Desiree Perez and Jay Z Open to New Contract

Desiree Perez has been a vital associate, confidant, and business partner with Jay Z for nearly two decades. She’s been instrumental in helping various Roc Nation talent get to the next level and now it appears that she is taking center stage once again. Roc Nation and Jay Z are coming to the end of a 10 year contract with Live Nation that saw Jay Z earn $150 million. When the ten year deal expires in 2018 it will trigger a ‘buy-sell’ scenario where either party can opt out to pursue other deals. There are already rumors going around that Live Nation is seeking to offer a profoundly different experience while Jay Z has to contemplate his own choices.  Check this on

To start things off it appears that Desiree Perez and Jay Z went down to Santa Monica in order to have a sit down with the President at UMG. While Universal Music Group has been mum on the conversation it appears that this was a very clear and deliberate attempt to show Live Nation that change could be up in the air. At Universal we could see Roc Nation hit the next level in terms of talent development and business opportunity but it remains to be seen if that’s something they want to do.  Head over to for related articles.

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Meanwhile back at Live Nation the company is reportedly mulling over their approach to music. An associate close to Live Nation thinking believes that the company is no longer interested in buying into recorded music. So any new deal with Jay Z would be exclusively focused on his live performances and the live performances at Roc Nation. Does Jay Z want to break up his company’s dealing process? Does Desiree Perez believe this is the right move?  See for related news.  At this point it is premature but music execs everywhere have to be licking their chops.  Interesting article on

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Lori Senecal Will Leave CP+B in Good Hands

After a successful career at as the global CEO of MDC Partners agency CP+B, Lori Senecal will retire at the end of the year. She assumed the position in 2015 after the agency introduced the role in the company. Before that, she was appointed the president and CEO of MDC Partners Network, a position she held after her appointment as the chief executive officer of CP+B.

According to Chuck Porter, the co-founder and Chairman of CP+B, Senecal has made the company more prosperous, smarter and efficient. She helped CP+B attains the status of a global, yet flexible agency.

The greatest highlight of Lori’s leadership at CP+B was when she helped the agency land the American Airlines in October 2015. She managed to claim the account away from TM Advertising, which held it for more than 25 years.

Lori and Porter are confident that they have put the right structures in place. Their primary focus now is setting up a strong leadership team ahead of Lori’s departure at the end of the year. Lori wants to be sure she is leaving the company in good hands.

In preparation for the next generation of leaders to take shape, Danielle Aldrich was recently named the president of CP+B West – a combination of the Boulder and Los Angeles offices of CP+B. Previously; he was a managing director for CP+B Boulder. He is also part of the team that helped land the American Airlines account. More details can be found on Inspirery.

Lori Senecal

Lori grew up and started her career in Canada. She never thought she would end in the U.S. She is grateful for the leadership opportunities she has had – from being the president of McCann New York and having her name added to the door of KBS, where she was a global CEO, and finally, her appointment to lead CP+B. She is humbled to have worked with iconic names in the industry like Chuck Porter.

Throughout her career, she has received numerous awards including the Quantum Leap award in 2013. In 2014, she was named as of the advertising industry ‘Women to Watch’ and is a member of the Ad Council Board of Directors.

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Brad Reifler Unlocks the Mystery to Successful Investing

Brad Reifler is a successful investor. He is the founder of Forefront capital, and this is where he has made a name for himself when it comes to portfolio analysis and building diverse portfolios.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler and his team of Associates are well-groomed in researching investments and helping clients build portfolios that contain equities, hedge funds, real estate and stocks. He believes in building the type of portfolio that can sustain an economic downturn regardless of what one area of a portfolio may be doing.

With Brad and the formula he introduces for portfolio building it doesn’t matter if the stock market takes a complete nosedive. There will be other things in the portfolio to sustain investments and still provide a decent rate of return. Many small investors that have only put their money into stocks cannot say this.

These are the investors that become very disturbed when the economy takes an economic downturn. These investors will often fail to see significant returns, and this will lead to a disappointment with their projected retirement goals.

The great thing about the diversified portfolio is that it allows people to become knowledgeable on different areas where they can earn return on investment. This definitely gives investors a chance to balance their portfolio and even move funds in places that will be more profitable.

Brad Reifler is used to dealing with a lot of wealthy investors. He is someone that manages the wealth of those that already have money but they’re looking for a way to gain more. He believes the hedge funds are very important when it comes to investing, and this is one of the areas of expertise for the associates at Forefront capital.

