat processor. By acquiring Hynek, OSI now has those connections without having to cross-cultural boundaries to forge them. It’s basically instant customer loyalty.

These examples go to show that acquiring companies is about more than simply the assets. It can be an intricate process that takes many factors into mind. OSI is an expert at acquisition. They are patient, calculated, and buy the companies that no-one expected. The truth is, after the acquisition, most people are shaking their head thinking “Why didn’t I think of that?”.

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Sheldon Lavin, a Leader with a Difference

Behind every successful company lies a strategic Chief Executive Officer. When you talk about the success of OSI Group, you cannot fail to mention the man behind the success of the company Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon Lavin is the company’s current CEO and its serving chairperson. Mr. Lavin transformed the OSI Group food into a worldwide food supplier once he became actively involved in 1970. His transformative leadership has seen the rise of the company in terms of its production and more employment opportunities.

When Sheldon Lavin began his career at OSI food the company was only a consultancy firm. He later grew the company, saw it expand its territories, and began treating the company’s employees as family. When he finally took over as the company’s CEO, it began receiving plenty of awards. Some of the awards include Globe of Honor in 2016. The Globe of Honor award is given to companies who turn their dreams into a reality by persevering to attain their dreams. However, the Globe of Honor award was given to OSI foods for their efforts in positioning the company worldwide and creating job opportunities for people across the globe.

However, the various achievements he has accomplished in OSI Food are only the beginning. He plans to continue expanding OSI Foods to an even wider world platform. His ambitions have led to the recent expansion of the OSI Foods supplier in Spain to increase their production. The significant increase in production will also result in more employment opportunities and this is in line with the dreams and aspirations Sheldon Lavin has for the company. The four decades that he has worked as a Chief Executive Officer and then later as a partner has seen the company rise tremendously in comparison with the years the company has been in service.

Apart from being a CEO, he is also a philanthropist. He is an active donor to various charity organizations. The most notable charity organizations he is a part of include the Jewish United Fund, Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, just to name but a few. His strategic plans and visions have ensured that the company different worldwide plants are cohesive and uniform despite the location and the language in their location. The workforce of over 20,000 proves that the company has integrated with its locality ensuring that they provide a great opportunity for people to work. Despite achieving the diverse accomplishments he has, he still feels that there is room for more.

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Two big ways Eric Lefkofsky is modernizing cancer research

When it comes to medical science, things have been done the same way for a very long time. For the most part the technological changes surrounding medical research involve the manner in which we do experiments. New technology for refrigeration, extraction, visual analysis and other forms of measurement and the primary domain a development in this field.

All this is about to change. Over the past three years Eric Lefkofsky has sought to bring data-driven technology into the field of cancer research. Rather than simply have the tools to do better research and derive more accurate results, Eric Lefkofsky’s company Tempus seeks to use big data and machine learning techniques to better interpret the results. This has resulted in two major changes that cancer researchers and doctors can expect to work within the future.

Firstly, there will be a greater focus on meta-studies and combined data pools. Rather than independent experiments being the primary driver of new medical research, Tempus focuses on the real world. The data source currently used by Tempus sounds from real-world tests done on cancer patients. Typical diagnostics that are normally done on patients can be uploaded to Tempus and be shared what cancer research facilities around the country. This allows for a greater degree of collaboration as well as a greater degree of machine learning possible.

Secondly, the focus will be away from controlled experiments and instead focused machine-driven analysis. Historically cancer research has been done on a smaller scale with data and input data that a human can interpret. The scale of these experiments are normally essential; too much data no matter how good is impossible to use, there simply isn’t enough difference or change for a human being to derive any meaningful insight from a data set that is too large and similar. This problem is solved with machine learning and deep analysis; by using computer algorithms Tempus plans to eliminate the shortcomings in processing power brought on by our human minds.

Human scientists will still be at the forefront of cancer research for some time, but it is safe to say they will have new tools in the form of machine learning to work with.

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Robert Deignan Advice

Robert Deignan is a successful business owner and leader of Inbound Call Experts. During his career, he has always worked to make his company a success. He believes in a unique approach to managing a company. Unlike other business leaders, he focuses on his employees before his customers. He firmly believes that companies that take care of employees have better results. The hiring process to work with Inbound Call Experts is arduous. Few people receive a job offer from the company.

