Sheldon Lavin, a Leader with a Difference

Behind every successful company lies a strategic Chief Executive Officer. When you talk about the success of OSI Group, you cannot fail to mention the man behind the success of the company Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon Lavin is the company’s current CEO and its serving chairperson. Mr. Lavin transformed the OSI Group food into a worldwide food supplier once he became actively involved in 1970. His transformative leadership has seen the rise of the company in terms of its production and more employment opportunities.

When Sheldon Lavin began his career at OSI food the company was only a consultancy firm. He later grew the company, saw it expand its territories, and began treating the company’s employees as family. When he finally took over as the company’s CEO, it began receiving plenty of awards. Some of the awards include Globe of Honor in 2016. The Globe of Honor award is given to companies who turn their dreams into a reality by persevering to attain their dreams. However, the Globe of Honor award was given to OSI foods for their efforts in positioning the company worldwide and creating job opportunities for people across the globe.

However, the various achievements he has accomplished in OSI Food are only the beginning. He plans to continue expanding OSI Foods to an even wider world platform. His ambitions have led to the recent expansion of the OSI Foods supplier in Spain to increase their production. The significant increase in production will also result in more employment opportunities and this is in line with the dreams and aspirations Sheldon Lavin has for the company. The four decades that he has worked as a Chief Executive Officer and then later as a partner has seen the company rise tremendously in comparison with the years the company has been in service.

Apart from being a CEO, he is also a philanthropist. He is an active donor to various charity organizations. The most notable charity organizations he is a part of include the Jewish United Fund, Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, just to name but a few. His strategic plans and visions have ensured that the company different worldwide plants are cohesive and uniform despite the location and the language in their location. The workforce of over 20,000 proves that the company has integrated with its locality ensuring that they provide a great opportunity for people to work. Despite achieving the diverse accomplishments he has, he still feels that there is room for more.

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