This is the company that he started, and it has done very well with helping clients build their best possible portfolio.

There has been a considerable amount of money that has been managed by Forefront capital. Investors trust this company because Brad Reifler is well-versed in financial management and investing power plays. He researched the market long enough to know how to react during an economic downturn.

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White Shark Media Advises Brands To Work With Other Brands

One thing that White Shark Media advises people to do is build social proof on social media sites. As one would realize, it is the brand that is the most visible that is going to get the most business. Therefore, it is important to network and connect with people of various sizes. One of the best things to do is connect with other brands that are satisfying customers. One very important thing to do is build trust with potential customers. Therefore, a good reputation is very important for the business to work. The best way to build a good reputation is by engaging in the community.


White Shark Media is very knowledgeable about everything it takes to succeed in the market. This is one of the reasons that it does more than just work on the advertising. It offers advice on topics that are outside of the realm of advertising. For one thing, White Shark Media knows that there is more to marketing than just advertising. After all, people actually want to interact with the company that they shop with. This is one of the reasons that many of the larger corporations have a social media team and a PR rep.


One of the best things about social media marketing is that it is very easy to become visible. As a matter of fact, some websites could just post products on their sites and review the products. Meanwhile, their engagement can be done with social media. One of the best things to do is get involved with discussions with people for the most part. Then every once in a while, place a link on the social media page for a product that is being promoted. The important thing is to make sure that the keyword is being used so that it will show up on the site.

Yanni Hufnagel: The All-Star

When it comes to college basketball, several people possess a natural skill-set. As a result, many of these college basketball players go on to play professionally in the NBA. Oftentimes, people tend to undermine the importance of a basketball coach. Without a basketball coach, many of these athletes would fail to make it into the NBA. In addition, many of these athletes would fail to develop their skills. Furthermore, college basketball determines who will make it into the professional league, or not. Also, it takes hard work and dedication. In addition, these athletes have to make numerous sacrifices. Moreover, a basketball coach channels an athlete’s natural ability into something more formidable.


Would that being said Yanni Hufnagel remains one of the most sought-after college basketball coaches in the industry. For years, Yanni Hufnagel has utilized his expertise to draw the attention of the NBA. Moreover, Yanni possesses an ability to craft talent. For those unaware, Hufnagel possessed such drive at an early age. Throughout his youth, Yanni played basketball and lacrosse. Moreover, he remained reasonably athletic throughout his adulthood. Although Yanni did not make his high school’s varsity team, he managed to become a commentator for the school’s team. Moreover, this marked his first televised endeavor. Also, Yanni hails from a Jewish background.


As a native of New York, Hufnagel understood the importance of diversity. Moreover, he knew how to lead. Upon graduating high school, Yanni Hufnagel attended Pennsylvania State University. While there, he led the team’s lacrosse team. After a year, he transferred to Cornell University. While there, he earned his bachleor’s degree. Upon his graduation from Cornell University, Yanni obtained a one-year internship with the New Jersey Nets. Furthermore, he attended the University of Oklahoma to serve as a basketball coach. While there, Yanni Hufnagel coached Blake Griffin.


Bruce Bent II Is Known For His Entrepreneurial Skills

Bruce Bent II is serving as the Vice Chairman of Double Rock Corporation.          He is a highly experienced entrepreneur. He has come up with highly creative and innovative solutions that are related to asset management and cash. These are for the broker, bank, and retail markets and so on. The vision of Bruce Bent II has led to some relevant products that can aid in cash sweep as well as the expanded programs that are FDIC-insured. He has many patents to his name.


Bruce Bent II has proved himself as a manager. This is a money market mutual fund along with FDIC business of cash management. He could easily manage the liquidation in an orderly manner. After the financial crisis of 2008, he was able to sell a few subsidiaries and affiliates of the firm in an effective manner.


The Double Rock Corporation is a leading player in the financial services and technologies sector. Bruce Bent II is the senior executive in its six subsidiary companies. These include Access Control Advantage LLC, besides Island Intellectual Property LLC. Both these firms are known as innovators in their fields.


Bruce Bent II was working as the President of The Reserve. This is one of the biggest money-market institutions that are held privately. Its money market fund is the second largest in the world. This institution has its headquarters in New York.