Starting a Business

Many people dream of starting a business. A business allows a person to increase their income and have more control over their time. However, few people have the discipline to work on a business idea. Robert Deignan had an idea several years ago to start a company. He worked with several business leaders in his city to get advice. After developing a solid business plan, he decided to focus on several key areas to find customers.

One of the most challenging parts of managing a business is marketing. In the first few years, Robert Deignan struggled to find new clients. He decided to invest heavily in online marketing tactics for customers.


Once the marketing efforts started having success, Robert Deignan was finally able to concentrate on other aspects of the company. He decided to expand the company for several reasons. He was having trouble meeting the needs of his customers. After opening an additional location, sales increased quickly.

Robert Deignan had a solid education from Purdue University. He still keeps in touch with college students that he met while attending the school. He also contributes to the local community in various ways. He enjoys interacting with people from multiple backgrounds. Anyone who wants to learn about managing a business should consider working with Robert Deignan in the future.

The Success Of Shiraz Boghani, The Hotelier

Shiraz Boghani has significant achievements and besides he was granted the award of being the hotelier of the year in 2016. The award was as a result of the hard work and excellent achievements he had in the hospitality industry. Shiraz Boghani serves as the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group.

Mr. Shiraz has a vast experience in the hospitality industry, and that enabled him to have skills and knowledge about the market and hotel businesses. Besides, there are more than 19 hotels that he manages in the United Kingdom. Additionally, he qualifies in the accountant sector, and that has contributed towards the success he has in the hospitality industry and more so a great business person.

In the 1990s, he was famous in the provision of hotels related services, and that lead him to be a great entrepreneur. Currently, he runs lots of projects for Hilton London Bankside and besides Shiraz Boghani has a line of hotels in London such as Holiday Inn London, York, Grand Hotel & Spa, and others. Apart from the career life, Mr. Boghani has passion in providing support to charitable institutions so that they can be able to meet their objectives.

Moreover, Shiraz Boghani works at the Sussex Health Care where he serves as a chairman. Sussex Health Care provides care for the elderly and also those people that have disabilities. The role of Mr. Boghani at Sussex ensures that all the clients can get the required services for their health and more so hire the staff members that are professionals.

Through the experience and leadership skills that Shiraz Boghani had in the Splendid Hospitality Group had made him promote the growth of the Sussex Health Care. The Sussex can now house approximately 500 patients and offer top quality services. The services that are offered by this health care have made it increase its popularity to be the best Health Care, and more patients seek the services from there.

Shiraz Boghani has been the most impactful person in the hotel industry and through the skills that he has as made it possible for the development of more hotels and businesses. Also, the contribution and his role at the Splendid Hospitality Group have influenced so many people that look on him as a role model. By visiting the United Kingdom, you will be overwhelmed by the hotels of Shiraz Splendid Hospitality Group you will find his companies since they are growing significantly in the UK.

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IDLife Creates Products To Support Skin Health

There are people who get vitamins sent to them through IDLife and who rely on those vitamins to help them stay healthy. This brand has an assessment that people take before they start to receive vitamins from them, and this assessment helps the brand know what a person is in need of when it comes to nutrients. The brand also has other products available, including a line of skincare products. Those who would like to give their skin just as much attention as the rest of their body and its organs can find products through this company that will help them do that.

It is important for a person to protect their skin from the sun, especially when they will be spending long periods of time outside. When a person puts a moisturizer on their face in the morning, that moisturizer should include an SPF of some kind. The day cream from IDLife not only hydrates the skin and restores health to it, it also contains SPF 20.

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When a person goes to sleep at night, they can have a product on their face that will help to keep it from aging. The IDLife brand has created a night cream with anti aging ingredients in it. This night cream renews and revitalizes the skin, and it does that while the one wearing it is sleeping.

The serum that IDLife has created helps to fill wrinkles and smooth away fine lines. It is something that can help a person look younger and feel better about the way that they look. Those who are looking to do something a little extra for their skin can use the serum from IDLife and feel good about what they are doing.

The IDLife brand is one that is careful in creating each product that they put out, including their skincare products.

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Clay Huutson Is A Welcome Addition to the Halsey Tour

Things are looking up for the Halsey tour as it has hired Clay Hutson, a man known for putting on a good live show, as a tour mnager.


Halsey is a pop singer who was born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane and who decided like Madonna or Cher that one name was better than two or three. His one name stage name certainly shows that she shows some of the conventions of a pop music star.