Under the guidance provided by Bruce Bent II, it could expand its product lines as well as diversify its markets of distribution. This allowed the assets under the management of the organization in its cash products to grow from $4 billion to nearly $130 billion. All this happened over a 17-year period. The annual revenue was $155 million, and the EBITDA was $90 million.


Bruce Bent II managed an orderly phasing down of the mutual fund products of The Reserve. This was after the financial crisis of 2008. This was a voluntary decision of its management.


Bruce Bent II has been quoted in several publications. These include the Wall Street Journal, and The Financial Times, besides New York Times and so on.

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How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Unlike Any Other Athletic Apparel Company

From its launch in 2013, it’s been clear that Fabletics, the athletic apparel company created by movie star Kate Hudson, is unlike any other workout gear brand out there. Hudson’s knack for developing innovative business strategies has set the brand apart from its competitors and has allowed it to become the $250 million company that it is today.





Fabletics sells cute and fashionable workout clothes made with high-quality materials. The brand is affordable and offers a wide variety of apparel items like leggings, sports bras and jersey knit dresses.


What makes the Fabletics business model unique is its subscription service option. Known as the VIP membership program, this option allows customers to pay $49.95 each month in exchange for a monthly workout outfit that is shipped to their home.


Fabletics selects a variety of outfits for each subscriber to choose from using data collected from a lifestyle quiz. When a customer signs up to join the program, they take this quiz, giving Fabletics insight into each subscriber’s product preferences.



The Reverse Showroom


The brand’s latest innovation is the reverse showroom strategy. While most retailers first set up a physical store and then expand into online retail, Hudson has established the brand’s online presence before launching brick-and-mortar stores around the country. These Fabletics stores are mainly vehicles for getting more customers to join the VIP membership program. By letting customers try on Fabletics clothes in person, they trust the brand’s dedication to quality and are therefore more likely to sign up.


As of now, about 25 percent of customers who have made a purchase in a Fabletics physical store have become VIP members. Thanks to the success of the strategy, Hudson will be launching more stores in the next few years.



The Rules of Fabletics


Hudson has been very outspoken about her brand’s priorities since its launch. Her goal was to create a brand that was as inclusive as possible. For example, Fabletics carries a wider variety of sizes than its competitors. Hudson also strives to keep her products affordable so that a more diverse group of women can have access to the company.


Hudson’s fearless approach to taking business risks is undoubtedly the biggest key to the company’s success. Because of her bold approach to running a fashion business, Hudson has inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs.


To join the Fabletics VIP membership program, visit the brand’s website and take the lifestyle quiz today.


A Look At The Journals Of The Wessex Institute

The Wessex Institute of Technology is a research and educational program that is based in the southern part of the United Kingdom. The goal of this institute is to spread knowledge and help those in the professional, educational, and research fields share knowledge.Wessex Institute of Technology has three main focuses; research, publishing, and conferences.

The publishing arm of the Wessex Institute, WIT Press, is the arm of the institute that is responsible for releasing conference proceedings and edited works. It also has specialized research monographs that are published on a periodic basis.

WIT Press is currently accepting papers for a number of journals that are releasing in 2017 and 2018. Among the “call for papers” is the journals for “Transport: Development and Integration”, and “Environmental Impacts“. WIT Press released several journals in 2016 which included, “Energy Production and Management”, and “Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements”.


Beneful Wet or Dry Food: Which is right for your dog

Choosing the perfect food for a pet might seem overwhelming with all the Beneful varieties available. Beneful tailors its dog foods to a dog’s life cycle needs and a pet owner’s life, so it really comes down to a dovetail of the pet and human needs. No matter what, Beneful has it covered with both wet and dry dog food varieties.

Wet or Dry Food?

The wet or dry food question has long existed among pet owners. Which is better for a pet? Which is better for the human’s pocketbook? How do you decide? Both Beneful dry and wet varieties provide appropriate amounts of protein, vitamins, and minerals to maintain a dog’s health. Consider the following points raised by petMD when choosing the right food for a dog:

The Answer

The amount of water the dog drinks daily matters. A dog who drinks little water needs wet food daily to provide hydration.
A dog who has eroded olfactory senses often responds better to the stronger scent provided by wet food.
Wet food appeals more to a dog who is ill or suffering from poor appetite.
Dogs with dental issues such as poor jaw alignment, missing teeth, or who simply have a smaller mouth find wet food easier.
Some dogs make a mess while eating wet food and may not consume all of the food.
The owner must refrigerate any uneaten portion of wet food. The dog must eat it before it spoils.
Wet dog food costs more and comes in smaller portions.
Dry food provides greater convenience since the pet owner can store kibble for a long time in an air tight container.
Dry food can remain in the dog’s bowl all day, if necessary, for munching when the pet gets hungry.
Dry food provides a more economical choice.
Dry food makes an effective training treat.
Some dry foods help clean a dog’s teeth as they eat.
Dry food comes in various sizes and flavors.

The answer differs based on the dog’s and owner’s situation. There’s an ideal Beneful choice for every dog though.

Beneful dry varieties make the ideal choice for pet owners who don’t work from home. These foods combine tender and crunchy pieces, so even pets with less serious dental problems can enjoy them.

Healthy dog:Healthy coat help:Small dogs:Active dogs:Puppies:Overweight dogs:

Healthy dog: Choose Beneful Originals with Real Beef or Real Chicken to provide a healthy dog with antioxidant-rich nutrition.
Healthy coat help: Choose Beneful Originals with Real Salmon to provide a dog with coat or skin problems omega-rich nutrition to develop and maintain a shiny coat and healthy skin.
Small dogs: Choose Beneful IncrediBites with Real Beef or Real Chicken to provide small dogs with protein-rich nutrition in mini-kibble pieces they’ll find easy to chew.
Active dogs: Choose Beneful Playful Life with real beef and egg to provide the proteins essential for strong muscles.
Puppies: Choose Beneful Healthy Puppy which provides calcium-rich nutrition and DHA to help with healthy vision and brain development.
Overweight dogs: Choose Beneful Healthy Weight which provides 100 percent of a dog’s daily nutrition requirements, but 10 percent fewer calories than Beneful Originals.

For dogs who need the hydration of wet food or with more advanced dental problems, choose one of the following wet foods:

Beneful Chopped Blends, a finely chopped 10 ounce meal.
Beneful Chopped Blends, a finely chopped three ounce meal.
Beneful Prepared Meals, a 10 ounce meal of meat chunks, vegetables, and grains in a resealable plastic container.
Beneful Medleys, a saucy three ounce meal with real meat, vegetables and grains.

Every dog deserves tasty, nutritious food. Feeding a dog well doesn’t have to hurt a pet owner’s pocketbook. Check the Beneful website for coupons before stocking up at the store on wet or dry food.

Introducing Omar Boraie: A Selfless Real Estate Developer Making a Difference in New Brunswick

There’s tons of money to be realized selling properties like apartments, condos and entire building complexes. Over the years, developers have transformed into the fast-life living individuals who are always in a hurry in their expensive cars to get to their upscale condo and apartments. But not all of them have lost touch with their humanity. Accomplished realtors like Omar Boraie have in fact used their new-found wealth to empower the less fortunate members of their societies.

Living the American Dream

Mr. Boraie is the perfect epitome of how immigrants can get to live the American Dream if they only believe and work for a cause larger than themselves. Omar’s parents are of Egyptian heritage and he’s always been madly fascinated with the magic of the construction industry. Nothing excited the realtor-cum-philanthropist more than taking an empty, valueless space and then turning it into a spectacular piece of property now worth many hundreds of times over its original valuation.

Changing the New Brunswick’s Horizon

As per NJBiz, Omar’s positive contribution to the welfare of the folks living over at New Brunswick has culminated into the Egyptian being named as a local hero. Starting out, many of his colleagues tried to dissuade him from putting his money into the derelict parts of the town, but he nudged on choosing to listen to his inner investing instinct. And, my oh my, did his high-risk high-reward pay off brilliantly. The move culminated in a fantastic win-win scenario for both the low-income members of areas Albany Street, Aspire and the Rector Street and his real estate company. After he was done with the projects, New Brunswick would never be the same again; it now had new developments which in turn attracted investors from all corners of the world. Eventually, the economy of the areas around Brunswick improved tremendously. For more details visit Rutgers.

Philanthropic Deeds of Mr. Boraie

There’s a particular charitable organization operating from the New Jersey area called Elijah’s Promise. Ideally, this group helps organize free meals and soups for the thousands of homeless folks who call the streets their home. Mr. Boraie does not just sign a fat check over to this folks. No, he prefers to work hand in hand on the ground with the other volunteers to help distribute food, blankets and other vital commodities the homeless folks of Brunswick and its environs might need to keep warm and comfortable. More details:

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