Her road to pop music stardom was not so conventional. Her road started when she released some of her music on social media platforms. Her first-star moment was when he got signed by Astralwerks in 2014. Three years later, she had a top ten hit with a song titled Bad at Love.


When she was a supporting act, she got to tour with Imagine Dragons and the Kooks. Her current tour as the main act is called Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World and other acts will have to support her.


This tour is in its final stages and these final stages will be in parts of Latin America and Asia. The supporting acts will be female pop performers.

These are the female performers that will be her supporting players:

-Kehlani, a former member of a teen group called PopLyfe

-Lauren Jaurequi, a member of Fifth Harmony

-Jesse Reyes

-Niki, an Indonesian singer

This tour could be seen as a great display of music. Others could be seen as female musicians supporting other female singers. However a person sees this tour, it is going to be an ambitious tour will need the best people to support and there is no doubt that Clay Hutson is one of the best-supporting people in the music industry.

Hutson does have a good reputation in music. This good reputation comes after tours that he has done with Guns N Roses, Pink, Prince, and Kelly Clarkson. He has probably been successful due to the success that he had in running his own business.

His company’s success did not come easily. When he founded his company, there was a big recession going on in the US and it slowed down the plans that he had for his company. It was hard for him at first, but after working hard and successful tours, his company became profitable.

He will be a successful supporting player for the Halsey tour as his past successes have shown. Learn more:


Dr. David Samadi, A Robotic Approach To Medicinal Outcomes

Dr. David Samadi is a professional urologist and professor, as well as being the chairman of urology. He helps peoples cancer and disease when located in certain areas of the body such as the kidneys, bladder, or prostate. Dr. David Samadi grew up in Iran around a community of Persian Jewish people, but at the age of just fifteen years old he and his younger brother fled Iran due to the revolution that took place in their environment.

From there they both studied in London until David moved to New York in a city called Roslyn. It was there he completed his high school education before going off to different colleges like Stony Brooke University and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. After extensive training at the various institutions mentioned, Dr. David Samadi developed a medical technique called the SMART technique, which essentially consisted of robots performing prostate surgery to clients which David has done over seven thousand of so far.

Not only does Dr. David Samadi perform SMART surgery, but he also has a live stream called Dr. David Samadi TV, which is chalk full of beneficial health information for the viewers watching and contains scientific content from health experts all over the globe to speak on the matter. He records an episode four times a month on every Sunday. His social media presence look’s diversified as there are numerous Facebook pages about him with each one promoting the health and well being of the Nation.

In other news David has received certificates of being a Robotic Expert for Prostate Cancer, and has also been honored with two Best Doctors List awards due to his clients who were grateful for his services for the past decade. Mitt Romney was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was surgically treated successfully, and David explains it is not the first time a man over sixty six contacts the illness, as Romney was seventy years of age at the time.

All in all Dr. David Samadi stays productive and continues to perform about fifteen surgeries a week, while checking in with all of his patients. He even does most of his duties between six o’clock in the morning and seven o’clock in the morning, when most people in that time zone are still sleeping. It’s sensible to realize David lives on the fact that no matter how much one understands the game of life, the challenges do not become any less challenging.

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Alex Pall, Orgins of Artistry

Alex Pall is a musician and songwriter for The Chainsmokers. He was a DJ growing up in New York, and it was at best a source of side income at the time. This was before he even met Andrew whom he formed Chainsmokers with. It was one day at an art gallery when Alex realized his life revolved around the concept of creating music as a serious profession when his music manager brought him Andrew Taggart from Maine.

That is when Alex quit his day job and took on Chainsmokers as a full time occupation. Andrew Taggart was actually in the formal education system at a college before pursuing music as a life choice. He was deeply engrossed by electronic music far before the genre hit the surface of societies awareness of it. When he graduated college that is when more people started to pick up on the trend, but by then he was already ahead of the game.

Andrew heard there was opportunity at New York where DJs were hired for pay, and he wrote a few official songs and posted them on Sound Cloud. He also performed at a few shows, which encouraged him to keep pushing towards his goals. While pursuing his path, that’s when someone who was affiliated with Alex’s manager invited him to audition for a fill in spot on The Chainsmokers. He agreed to the offer, and attained a bus to New York where he met Alex Pall.

The two were immediately collaborating on new music, working hard on their craft for four years to get to where they are now. The two clicked mainly because at the initial start of their relationship, they mainly talked about their love for music and how certain ideas worked better than others in regards to what was currently happening to music at the time.